Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing:

 Advanced Commercial Systems, home of the Roof Nerds would like to share with you our expertise and professionalism in the industry of residential roofing. Our residential roofing department is simply called, Roof Nerds. If you have had damage from a storm or a leaking area in your home, please give us a call so we can assist you. We can be reached at (918) 873-1010 or you can find us online at Our Roof Nerds consistently operate at the highest level of ethics and honor that is so commonly represented by our commercial roofing department. We also offer our famous 24-hour free roof estimate and roof evaluation. An estimate is considerably different then a roof evaluation. An estimate will inform a customer of a planned roofing system to be installed and the price of that system while an evaluation gathers and delivers information to you about the current roof you have, the age of the roof, the lifespan designed in the roof, the life left in the current roof, and any problematic areas that may need addressing the current or near future. Just this week we had a homeowner in south Tulsa call us and ask for an estimate to repair the roof, and estimate to replace the roof, and a full evaluation of the roof. In commercial roofing Tulsa, this is often a request that we have for commercial and residential roofing and our Roof Nerds are highly trained to assist in all these roofing needs. Just calling us will simply begin the process.

When you first contact our Roof Nerds, we will schedule an appointment with you that will work with your schedule and be flexible with your busy schedule. Upon arriving to the appointment, we will introduce ourselves and share with you any information needed so that you can fully understand the entire roofing process, especially if we are working with the insurance company for an insurance claim. We will provide you in 24 hours a roof repair and roof replacement estimate. Let me tell you why our clients love us so much. When are Roof Nerds arrive you will immediately begin to sense the high level of training and expertise they have specifically in field of shingle roofing, known as steep-sloped roofing. Our roof nerds have the highest level of training and experience in the industry. After installing well over 500 roofs over the last few years for residential clients in commercial roofing Tulsa, our contract, our communication, and our confidence of integrity and product knowledge are oftentimes what stands out about our Roof Nerds. If you are looking for competitive pricing in residential roofing, go no further. Our prices are highly comparable and competitive in the industry and please remember to ask us about the many ways we can upgrade your roof at no cost and give you specific detailed discounts for your residential roofing project and also in commercial roofing Tulsa. Our Roof Nerds at Advanced Commercial Systems are specifically trained and registered with HAAG Engineering for the inspection of shingle roofs. I remember many years ago at specific project I was working on for a customer. The insurance company denied the roof being purchased by the insurance company because they said hail damage was present but did not damage the mat or the underlying base of the shingle. At that time, I had not been in the roofing industry but just a few years and was still learning the ins-and-outs of the best ways to serve our clients. So, I worked with the homeowner and we called for a re-inspection with the insurance company. To my surprise, the insurance company sent a structural engineer that spent 4 hours with me on the ground and on the roof describing to me all of the tricks of the trade and the necessity of having more skills and expertise of knowledge in the industry. That was the deciding factor that drove me to partner with HAAG Engineering. This is an engineering company that has been in the industry of structural engineering for building envelopes for over 50 years. They are the foremost authority on shingle damage and the testing of hail and wind damage for residential and commercial buildings. Our Roof Nerds are now specifically certified as HAAG Engineering inspectors for commercial and residential roofing systems. Thus, if you have had hail or hail damage to your residential home and your shingles, please give us a call so we can serve you. The in-depth training and study that we have undertaken for shingle roofing systems is second to none. We are the Roof Nerds of commercial roofing Tulsa. And as far as it’s concerned, in Commercial Roofing Tulsa we are the best residential and Commercial Roofing Company in Oklahoma. We offer repair for residential roofing systems and replacement. We highly recommend that current existing shingles system be completely taken off before new system is installed. We use higher grade products like synthetic underlayment and we prefer to install ice and water shield protective layers that is a peel and stick product. We will install ice and water shield in your valleys and around other problematic areas before problems ever arise. We offer a standard three-year warranty with all our roofing systems for residential roofing in Commercial Roofing Tulsa for residential roofing systems. More extended warranties can be asked for upon the visit and the appointment with our Roof Nerds. The cleanup after a residential roofing job is often the number one complaint of customers and clients. We have solved this problem buy a three-step process in which three specific individuals each separately check your yard and inspect for the removal of all nails and trash from your property. When it comes to your property in the home that you love, trust no one else with your Residential Roofing needs. Our Roof Nerds are sitting a new standard in the industry of residential roofing buy direct communication and extremely affordable pricing. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. Call us today at (918) 973-1010.