Have you ever seen the movie Revenge of the Nerds we are here to tell you that whenever you find the best Commercial Roofing Tulsa Market has to offer two are going to think that you have walked right into the set of that movie. Because we are the nerdiest roofers that you were possibly going to find within our industry. And the reason that we say this is that it is the truth we have found a way to nerd up the whole Roofing process..

 Because while we know it’s not science it is Roofing science. And that is how we treat each and every day. Best Commercial Roofing Tulsa We have taken the whole Roofing procedure and we have broken it into two scientific steps which are systematically performed in order to create the same quality each and every time that we do a project. This is how we have been able to create a company that has arrived in a market that is so volatile and not only that we have also been able to inspire our customers to give us five stars in writing and come back time and time again in order to gain the 


Precision and quality that we are going to provide each and every time we step on a job site on their property. Now one thing that we do not have is to return customers because of future damage and Nick selects structural integrity because we always make sure each and every time that we come on a job site we are going to know all the data and all the facts about this job before we ever start implementation stages. Best Commercial Roofing Tulsa We have systematically changed the way that Roofing is done and now we have become the most Innovative and what’s the word I’m looking for here.


And we intend to do all of this with the integrity and trustworthiness that you had come to expect out of our company and our employees. We are never going to give you subpar material or let subtitle par material come into a project that we are managing. We will only contract with the highest standard of contractors anytime we are working on a project. It does not matter how big or small we are going to treat each contractor as if they are our largest corporate account. We do this because we know what it’s like to be a company coming up in Tulsa cuz we happen to be one ourselves this is something we are quite proud of and absolutely appreciate Tulsa for we hope to give back in this way and make sure that as your peer we are doing our part to raise up our fellow business owners. We hope to continue to grow in Tulsa and by doing this we know that whenever your company is succeeding we are going to succeed as well, so it sounds like a great deal to you like it does us. Please give us a call at 918-973-1010.  We are here to help any of your Roofing needs, or you can just go on to our website and check us out there you’ll find a contact form, and we will call you at Okroofingnerds.com



As we have begun to dominate the Tulsa Roofing market and completely revamp and Revitalize the roofing Market here in Best Commercial Roofing Tulsa area we are proud to say that we have changed the way that people   Roofing. We have changed the way that the industry is making this mark upon our company and we are willing to come in to any company in the Tulsa area or Tulsa metro area in order to create new value in your company’s buildings and structures. This is why there is a large  conglomerate; which is hoping to expand here in Tulsa.   That is coming into our area. We are hoping to work with them.


 That does not mean that we are only looking to work with big corporate companies. In fact,  that is the exact opposite, as we are citizens of this beautiful city.  Best Commercial Roofing Tulsa We are absolutely committed to serving our fellow business owners and helping our great City grow and be the best of it could possibly be we are going to do this by providing the very best service that we can to each and every one of the small companies that come to us at any time we’re going to treat you as if you are the same as if you are Walgreens. 


That is our promise to this city which we have come to love so much.  We love to change the roofing industry in the way that we had broken this down into a scientific and more precise operation and change the logistics of the game. Best Commercial Roofing Tulsa We also promise to do this with an Integrity that is going to serve and serve you for 4 years to come.


As we happen to truly be nerds and not just use this phrase as a marketing gimmick and everything that that implies and Intel’s we are going to make sure that we try to educate you in every single aspect every single aspect I have the job as we do your work.. We also make sure that we are going to be informative and fun to work with and if you have any questions we have no problem spending the time to make sure that you understand the answer. Because while we know like we said it is not rocket science it is your roof but it is a science as with any true nerd knows everything can be created and formed into a science and if you believe like we do that every time you do this is going to create a better result..     So if you have any roofing questions please give us a call at 918-973-1010 or hop onto our website at Okroofingnerd.com