Well come to again, another episode of a podcast we have here with advanced commercial suits systems, a roofing companies and roofing contractors all over toll. So wish they did what we did. A wish they did what we do every week we sit down and we take calls, we take a radio time, we’d take emails, we’ll take questions from clients, from potential clients. And honestly we just sit down and we discuss commercial roofing. We discussed the ins and outs, we discussed retrofit epds, we discuss, you know, retrofits systems, tapered systems EPD, AEM, TPO, PVC, modified bitumen thermostats, thermoplastics. We discussed all the different types of roofing there are that that we’re familiar with. And we really just enjoy, uh, you know, creating a watertight membrane in commercial roofing broken arrow. And so whenever we say the Greater Tulsa area, we mean really for the most part, um, you know, that we work in the greater tools area, uh, like, uh, we really meaning more of this northeast Oklahoma, you know, roofing metal, roofing, a roofing repair, these things we do every single day and we don’t do it just in the Greater Tulsa area.

Just today, uh, I had, uh, an appointment with the, I know the public schools where we just sold a job to those guys, uh, to do some repairs and do some work. And some of the, some of their modified bitumen roof, some of their metal roofs, they’d got some pretty complex systems out there. They got some pretty complex, a roofing areas that are leaking. And so, uh, so not just in commercial roofing, broken era, but also all throughout the northwest, northeast region of Oklahoma. We go out and we work with a lot of different people and we try to solve their problems. You know, sometimes when it comes to roofing repairs, roofing contractors and roofing companies really have a hard time. Uh, and I can tell you from experience, I cannot tell you on both of my hands and my feet, how many times I’ve been called out to look at the roof and I show up.

And the, the person, the business that is working in the building specifically says to me, you’re number seven or your number five or you’re the 10th through for, that’s come in the last six months. I wish we would have been some of the first roofers because the problems we’ve got solved a little quicker. But I tell you there are some roof leaks that are absolutely mind boggling. So we’re not trying to glorify roof leaks and commercial roofing broken arrow. We’re not trying to say that their master’s and they’re the best. We we find roof leaks and we solve roofing roof leak problems. But I’ll tell you it’s a lot of times the culprit is more of a gutter system or a wall, you know, a parallel, a conjunction conjunction in wall, um, to the roofing system which can sometimes that I have warm water in the, in the uh, building.

Uh, just today we were looking at some gutter systems and roofing systems and some walls where all three come together on a, on a, on a specific plane that it’s just absolutely mind boggling, uh, at how roof repairs can be challenging. So we’re going to go out in the next week or so. We’re going to work on some of those. I know the elementary public school system, uh, some of their complex or a roofing systems they have, we’re going to work on those and we’re going to come up with some solutions for them. Uh, we’re going to really bring them, uh, you know, the best that we can. Cause here, you know, I had advanced commercial systems, we don’t just try to do roofing. We tried to really make our customer happy. And if you’ve got a roof leak, there’s only one thing that would make you happy and that’s a ruefully going away.

And sometimes it’s a little cheesy and it’s a little unfair to sit down with your clients and explain to them, you know, uh, we’ve looked really hard. We can’t find that we give up. I have never given up on a roof. We keep looking, we keep working on it, we keep doing our best, we keep doing the best that we can and we just don’t give up. The water’s coming from somewhere. If we don’t give up, we will eventually find the leak. And you know, even saying that there are low roof leaks that are extremely hard to find, you might be thinking in your mind if you’ve never had to look for a roof leak, you know, and a flat roof of commercial roof, you might be thinking in your mind. Um, it’s, you know, it must be pretty easy to find when you’ve gone through every single thing that you can five times in two weeks probing every scene, every hole, every penetration.

