Well, I want to thank you again for joining in with us today for our 79th podcast here with advanced commercial systems home over the roof. Nerds. Now what is a home with a roof nerd? Well, I’m glad you asked. Actually someone, I was speaking with a supplier the other day and he said, man, I consider myself a roof nerd. And because you know, when you, when you are technically trained and an expert in a field, you really like to think of yourself as being the best. And that’s what we do here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds. It’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. Today is our 79th, uh, podcast. Our episode 79 weeks now we have consistently, well that’s, that’s well over like a year and a quarter. We have consistently almost a year and a half. Uh, we’ve consistently been bringing podcast to you about our local market here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, Tulsa Jenks, sand springs, Claremore, Coweta, you know, you name it, the local area here, Glen Pool Sapulpa Awaso.

Um, cut to suck all of the local area here. We bring this podcast so that everyone can hear more about commercial roofing Broken Arrow and really just hear about our passion in it. We’ve been doing it for years and years. We consider ourselves some of the best in the nation at what we do. And so if there’s anything we can ever help you at, uh, we highly encourage you to go to our website at [inaudible] dot com on that website. You can check out everything we’re about. And from there you can also see our phone number. Now our phone number is (918) 973-1010. We would love to help you in any way. So just give us a call. Now you just might have a question about, hey, I’ve got a leaking roof. What would the price of that be? Well, guess what? For Free within 24 hours, here’s a no brainer for you, for free.

Within 24 hours in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we come out and we evaluate that with you. It’s a no brainer. Why would you not want to choose a commercial roofing company that for free in 24 hours, we’ll play a video and pictures in front of you and show you exactly where the roof is leaking. All on rare occasion, on very rare occasion in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we see that it’s, it’s a challenging leak. Uh, I mean we’re talking about, we’re talking about huge swimming pools on top of roofs, on top of buildings and so they can be leaking somewhere and sometimes it takes us a few tries to get the leak and it will be the first to tell you that happens and it happens, uh, you know, uh, once a month, once every two months or we get this really tricky leak because the whole entire roof is, is a challenge.

It probably needs to be replaced. The client doesn’t want to replace it at the time. They want him to save it for three or four or five more years. And so they’re considering roof restoration. They’re considering our smart plan or roof maintenance plan that we have and they give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and they ask us to come out and do a 24 hour of a roof evaluation and they ask us for a price. So we give them the price we find normally find the league pretty quickly and give them a price. And I tell Ya, most roof repairs are under $500 now that seems like a lot of money to a residential building owner, a residential homeowner. Now I’ll tell you, it’s really not that much money. I mean we just finished a $217,000 roof. We just finished a $64,000 roof. We just finished three $39,000 roots back to back all in one month for one client.

And so $500 isn’t that much to to commercial property managers. $500 isn’t that much. We do have, I mean I just did a repair. See today is the second. So I just did a repair on the 30th just four days ago, three or four days ago. And that repair, I’m charged out. It took me two hours and I’ve charged them $275. Now that seems like a lot. Yeah, money. But when you look at the product and they use the expertise of they used and they didn’t have to call any other contractors to come out and take care of the problem. I was there on the spot, uh, and it was during the holiday season, so that was a holiday call. So it’s not like all in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, all of our estimates are in, all of our repairs are over 500 I spent quite a bit of time to make those leaks go away and only charge to 75 so you know, it really depends upon your roof.

And the only way to know it is a look at it to get an assessment. Almost every roof. I’d go to a, when I get a call I go online and I researched the roof. I research aerial pictures. We have great software that does that for us. So I spend quite a bit of time researching the roof, really coming up with an overall picture of the roof. You know, what kind of roof it is. Does it have parapet wall? Does it have coping cat, does it have penetration point areas? Does it have, can you see slope from the online pictures? If, what kind of drain, what kind of guttering system? What kind of internal scupper system did it, does it have? These are the things that we look at all the time before I go to every roof. Uh, really trying to get an idea of what systems up there and you know what men brains up there.

