Roof Replacement and Re-Roofing

Roof Replacement and Re-Roofing:

Advanced Commercial Systems offers complete roof replacement and re-roofing options for your commercial building. So, what is the difference in roof replacement and re-roofing? Roof replacement involves a complete tear off of all roof layers and insulation systems down to the decking substrate prior to installing a complete new roof system. On the other hand, re-roofing generally is adding a new layer of roofing onto the building’s current roof system. Re-roofing is considerably less expensive and is often a great option for building owners and managers.

Under certain circumstances, roof replacement is more necessary than re-roofing. Our Roof Nerds will offer the technical expertise needed for this roof evaluation. For instance, many roofs that do not show leaking in the interior of the building are secretly allowing much rain water inside the roofing system because of roof damage, faulty seams, and roof penetrations. When water absorption overtakes a roofing system, the water is deteriorating the roof system and destroying the roof decking with severe rust. Metal mechanical fasteners are often the first to deteriorate and this causes the roof to not be properly secured to the decking. Roof replacement is a must for a roof that has been compromised due to water absorption, erosion, and rust.

Concerning roof replacement, our Roof Nerds will work directly with the building owner or maintenance staff to develop the best possible roof system while offering multiple roof systems to choose from. There are many factors that a building owner may consider in their decision such as the overall available budget, the lifespan of the roof to be installed, and the amount of desired insulation in the roof system. Energy savings are often a major determining factor in these decisions. Some of the single-ply membranes like TPO and PVC have ultraviolet light (UV) reflective properties that greatly reduce energy costs in the Summer months. Advanced Commercial Systems will educate, inform, and advise their clients on the available types of roof systems and the pro and cons of each. Roof replacement with our Roof Nerds incorporates a systematic process which includes project management that results in a smooth effective replacement process for our clients. Roof science is not hard, just complex.