And basically the leak is coming right next to an h vac unit. And that’s your only last regard. I, I’ll tell you, it’s really mind boggling. Uh, the try to get everyone to understand that this is not a leak in commercial roofing broken arrow. This is not a leak, this coming from the roofing system. So I’ve had quite a few times lately where I’ve had to call, um, you know, the property manager and the building owner and say, Hey, listen, uh, this leak is coming in within a feed of an h vac unit on mechanical, have some machinery on the roof. Uh, you’ve got a leak in your unit. And a, that’s just what’s going on. So you know, so I’ll tell you a roof repairs, they’ve made me a thousand times of a better roofer. There’s nothing like learning about roofing, lac repairs. It’s one thing to do replacements.

Reroofing full replacements. I love those. Those are great. Um, you know, I love the speed in which, you know, our crews do their job and take care of things, but there’s just something about finding an area, uh, and then putting on a or or you know, some peel and stick mod bit or some, we did some hot map with some modified bitumen, uh, just, you know, was it just a while back on in sand springs on about four buildings. It’s just something about bringing in a new element and solving a problem, finding what adheres to the roof. This, they’re finding the solution that works. There’s just something about the capability of doing that. And uh, we just love it. We love finding leaks, looking for leaks and solving problems. And I’ll tell you, as far as, as the business is concerned, uh, it’s profitable for us.

It’s, it’s good for us because it keeps us moving. You know, one thing about a roof replacement, a lot of roofers just seek that in commercial roofing broken out. They’re just looking for the big roof replacements. They want to make the 30, 50, $60,000 profits. I’ll tell you, give me the roof repairs, just as many or a lot more of those. And then the roof replacements because it allows us to get a lot more experience on different types of roofs, different types of systems. And we’re always staying on the cutting edge of what’s out there. So I mean, like in an average week, I’ll look at standing scene, which I was on a standing seam metal roof today. Uh, our panel, I was on our panel today and yesterday, um, I got, I was sent some pictures today of a built up roof, uh, with a top flood code of asphalt.

Um, and then with a gravel ballast where they, they, uh, they dropped the gravel in the hot asphalt where it would, we would, uh, stick in and then they went ahead and finished off with a little more of a gravel balanced on the top. So tar and gravel and many times it’s called, um, modified bitumen. I was on modified bitumen today, which is really, I have really grown to love more and more and more. Yo installing my bit, working on my bit in commercial roofing, broken arrow. It really is a good experience. It really is a good roof to work with because at the end of the day, I’m looking for a roof that’s strong. I’m looking for a roof that’s durable because so many Hva see contractors, so many other mechanical people and just people get on the roof and trample all over it. And when they do that, that it’s almost always that damage is being caused.

So roofing contractors and roofing companies, uh, many alike are, I think they would probably feel the same way that I would feel with the vast experience. Um, so how many roofs have I’ve been on? That’s a good question. You know, I, I can’t tell you I have done close to 300 residential, just that I’ve managed and done myself close to 300 residential roofs. Uh, you know, steep slope, residential roof shingles that I personally managed and taken care of, sold, been paid on. And Man, Gosh, I’ll just, I have no idea how many repairs I’ve done, how many replacements I’ve done with commercial. It is so many [inaudible] hard to believe through all this time that we’re, we’re still just knocking them out. You think you just get all the roofs in the world taking care of, you know, after you do so many, you think you just get them done.

But it’s, we can own so many different roofs and there’s so many routes that we climb on a weekly basis, monthly basis, on a yearly basis. Can we do it year after year in commercial roofing? Broken air. So the experience that we’re gaining every single time we do this is absolutely out standing. So we thank, thank you for joining with us today for another podcast here with advanced commercial systems. I tell you, we really appreciate all the people that call in. We appreciate all the people in the sentence questions, you know, with the vast amount of clients that we have, it’s pretty easy to get some really good questions from people out there. So we appreciate all the time. Uh, we know it takes you time to listen to our podcast and to, uh, you know, stay in with what we’re doing here in the Greater Tulsa area. You know, as a roofing contractor, as a roofing company, uh, we really appreciate all the support we get from you guys and all the wonderful feedback that we can, can you, they get in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Once again, this is Marty Grisham with advanced commercial systems. We are signing off here in a commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we’re going to go back and start another podcast next week. We’re signing off this week and once more, it’s not rocket science and through science and stay dry.