Here at advanced commercial systems. We believe commercial roofing is honestly just the best profession you could ever have. We are passionate about commercial roofing Broken Arrow, we’re passionate about products, product knowledge, technology and really, uh, providing a one way ticket to a great commercial roofing experience for all of our clients. And all of our customers, you know, advanced commercial systems was, was built by me years ago. Um, I’m the owner and founder of Marty Grisha and in the industry having to have been there for in the industry for 10 years. Uh, I knew some things that I really wanted to see done differently. Um, one of the big complaints that I’ve seen with other commercial roofing companies was the communication problem I saw over and over that clients really didn’t feel like they were being heard. They had questions. Sometimes it just didn’t seem to be answered. And I saw, you know, roofing companies, they put together a, you know, a sheet of the many questions that should be answered and things like that. We are experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

But when the roof gets started, when things get moving forward, it’s pretty hard. Sometimes it’s pretty challenging sometimes for the client to really know everything that’s going on and not that they should, but if they want to, I think that information should be made available to them and so the communication and the level of expertise that we’re bringing to the table for our clients, whether it’s the our smart roof maintenance plan or just doing everyday repairs, which we do every day or just a rate or you know, a roof replacement systems, no matter what it is, I think your client should be number one, uh, of being informed of what’s actually taking place. That’s why we have created one of the main reasons why we created our roof evaluation evaluation. We go above and beyond in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

It’s more than just trying to sell you and give you an answer to a question and trying to sell your roof. The roof evaluation has always been much more than that. The roof evaluation, one of the main purposes of it is to inform our potential clients and our current clients too. We love helping in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

They have the highest level of knowledge, the highest level of information so that they can make the wise decision they need to bank. You know, they’re the ones with the money. I believe. When you’re the guy with the money, you call the shots, right? Well, if you’re the owner of the roof and you’re the one paying for the roof, you should be the guy that actually, besides what needs to be done, you know, not the Roofer because the roof, we’re could deceive you and he can lead you down the wrong road. He can lead you down the wrong path. Hey, let’s do this where the roofers, you know, still creating a water tight, but he’s going to put in 10,000 more dollars in his pocket because of the way, because people, let’s just face it, people are motivated by money and so our roofing companies and so that’s why here the vast commercial systems, what we’re going to do is we’re going to sit down with you.

We’re going to share with you repair options, restoration options, you know, like using the coding replacement options. We’re going to share these options with you as we share these options with you. We’re educating you and creating, we’re actually what we say, increasing your commercial roofing Iq so that you can make the wise decision. It’s your job in the first place. It’s your roof in the first place. It’s your choice, it’s your money, it all, it all points to you. And so we want to create a and help you create the best answers to the questions that are at hand. And so here with advanced commercial systems, uh, in commercial roofing broken Arrow, that’s what we do every single day, uh, with our clients is we interact with them with the highest level of transparency and accountability, which turns into just excellent communication, excellent communication, not that we’re the best at sitting down and at your square in the eyes and holding a conversation about football.

I couldn’t care less about football ball. And if you want to talk sports, honestly, you might better get another guy to talk sports. I’m there for one purpose to be serious with you, to be straight with you and to share with you the condition of your roof. Um, and uh, let me tell you, every roofer leans one way or the other. None will tell you which way I lean. And so let me tell you what I’m talking about first in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, I see all the time. Um, some roofers lean towards, hey, with that problems up there and let’s replace it. Some roofers lean towards, we have problems up there. Let’s see what kind of repair solutions we can come up with. That’s the direction, Eileen, because I’ve just always thought of it. If I was a building owner and I could spend 3,200 right now, that would allow me to save up 70,000 over the next five years, that would be great.

