Welcome again to another wonderful podcast with advanced tumors. Will systems home with a roof nerds here and commercial roofing broken arrow. If you’re a need for a roof where the people to call, we’re the ones that talk to, we will assist you in any way today. We’re specifically again a second week in a row talking about commercial roof leak repair, 24, seven report repair. Um, you know, experts in everything that we do and we are at your service. So whatever you need, that’s what we’re bringing to you. Now when it comes to roof repair, our plan is to make your roof into what we call a smart roof. A smart roof is a roof that is watertight and has all the latest technology and all the latest, uh, applications needed. Uh, they keep your roof, the maintenance plan also to keep your roof lasts a long time.

Many times we incorporate into our smart roof plan, a full preventive maintenance plan that really generates the best level of, of roof protection for you. Um, you really shouldn’t trust your commercial roofing to just anybody. You know, there’s a lot of people out there, a lot of companies, there’s a lot of commercial roofing contractors, uh, here in commercial roofing broken arrow. There’s a lot of commercial roofing companies that are not trustworthy that you really need to look at it and say, Hey, um, let’s see some of the basics. Let’s, let’s talk to some people they’ve done jobs for. Let’s really see what’s what’s been going on with these guys. Um, but through a lot of, a lot of responsiveness, a lot of efficiency, we really want to earn your respect, won’t earn your trust. And so when it comes to roof leaks, we will get rid of those the first time.

Now, there are times we don’t, uh, because challenging roof leaks sometimes come from different directions and we, we just don’t know it. And so when it comes down to it, um, we really try to do the best that we can, uh, in multiple areas of fixing your roof the first time. Now here’s one, um, membrane issues. So being commercial roofing expert here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, um, our roof nerds really do. Uh, there are technicians that have the knowledge and the training necessary, um, because at the end of the day they need to perform. She has every everyday repairs for you and sometimes on the spot, um, to give you that full followup service that you’re looking for in a 24 hour period of time. And that’s our guarantee that we come out. We give you a roof evaluation in 24 hours. Well now there’s Tom, there’s common types of roof issues.

And so let’s just name those off real quickly. One is a membrane issues, one is gutter issues and scuppers drains. One is a continual ponding water. One is, uh, many different types of curbing flashing details. And then also you could have leaks. So just, they’re not even really caused by the roof specifically. But when it comes down to are the, the top one that we look for, it’s really that of membrane issues. Commercial roof membranes, they can crack, they can, uh, tear, they can split, they can do so many things and for many different types of reasons. Uh, you can have the lapping system, you can have it, a lot of different open laps, which I’ve just been inspected some roofs just recently. We were dealing with the lapse were not taking care of, they were not welded correctly when they were worked out in the beginning.

And that really does cause it calls a pre pretty big problem. And so when it comes down to advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we, we implement the best practices for your roof with our smart roof plan. Now that is a bi annual free by annual checkup of valuation. That is basically a really well developed, well communicated, well, uh, accountability, uh, driven a commercial roofing preventive maintenance plan. And so we just simply call it the smart route plan because we’re the roof nerds, we’re smarter. What we do, there were highly skilled technicians in the technical field of commercial roofing. So it’s a smart roof plan that we’ve got and we’ve got one of the best ounce per ounce, one of the best systems, one of the best smart route plans, one of the best preventive in the industry. Uh, we, we dig deeper, we look for more issues.

We’ve inspect and diagnose your situation from the decking up and sometimes even decking and below. It was just a w two or three weeks ago we basically found that there were two different buildings. They were having leaks. We couldn’t find the leak in the roof. It made us go into the attic. Um, you know, the just below decking and we found one was a hot water heater in one was pipes for the sprinkler system. So in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, these are the things you have to find. These are the things you have to look for every single day when you’re doing what we do. And that’s why with all the experience that we do, we really do have a great a follow up system that were, our clients are very happy and we scheduled the bi annual roof inspection for you. We don’t charge you for that by the way.

