Roof Repair

Roof Repairs

Our Roof Nerds with Advanced Commercial Systems are highly experienced roof repair experts. Our roof repair systems are absolutely genius. One thing is for sure, roof repairs are our specialty. At Advanced Commercial Systems in commercial roofing Tulsa, we will not repair a roof that needs to be replaced and we will not replace a roof that only needs a repair, unless otherwise specified by building owner or the manager of the building. This is the extreme level of accountability that we desire to have with our customers and clients. This type of roof accountability will keep contractors honest and walking in integrity in estimating projects. So often in the industry of commercial roofing, our Roof Nerds have seen truly unethical contractors pursue only costly roof replacement projects. They do this at the extreme expense of the building owner or manager. Many times, a roof repair is all that was needed to alleviate the problem by stopping the intruding water and leak.

Please keep in mind, building owners are often surprised at the amount of water that can enter through the roofing system into their building by a very small hole in the roof, a faulty membrane seam, or damaged parapet wall. When it comes to roof repairs our Roof Nerds here at Advanced Commercial Systems are highly trained to evaluate the problem and alleviate the leak. Are you aware that most building owners neglect their roofs and do not give much attention to the unseen portions of their building envelope until something dramatic happens? Well, the ‘dramatic’ that our Roof Nerds deal with daily is often called roof leaks in commercial roofing Tulsa and commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Roof leaks can show up in any flat roof or low-sloped roof at any given time during a hard rain. Speaking or hard rains, the torrential rains that we receive in Oklahoma are basically record-breaking. Just in the last few months we experienced the flooding of the Arkansas River from such dramatic rains. Within one week of heavy downpours we received record breaking amounts of phone calls for roof leaks in commercial roofing Tulsa. The majority of buildings had no leaking areas in them until that point in time and this is often confusing to building owners and managers. So often the question that we are asked when meeting with the building owners and property managers is, “Why did this leak start in this area of my building and I have never had leaking there before?”. Our most common answer is, “Every leak has a start. It has a time that to start and it has a place to start.” Our Roof Nerds job is to find that starting location on the roof so we can stop it. Our roof nerds are the best in the industry at resolving leaking issues with low-slope and steep-slope commercial roofing systems in commercial roofing Tulsa and commercial roofing Broken Arrow. By calling Advanced Commercial Systems, you will begin a quick and painless process of alleviating leaks in your building. We are the best commercial roofing company in commercial roofing Tulsa when it comes to alleviating and solving leaking problems in commercial buildings. You can reach out to us my phone at our emergency 24-hour leak hotline or you can check us out online at Please give us a call and let us show you the service that we would desire from a commercial roofer is the very service our Roof Nerds offer you.

 Over and over again, our Roof Nerds have repaired roofing systems with immediate satisfaction from building owners and managers and at a very fair price to the customer. Our prices are extremely competitive because we believe is keeping our business overhead costs to a minimum in commercial roofing Tulsa. This allows the customer to experience great prices in roof repairs. One of our specialties is taking care of ponding areas on roofing systems. First, let’s define what a ponding is. Basically, it’s an area where water has built up after an immediate rain because of all the low dip or sunken area in a roof. All roofs should have some slope, even flat roofs, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. The slope of roofs is specifically designed for one main purpose. The slope in roofing systems is to remove water or rainwater once it is present. Our Roof Nerds can explain this in more detail if needed during the roof evaluation appointment. Ponding areas are normally caused by just simple flaws in the sloping areas of the roof and are very common with flat roofs. Many times in commercial roofing Tulsa and commercial roofing Broken Arrow, the solution is to build up that sunken and lowered areas and then recap it a specific type of needed membrane to ensure a flat, yet sloped, roofing system has been restored. Other types of leaking areas are penetrations around HVAC units and basic wind damage often found with commercial buildings. Roof repairs are often quick and easy to perform because our Roof Nerds have much experience. However, roof repairs can also be highly complex and that is why you need a commercial roofer you can trust. Our Roof Nerds will give you a fair and honest evaluation of the current condition of your roof, I guarantee it.  Our commercial roofing repair strategy depends on the extent of the roof membrane damage, the tools needed for repair, and the products and systems needed to repair the damaged or faulty area. You can reach out to us at 918-973-1010, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our emergency leak hotline. Just give our Roof Nerds a chance in commercial roofing Tulsa and give us a call at Advanced Commercial Systems and let our genius work for you. Our Roof Nerds build smart roofs. Remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.