Cause you know, saving up 70,000 over the next five years or you know, or 75,000 over the next five years, that’s a lot better. So that’s what is that 15,000 a year. I can begin to budget that, I can begin to work with that. Um, but coming up with 75,030 days from now, that’s a little different for some building owners. Uh, some property managers and so maybe they don’t have the budget for that immediately so I, because of the amount of property managers that I worked for and they are trying to not spend the big money, they’re trying to create revenue and income for their clients and I worked with so many property managers that I’ve found that it’s, we just lean here at advanced commercial systems. We lean more towards what repairs can we do to prolong the life of your roof before it needs to be replaced. This is why you contact us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

Now I’ll you, I showed up at one one business here in town. You probably eat there. It’s a restaurant. I showed up at that business years ago in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and basically I told them for 30 I think it was $3,200 we’re going to come in and make all the leaks go away, guaranteed and we’re going to make it. You have a water tight membrane because your modified bitumen roof is in pretty good shape. You’re going to be good for five to 10 years. I mean, you’re going to be good for a long time. You can begin to budget. They were not interested. They had money to spend. They wanted to spend $50,000 and put a new roof up there. So I gave him a $3,200 option and they turned it down and there was a great option. I was going to use a silicone coating and I was going to get the pontine areas and all the challenging troubled areas and I was going to create a complete watertight member.

And he was gonna. We were, it was an easy roof to solve the problem. They were not interested. They only wanted to spend the money. Now here’s why they had the money. The money needed to go somewhere. So understand where they’re coming from. I understand. You know, that it just needed to be done and that was the time to do it. They might have had other projects in the future. They might for the next five years, wanted to save up money, the start a new location of their restaurant and another area of town. So I fully comprehend and see where they’re coming from. I never thought they made a wrong decision. Hey, I love to do a roof replacement. It was a good for me to get that job. Uh, it was, it was a good job. So here in advanced commercial systems, in commercial roofing broken Arrow, these are the things we do with all the time.

These are the things that we were trying to educate our class. Now, one of the problems with that situation was there was another lead man between, uh, the, the, the owner and I, the owner of the building and I am little lead man was the owner of the company that I worked for at that time. Um, and so basically what happened, who was that guy basically probably never even shared the idea of the $3,200 repair, which I think was kind of cheesy and that’s why I don’t work with these guys. I mean, they’re a bunch of buffoons honestly there I just, I want to treat people right. I want to be ethical and do what’s right. God can honor me because I am honoring other people. It’s just like good seeds sown in the lives of their people. So, so we’re going to make the right decisions here and if we have our roof nerds in any way show that there’s a lack of character, that there’s a lack of.

So that’s what we’re about and that’s what we do here with advanced commercial systems. Um, I say all the time, and I’ll say it again, go check out our website. Okay. Roof we’ve specifically designed that website to just be very simple and to show you what we do. We do roof replacements, we do roof repairs and we do roof maintenance. Inside that I consider root restorations is part of roof repairs, but yet roof restorations are a large part of what we do too. That’s where we use the shiny, pretty, a brand new looking white coatings and we put that all over your roof. We put it on at, at from 20 to 40 meal, depending on the area that we put it on, we can spray it on, we can roll it on a, we don’t really brush it on. Some people do that.

They just thought that was always kind of silly. I rolled it on the majority of the time. And so we could put those coatings on in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and, and create a UV barrier that just reflects UV rays immediately creating cooling. Uh, cause we, you know, we’re not in the south here in Oklahoma, but we are in the mid, you know, the mid part of the country, you know the buckle of the Bible belt here. And so we do, I remember it wasn’t four years ago we were having 115 degrees. Imagine how much heat is pounding on that roof. And the roof could have been 180 degrees. There’s no telling what the roof could have been because of the wind. The Sun’s pounding on it at a level of that. It just, it gets really, I mean you touch it with your hand, it literally burns you. It’s really painful. You can put this UV Barry on there. This like a silicone based product that we use with polyglass poly, bright 95 and 90 and these products, you can put that on there and when you do it, immediately cools it and you can put your hand on it and it’s warm, but it’s not hot. It’s really a great product. So Hey, give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. We’d love to hear from you. (918) 973-1010. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And please stay dry.