Welcome again, do advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. We have another podcast today podcast where we uh, the ownership and the leadership and sometimes we can have different roof roof nerves out of our, out of our crew join us. But basically we spend quite a bit of time talking about our passion, our, our expertise of commercial roofing. If you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor, if you’re looking for a commercial roofing company that is second to none and everything that they do. So no matter what you’re going through, um, in your situation, you know what you’re dealing with. We love at no cost to you. The just come out and assist you with an evaluation of what’s going on. Actual a full roof assessment of the many different aspects of your roof. Why you, roof, is what it is. I mean years ago, let’s say you have a roof, it’s 30 years old. Should you call commercial roofing Broken Arrow services?

Well why did they install the roof that they did 30 years ago? What was the commercial roofing Broken Arrow process then? Why, why did they put in what they did? And so we can share with you the history of your roof by, by inspecting. And then doing this analysis of your roof, we can share with you the history of our root of your roof. We can share with you the installation that you have in your roof. We can share with you the type of membrane we can share with you potentially the life of the roof that you have on there like me, how many years ago it was probably installed. And then we can go on and commercial roofing broken Arrow and share with you really what the future of the roof looks like. With all things being considered the same and just be in the way that they are. No dramatic changes in climate like the, you know, the, the global warming that all the idiots in the world talk about all the time.

And we don’t have 130 degrees everyday for the rest of our lives. Uh, because the stupid idiots think it’s global warming all the time without any significant uncalled for changes like that, we can basically tell you what the future of your roof is going to look like. And so in doing so, we have to inspect the entire roof. And every termination of the roof. So let’s talk real quick about roof termination here and commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, but because we talk a week, there’s a lot of modified bitumen roofs, there’s a lot of built up roofs, there’s a lot of TPO roof. Let’s say you look at a flat roof building and you see the roof edge when you’re driving by or you’re sitting in the parking lot, you can see the edge of the roof and you see along the top of the roof is a three to five inch strip of metal going all the way horizontally around the perimeter of the roof.

That isn’t just for show. That isn’t to be pretty. Trust us in commercial roofing Broken Arrow to provide functionality. Of course, obviously aesthetics is a large part of what we want that to be because we make sure it matches in color and it meets the requirements of of aesthetics that are needed for the building, but at same time one of the main purposes in that piece of metal is that just the part that you see that comes down in the front? Actually it’s been, it’s made into an Ale, a 90 degree angle. And it also goes across the top of the roof from three to five inches across the top of the roof. And so what it does there is that metal is called edge metal and sometimes it’s called drip edge edge metal. But Mason basically flashing or, or edge metal is the most common terms for that and it’s flashing. So what happens is we take whatever I’m roofing membranes on that roof and we bonded to that edge metal on the, on the flat horizontal part of the roof.

And then the vertical ads, it’s coming down, that’s just hanging down so that water can run off and water can drip off the edge of that metal. And so many times the bottom of that metal, or have a little half of an inch kick outs, uh, away from the building where bins out away from the building. So when it does that, you literally are creating one of the names of called drip edge. It’s literally meant for water to drip off of the edge of the metal. And so that’s one of the strong characteristics of that metal is the ability to be able to keep water off of the wall of the building. Because see that exterior wall, if water runs down it for a long period of time, it’s going to begin to have a carbon and, and whatever dirts are on them on the roof, it’s going to begin to have those metals, those, those, uh, show dirty stains and, and runnings down the edge of the exterior wall. We’re the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And so here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, when we install that drip edge metal or that edge metal, many times we’ll put a drip edge on the edge of it if it’s needed. It just depends on, it might be on the top of a parapet wall and it doesn’t need a drip edge. It just needs to be flat because there’s no flat roof up there that would bring dirt and other residues down the exterior wall. And so now, so let’s talk again about how this edge metal, this flashing edge metal ties into the membrane. We bonded. So with modified bitumen there are bonding solve agents and glues that we use to bond the TPO. I’m, I’m sorry, to bond the modified bitumen membrane to that metal. Um, the same is true with built up roofing. When we do built up roofing, we inner ply and we bond that roofing to it as well.

Now let’s talk about thermoplastic of the TPO and the PVC, which are the two most popular. These two, a single ply membrane of thermoplastics of TPO and PVC. There are two systems that we use the most here in Greater Tulsa and the Northeast Oklahoma. And it’s really common nationwide kind of deal where it’s the products and the systems are very similar. And basically what we’re doing is we’re one of which is we take what’s called TPO or PVC coated metal. And so we take a metal that is 10 foot long by four foot wide, a sheet of metal. And that metal has been coated and glued on a very tight piece of that TPO membrane. And so it’s called TV. Oh, coded Melton. And I guess you also have an in PVC as well. And so we’ve been that metal and we formed the edge flashing and commercial roofinga broken arrow.

We formed the edge flashing from TPO coated metal. So the top where we need to secure it and bond it to the TPO membrane, the very top, the flat horizontal part of the bid metal of the edging is coated with Tpo. And we can just weld the TPO right to that metal. And that is the, the, the system that we do use the most, uh, here with advanced commercial systems. It is a more costly system. Then the other system, and I’ll share with you the other system right now, the other system is that you put regular flashing down in the good news about that. Uh, good. You know, as you flashing of drip edge, you can pick a color variation. So with the TPO coated metal, you don’t get a varied color, you don’t get different colors with it. But with this, with this other system which is very popular, I see it all the time with this system of that saloon least it’s a little less expensive and commercial roof in broken Arrow in this commercial roofing system, what we do is we put the age of metal down, just regular instrumental.

We have about three or four, maybe four or five inches of flashing on the roof, part of of the metal on the roof and then we bond. We lay the TPO on there with about three inches of overlap and about three inches of the metal showing and we laid down what’s called a strip, a TPO edge strip and that strip will be glued down and peeled off of a, it’s a peel and stick to where this plastics taken off the back end and it will settle itself in that glue and it will become a really longterm strong piece of, of edging around the building and this will tie in the membrane and glued to the membrane and glued to the head to the flashing metal as a cell phone. These are the different types of edge metals and things that we see every single day and that’s why we’re experts. We go above and beyond in commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

The industry here at advanced commercial systems. We would love to serve you and love to help you in commercial roofing, broken arrow. You know, if there’s anything that you ever need, all you do is give us a call. He’d go to (918) 973-1010 here with advanced commercial systems, we’re going to give you the best products. We don’t give you the best expertise. They have vast experience, the best accountability, the Best Trans Transparency. We don’t give you the best communication. We’re going to give you the best warranty. We’re going to give you the best multiple versions and systems that are possible and I hear all the time do I need a repair or do I need to replace? I know my roof is old. I don’t know if I need a repair or I don’t know if I need to replace. That’s what our 24 hour free roof evaluation is for that 24 hour free roof evaluation does exactly this.

It gives you within 24 hours all of the information that you need to make that decision. And when we sit down with you, we share it with you in detail. Now, one thing we ask is give us some time. You know, I know you’re busy, but if we’re going to come out and do a 24 hour free roof evaluation, I want you to cut out 30 minutes of your day. Sit Down with us and let us talk to you about what your roof looks like and not just hand you some papers and you don’t understand. We want to be able to share and present this information to you so that we can increase your commercial roofing Iq. Well, there’s another good podcast force today here with commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate everybody for joining in with us every single week, and you guys just remember above all else, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science and stay dry.