Advanced commercial systems is a commercial roofing company and the Greater Tulsa area and in commercial roofing broken Arrow that specializes in any type of flat roof referred to is steep slope or low slope roofing systems. We do anything from commercial roofing, the multifamily, multifamily residential. We do consulting for insurance claims. Uh, our company a really gives the best in free inspection in town. We have what we call a 24 hour free roof evaluation here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And in that evaluation we detect and we find out exactly what type of roof system that you have. And so we see the type of roof system and you have how much insulation you have, what is your top membrane, what’s, what more lifespan should you have in the roofing system. We really determine exactly what you have in your current roofing system. And we assimilate, um, can we add life to that system?

Can we do preventive maintenance? Uh, can we do some type of planning, uh, and repairs and maintenance to your system to cause it to get more life? So with that in mind, let’s talk some today, some more about commercial roofing. Um, you’re basically your single ply membranes that are really taking off, um, TPO, PVC and EPBM or your main three single ply membranes that are really the most popular, um, TPO roof. And the systems are, they’re very versatile. They have a high performance quality of what they do and then they’re also extremely flexible, flexible. The flexibility is great because they have some elasticy to them. It basically, it is about the fastest growing membrane in the commercial market for roofing systems and in the forefront, uh, of the single ply, uh, technology. And so when it comes as single ply roofing, TPO definitely stands out because of its, uh, ability to reflect UV rays.

Um, it is engineered to be basically the most superior single ply. Um, obviously PVC is right there beside it because it has some great performance values as well. But the superior, a longterm performance of a TPO is really a great benefit. Um, now keep in mind that it is environmentally sound and so there’s no issues with any kind of waste or products like that. And so when we’ve installed this, we know immediately there’s a, there’s an advantage of real reflectivity of UV rays. And so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, that reflectivity of UV, UV rays, is it really a big deal? And that’s why even systems like the verse ecosystem, they call themselves to cool roofing solutions. So the cool, because basically they’re cooling down your heating cost. Um, when it comes to storage facilities, warehouses, um, other places like that, that environments where there’s just sun beating down on a building that might not have air conditioning in it and might not be a controlled temperature here in commercial roofing broken arrow, we highly suggest TPO because of that reflectivity. Let’s move on to PVC. PVC is a plastic basically formed by gaseous reaction between, I draw like acid, I’m sorry, hydrochloric acid, oxygen and ethylene.

It’s one of the strongest flat roof materials that’s known between TPO Ebdm mob bit. PVC is definitely one of the strongest materials. Now you’re familiar with the terminology, the, the, the, the acronym PVC. You’re familiar with that because that’s what your white pipes in your plumbing and your home are or you’re in your business. Those are PVC pipes and that’s basically the same type of material. Um, you know with the polyurethane and the hydrochloric acid in ethylene, that’s basically the same material that we’re talking about here. Now when you, when you talk to the American Society for testing and materials, the AST m ratings, there is a great strength of breaking strength of 200 Ppi of that is amazing for TPO that would proceed. TPO would never reach that. PVC surpasses that and can go as far as a strength of 350 PPI. Um, we don’t want water to be penetrating your roof or your, your surface of your building.

And so it’s very important when installing single ply such as PVC and Tpo to make sure the seams are hot welded with air and to make sure that they’re being probed afterwards to make sure that everything was done the way that it should be done. Um, now you can also, you can fully adhere this product. A PVC membrane that’s fully adhered, is using just a special adhesive. It is a pretty quick, it’s simple. It is a top notch installation method which causes there to be less lift potential compared to a mechanically adherent it with plates and screws. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, quite a few jobs. Often we do fully adhered systems and then also back to mechanically attached systems. This is a system where you’re using plates and screws and this will also sure the ensure that hurricane winds were not tear off your roof system. Uh, if your building is located in an area that has tons of high wind, you know, you might be on the coastline.

It is good sometimes to have the outer edges mechanically attached, which you could full lead here some of the inner parts but fully attached, um, is really a great place of being able to have that done. Now then you have a ballast at install for PVC and TPO and Obama ballasted installed system. We basically using gravel or some type of rocks or something to weigh down the roof. Moving on to EPM EPM is really, it’s a second choice after the PVC membrane mostly because it is a cheaper product. It has made just like a, a big rubber sheet of sticky rubber mat, um, that you really need to have someone to avoid having bubbles in it when it’s installed. But you don’t do welding with this. All the seams are glued together with an adhesive, but so it is cost effective, innocent, decent product. I would give it a score of 6.5 or seven out of 10 where I would give TPO and nine and uh, you know, maybe PVC and 9.5 so just from those numbers alone, you know, with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves, you can tell the dis from those numbers alone.

My opinion of EPD am I have to work on a few EPBM roofs and do repairs and they’re just horrible. I’m depending on, you know, how they’ve been installed. I’ve been dealing with a few that are just horrible to find the leaks because of that rubber is pretty easy to allow water in and not show you where. So you have to use some thermal imaging, you have to use some things that really catches the problems of the EPD. A membrane is it’s made with a black carbon or carbon black. Uh, it is a pigment that’s known for absorbing UV radiation. So instead of being reflective like that, a peep, the TPO and PVC, it’s actually absorbing UV. But here’s the good thing about this, this, this roof, that Ebdm roof. It’s membrane is unreinforced and it has up to a 300% expansion rate. And so once it’s done, it will stretch back to its structural memory. They call it retaining that structural memory. And so that’s a big deal with a PDM. I see quite a few roofs that need that because of just how they’re built and how they’re developed. And then another great membrane is that of mod bit. It is a complete plex, a roofing system, roofing membrane. There really needs to be installed by a roofing professionals. I wouldn’t just have anyone tried to put this stuff in here in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

It’s a multiply membrane. It oftentimes has a base layer and it’s attached with plates to the roof with bars in place. And we use what’s called a permanent adhesive. This is a, and he said that basically causes the product of glue down permanently. And then at those areas where there’s needed, there can be a granule topping which helps with UV rays on the asphalt areas. And so it can be expensive to you to choose the wrong roofing product, the wrong roofing system. So here at advanced towards systems, we highly suggest give us a call, come out for free and doing 24 hour free roof evaluation. We’re going to tell you what’s going on with your current roof. We’re going to tell you here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow what needs to be done, um, to take care of your roof, to prolong the lifespan of your roof is really one of our main goals.

We want to prolong the lifespan of your roof and calls it to live out its fullest age. And then some, you ever know someone or someone had a grandmother or an aunt that lived to be 105 years old and you shake your head like most people are dying in their seventies and eighties they got the most out of their life. Well, that’s what we want to do. If you roof here to that commercial systems here, home of the roof, nerds in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, give us a call at (918) 973-1010. Remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.