Welcome today, another day here with advanced commercial systems, America’s most fascinating and wonderful commercial roofing company. Obviously we’re joking with that. Hey, I’m, today we are having, let me see what podcasts this is. We have been doing podcast, uh, concerning commercial roofing for some time now. Today is podcast number 97 podcast number 97 that we have done here with the roof nerds. And we basically just spent a lot of time exploring, talking, sharing, learning, investigating all the different aspects in commercial roofing broken Arrow about commercial roofing and, and what it means to do it right and what it means to have great customer service. And so here with, uh, in, you know, advanced commercial systems, we are in northeast Oklahoma, we’re in the Greater Tulsa area and we offer a commercial roofing and commercial commercial property reroofing services. We offer maintenance, we offer a, which is what we call our smart roof plan, and we offer repairs, which we do tons and tons of repairs.

So today is another day, podcast 97 that you join in with us and we want to cover a little bit of some different, different things that we do, some of the different services that we offer. So, um, one of which is consultation services, which we don’t talk about that a lot and another which is that of damage assessment, property scope in detailed estimates and then propose maintenance service plans after installation, which is like, um, piggybacks on top of our no brainer of the smart roof plan. And then another is that of warranties now. So let’s start with consultation services. Being a general contractor, not just a commercial roofer, but specifically a general contractor with the state of Oklahoma. You know, we’re the licensed. Uh, we are certified. We are, um, as well insured as a general contractor for more than just roofing. And so being set up that way specifically, uh, it works out really well for us to do, to offer consultation services.

We have a commercial roofing, uh, I’m going to, sorry, I, commercial property company that has a lot of different, probably about 12 different buildings in Oklahoma. And so last year I remember we came to it, came in and they were looking for, you know, a lot of different projects to get done. We sit down with him and worked out some ideas of how we offer consultation services. Since that time we’ve done remodeling for them, painting for them. We actually have done mistakenly enough long care for them and we have some other lawn care jobs coming up real soon. So with all of that being in place, um, we do offer consultation services. So you might be a commercial roofer but not have the best idea of what system you would need for a job that you’re going to do. You actually can call us in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we would come in and again, for a fee, uh, a very, a negotiable fee, but we would come in with very fair fee and, and, and charge you to sit down and draw a plan for the best project for that roofing system.

Uh, with our vast experience and with our engineering background, you know, certified with engineering a really, it’s a great idea for us to be able to come in and offer that to you. So that steel, if you’re going to do a job at at least do it right. And so that’s a large part of what we do. And then damage assessment. Now being a certified with Hagar engineering, which is an engineering firm out of Texas, they are specifically do nothing but over 20 years of storm damage assessment. And so that would be damage assessment. They’ve treated, trained us in it and we are certified with them. We have continual training every year and certification every year to stay on top of that as well. And so then project scope and detailed estimates. That is a large part of what we do in commercial roofing broken Arrow because when it comes to project scopes and an estimating a project as I’ve shared with you, um, and that, and now included in that is cost benefit analysis.

But what was a shared with you? What happens in project scope, in detailed estimates is we want to bring to you more than one plan. Because if we bring you one plan, it doesn’t meet your budget, you’re going to go on to the next guy and I assure you he’s not as good as what we’re gonna do for you. So we’re going to bring you multiple budgets, multiple plans, multiple systems, multiple repairs, maintenance plans. We’re going to bring you options so that you can sit down with your board members or trustees. You know, you might be just the build business owner, owner and the building owner in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so if you’re the decision maker, then uh, just by yourself, with your advisors are all by yourself. You can decide I’m out of a multiple plan. Options and options are the key to where we really think we offer the best level of customer service.

Many roofers just want to come in and say, hey, we’re just going to repair this or we’re going to replace this. And in commercial roofing, that’s not always well because that’s not the most desired. Because if you’ve ever had your hand in property management with commercial properties, um, they always have a lot of juggling finances. It’s always about the numbers, what money do they have, um, what money’s coming in, what money is going out. And so they, they do project planning. They do do demolition planning, they do build up planning, remodeling, planning. All of that is in, in six month, 12 month, two year, three year, five year plans, sometimes even 10 year plans. And so five years from now they know because of where they are at now and what they’re planning on doing and they’ll have the money in place five years from now for do a roof replacement.

