I may need a new roof instead of a roof repair. How do I know and what are the determining factors?

Some of the determining factors are: the roof system’s age, the current condition of the roof system, the condition of the substrate and decking, and are repairs feasible. Just recently, I have to evaluate if an older TPO (thermo polyolefin) thermo plastic roof system could be repaired instead of replaced. I chose to repair the roof system and this saved the building owner about $30,000. However, in many cases like this one, I inform the building owner that we are only adding a few years of life to the roof system. Roof replacement is inevitable.


Do commercial roof repairs take long?

Most leaking, damaged, or ponding areas that need repairs are normally smaller areas. Usually no larger than 2-3 squares (200-300 square feet). Obviously, the larger the area that needs repairing, the longer it takes for the repair time. On an average, smaller roof repairs take 2-4 hours of time. Larger roof repairs may take from 1 to 3 days. The one factor that may surprise you is leak detection. This is the most difficult part of roof repairs. About 80% of roof repairs have an obvious leaking area that is extremely easy to diagnose. But that other 20% of the leaks are hard and lengthy in time to find the actual leaking spot.


What is a ponding area?

A ponding area is a low or sunken area in a roof that collects water after a rain and does not allow the water to drain off of the roof. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) sets and shares many of the codes and standards in the roofing industry. They state that the low slope minimum of a roof slope is 1/8 inch drop per 1 inch slope. Thus, 8 lineal feet of a roof slope would have a drop of 1 inch. As you can see, this isn’t much slope and if there are any imperfections in the roof decking substrate, building structure, or roof system, a ponding area can easily be formed. I see a lot of ponding areas on almost every type of commercial roof. Ponding water begins to deteriorate the roof membrane much quicker that normal wear and tear. I repair many of these areas with great success. Roof coatings play a large part in these types of repairs.


If my commercial roof has possible wind damage, should I call my insurance company?

Yes, but only after allowing our Roof Nerds to inspect your roof and inform you of the many circumstances that may affect your roof insurance claim. The type of roof, date of the storm, and your specific insurance policy details are very important in filing the claim. Dozens of times over the years, I have convinced an insurance adjuster that a roof has extensive storm damage when they originally thought otherwise. Call our Roof Nerds today to assist you.


How do I know the age of my roof?

Easy! Call our roof Nerds and we will do an complete roof evaluation with tons of details of your current roof system and what we can do to make your roof a Smart Roof. Most roof systems have an average age lifespan of about 20 – 25 years.


What is a Smart Roof and a Smart Roof Plan?

A Smart Roof can be a preexisting roof system or a completely new roof system engineered and installed by Advanced Commercial Systems. The Smart Roof has been evaluated by our Roof Nerds and developed into a water tight, energy efficient, roofing system that had a prolonged life span. A Smart Roof Plan is a biannual process of inspection and evaluation of a Smart Roof to work as a maintenance plan to prolong the life span and efficiency of the roof system.


What is a tapered roof system and when are they needed?

A tapered system can be installed on a current roof system or a new construction roof system. It is generally built with tapered polyiso board to create higher levels on a roof system. This is used as a way to manage water flow and ponding issues. Water is often made to flow toward drains and scuppers by a tapered roof system.


Do you have an emergency commercial roofing repair service?

Yes. Our Roof Nerds and emergency repair staff are on call 24/7. We know the interior of your building is very valuable and the leaks needs to be stopped as soon as possible.