And then we bring to you the report of what needs to be done, if there’s anything that needs to be done. So basically, let’s say you own a commercial roof, you’ve got two leaks, one on one side of the building, one over the other, you know nothing about your roof. You call it advanced commercial systems. We come out and we see that the number one cost $700, it’s a ponding area. Water’s getting in. It’s going to cost you $700 to fix that one. Just a hypothetical situation. And they would go look at the other roof leak. And basically it is a very small spot, a charge of 300 as a minimum, 300 charge for patching in a bad scene, uh, and taking care of that. So you’re $1,000 to leaks are going away. We’re going to back up those leaks and backup what the work we did guaranteeing that we’re taking care of those.

Right? So, and will guarantee you that the work we did a held, uh, sometimes roof leaks come from different areas. So we have to pinpoint and really look for where the leaks are coming from. But these roof leaks, you know, we believe they’re there, they’re taking care of it, right? So from that point on in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, um, from that point on if you desire, we set you up with a preventative maintenance plan called the smart roof plan. In six months we come back out and we inspect it for free. We let you know one or two weeks in advance to make sure that you’re okay with the timing. We come out, we inspect it if the weather permits and then we give you a free full roof evaluation of what everything looks like and we lay that in front of you as to where you are.

Like wow, this is, I don’t have any questions. There’s problematic areas being talked about, but there’s basically no charge for the evaluation that we just did. And basically we’re not suggesting anything be done to the roof because we’re saying it’s in pretty good shape right now. So that takes place and you’re sitting there with only a thousand dollars in six months under your belt with no more leaking. Six months from that time in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we come back out again. Whether it’s a metal roof, TPO, thermoplastic, thermo set, doesn’t matter. It can be shingles. Doesn’t matter what it is. We come back out in six months. We scheduled it one or two weeks, one or two weeks in advance so there’s no surprises with you. You might be having an open house that week. We, we move it to another time. We want it to be little issues with you.

We want to work well with your daily or your weekly or monthly schedule so we come back out in that six months we did the same roof evaluation again, we bring the old one, our last roof evaluation. We bring records of the repairs that we did and we compare that with our current today situation. Every six months we’re giving you a full update on how your roof looks. If we see now this now, if we see some new things that have arisen, we’re going to put those in a new form for you and we’re going to present those to you in this, this second roof evaluation for you. And you can say, your said, well what can happen in six months? I’m telling you, you’d be shocked between the hot and the cold temperatures that we have in Oklahoma, how much these roofs contract and retract and they just move and move and move.

You’d be pretty shocked at the number of roofing systems that I’d be. I was on one a modified bitumen roof. Uh, I’m sorry. It was a built up roof in sand springs. Uh, last week did repairs to this long scene. That was about a 120 feet long. The basically opened up in enough, you can put your finger inside it just because the building is moving. The hot and cold is moving the building here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems. We will have known that crack wasn’t there before. We will have known that that’s a new issue. Now they call me out. Not because I’m not set up with that roof we’re at for a smart roof plan. It’s just some of the preventative maintenance plan. I just was going back out there because they had league and they reported a new leaking area and so I found the new leaking air and I found it was a scene that I have walked over literally 200 times cause I, I’ve done all the maintenance and all the repairs and all the replacements for that whole building shopping center for years and years and years.

I personally got my eyes on it every week or every month and this, I’ve walked over this scene so many times I can’t even count on my hand and this has never been an issue. These cracks have never existed before and just in a two month period of time from the last time I came out here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you know, over in sand springs, this thing had opened up enough to put your finger in allowing water leaking about a 20 foot area all the way down the side of a brownies restaurant there in sand springs. This is what happens every single day and this is the expertise, uh, production and expertise, accountability, the expertise, project management, uh, that other commercial roofing contractors don’t bring you. Other commercial roofing companies don’t bring you. But here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we had asked commercial systems, we’re bring you the highest and the best. We are the highest and the best at what we do. So we appreciate you joining us again today in commercial roofing, broken Arrow for another podcast. We appreciate you a lot. We appreciate you guys continually given us questions and feedback all the time. Once again, just as a reminder, and it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.