I’ll come in with a roof replacement estimate and they’ll say, wow, $87,000 and then I’ll come in with a $6,200 take care of all the bad spots, make it where it’s watertight and strong for the next five years and make whether with a membrane can last that long. I don’t offer restoration services with, with Cody materials as much in those situations because I think it still is best at the end of the day with within that five year, six year, seven year period to go ahead and do a full replacement or reroofing system upon that roof. So as far as it concerns in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we spend a lot of time, I’m not negotiating, but kind of just working back and forth with the building owner, the property manager on what they need. If a property manager comes to me and ask for me to put on a bad roof, I won’t do it.

But I just recently had one come to me and asked for me to put it on a 45 meal. I think we use the GAF or a 45 mil TPO and, and we don’t normally go that direction. We normally do a minimum of 60 mil, but they shared with their situation. They shared with us, they were looking for a tenure roof. There’s selling the buildings. And so when we got all the information and we began to look at specifically what they want to do, accomplish, we knew pretty quickly that um, the 45 male was the way to go. So we went with that. We went with a nice fan fold just to be a barrier level of a, of a sub straight up under there. And when we got done with that, um, it’s been a while now and there’s no leaks. It’s got a decent slope on it.

It’s got about a three 12 on us. There’s got to actually a decent slope or maybe a to 12. And so project scope and detailed estimates that is a large part of what we do. And there are some secrets to the game. There are some secrets to the way we do things. There are some secrets to the way we work out problems and stuff. And so we don’t just necessarily to talk about those on the podcast Newbie now. Um, proposed maintenance service plans before, you know, pre installation and post installation. We want to talk about the post installation, proposed maintenance service plans, which we call our smart roof plan. Now it’s a play on words in commercial roofing broken out. It really is a play on words with a smart roof because we are the roof nerds. We make your roof smart. Um, roofs are complex.

It’s not rocket science has rue science. All of that is a little bit of a play on words, but at the same time the smart roof plan isn’t just making your roof better. It’s also making you smarter. We, we see that there’s a huge deficit of knowledge in the industry concerning commercial roofs, even in commercial roofers, also building owners and also without it just basically property managers. I would say out of my experience working with some of the bigger and better property managers in town, I would say from my experience that property managers are probably the most experienced when it comes to many different types of roof systems. And so because of that, it really is a pleasure to work with them. When we bring them $120,000 estimate to, to do a reroofing or to do a roof replacement, that’s, that number doesn’t buckle their knees and scare them.

They understand in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it’s, that’s just a realistic number and that’s just how the, you know, how the ball bounces. So sometimes they’ll come in and say, Hey, what’s your price per square? So the price per square really is where we come in and we, we do the full roof replacement analysis, the detailed estimate projects cope. We do that full amount and then we just divide it by how many squares of roofing. They’re all are on the roof. Now as we do that, um, as we do that, that allows them to just have a real easy number to work with when it comes to other buildings, past projects they’d done future projects they want to do. So the price per square is something that was just recently asked for. I think we ended up at like $305 per square to do a TPO reroofing on a large building that’s a modified bitumen.

Uh, I suggest we don’t do it because it really doesn’t need it at this time. He’d probably get another six or seven years out of the roof. I’m honest with them. I’m not just trying to go out and get jobs. I’m trying to take care of clients. So as far as that’s concerned in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we really want to take care of our clients and really give them a project scope or a detailed estimate that works with him. Now back to our smart roof plan, the smart roof plan is our maintenance plan. It makes you smarter, it makes you roof better and really it’s a, it’s a bi annual checkup for free. Did I say it’s for free? It’s a no brainer. It’s a free roof plan that we come out. I mean what kind of maintenance plan is free? We offer the only free service maintenance plan in the entire region.

And so we come out for free and checkup and stay on top of your current roofing system. We bring you detailed video pictures of any problematic areas and a full drawing of the roof. And in doing so, we make you basically the smartest building owner or property manager around. Well, we’ve had our 97th podcast today. We appreciate you for coming out in commercial roofing, broken out, and we appreciate you for calling in and all the, all the interaction that we’ve had with everyone since the beginning of these podcasts. We truly appreciate it. Thanks again for coming out and listening to what we’re doing here. And commercial roofing, broken arrow. We really appreciate all you guys is time. And uh, once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s through science and stay dry.