You know, sometimes you can look at a roof and tell whether it has a tapered ISO system in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, just by looking at the roof system. You know, a lot of roofs were built in the same time period. There was a lot of built within a 10 year period of time by the same contractors, you know, 30, 45 years ago. And so when I see those roofs or those buildings, I know pretty quickly, you know, um, if there’s slope there, if there’s an adage slope there, it’s because it’s been added in with a tapered ISO system. Now I, so is really just a quick name for ISO board that is a, you know, anywhere from one inch to two inch. Uh, I, so bored is a installation that’s added to the root systems is a closed poorest system at least. Ah, I always say, oh were, they all aren’t, but I prefer a to sell porous system.

Um, so that the water, if water does get into the ISO, doesn’t it just really quickly in Airlie soak up the water and cause a problem? I’m just about, yeah, you can see, you can see a lot of different things in commercial roof, in broken Arrow that takes place with a commercial roof just from aerial photo. So many times before even go, I’ll take care of that. I know farmers insurance and even Walgreens, we did some aerial footage, uh, with that just recently. Now when we do that, uh, there are times that we find that it’s really challenging to find some of the leaks. So at that time we break out our thermal imaging camera. We have a thermal imaging camera that hooks up to our systems and we can view commercial roofs to help determine if there’s an area that is allowing, you know, more or less water, uh, into the roofing systems, whether it be single ply mob, bit built up, uh, doesn’t really matter.

Now, metal roofs don’t really hold water the same way, so they don’t really do the same way. So it doesn’t work necessarily on metal roofs. Um, their heat differential radius is completely different when there’s, uh, you know, moisture under their membrane and or under their system. So yeah, so it works really well with a single plies, um, EPD and works really well. We just actually did a for BSN sport. We did some thermal imaging for them. They were having trouble in multiple areas. So, uh, we can use a thermal imaging camera and our drone, we can use those together, you know, good at bird’s eye view with a thermal imaging of a larger or even some, uh, minimal or mini small areas, uh, for commercial roofing leaks, thermal imaging cameras, they’re, they’re pretty tricky. You have to know how to use them and you really have to know is when they use them.

It’s all about the timing in commercial roofing, broken arrow. But here at advanced commercial systems, we say all the time, it’s not rocket science, it’s real science and this is the science that we bring to you so that your business will have the best level of a watertight building envelope possible for the roofing system. Here at advanced commercial systems, our roof nerves are all trained and drone footage. They’re trained in thermal imaging fudge. And each and every one of them have gone and received full training and certification with Hague engineering. Now, if you’re not familiar with Hagar engineering, they are an engineering company that literally 40 hours a week for 20 years has done one thing. They study storm damage, whether it’s wind damage, whether it’s how an doesn’t matter, they study it, they learn how hails form. They learned a wind from upper angles, um, you know, sports winds coming down there.

They study commercial roofing residents are roofing and storm damage. So we are all here at advanced commercial systems, certified inspectors. So we’re not just certified to have gone through their classes. We have don’t gear their classes and had been literally buy them, uh, given a certification to be able to inspect commercial roofs for storm damage. So you have a engineering company, not in commercial roofing, broken Arrow over in Dallas, Texas. And uh, they are the experts in the entire industry and storm damage. They study wind and hail damage. They still the hail damage on shingles more than any other company has in the last 20 years. And we are certified with those guys. We get continual education from them. I just had to retake a test the other day, once a year. We get education and we get updates from them of things going on the industry and updates with any new information that they gain because they study their engineers that are studying in commercial roofing, broken error, and the Greater Tulsa area.

They’re studying storm damage for commercial roofs. So in doing so, they’re actively acquiring new information at times. So with that being the case, we’re continually downloading their information study and the reports and things they come up with and we pay them. I mean, this is something that we pay. We have a membership with them as well. Um, so that helps them accomplish what they want to. Um, and then, so our certification has been now for years, we’ve held that certification and we will keep holding, holding that certification. So, so that we can assist you in whatever you’re dealing with with your commercial roof, if you’ve had wind or hell or any other types of storm damage. Hey, give us a call here at advanced commercial systems at 918-NINETY-731010. And we hope you have a wonderful day and stay dry.