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Commercial Roofing Broken ArrowAre you aware that a lot of roofing contractors are mostly just residential roofing contractors now they may be certified with specific manufacturing products and they may also be certified with the and a member of the local construction industry board, but just because they are and they are professionals with residential roofing, it does not mean that they are professionals with what we call flat roofs. Flat roofs are a completely whole different industry. Commercial roofing flat roofing is basically creating a water tight membrane on a very, very low sloped roofing system that will not leak. This is extensively different than that in commercial roofing broken Arrow, then steep slope roofing, which most residential roofers per take of. There are so many more types of roofing systems for commercial roofing such as eap, Edm, modified bitumen ballast is systems mechanically fastening systems, adhered systems, tpo, pvc membranes. There are so many different types of systems that residential roofers hardly ever even acknowledge or have any experience in. We had advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds and commercial roofing broken Arrow, where you can call us at anytime at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero.

You can give us a call at any time and we will come out and evaluate your roof system and give you the best price for repairs, restoration, reroofing, roof replacement and roof maintenance. Our team of experts understand one thing for sure. Roofing specifically, commercial roofing is not rocket science. It’s roofing science in commercial roofing broken arrow. When I was first introduced commercial roofing many, many years ago, I understood that it was much more technical and much more

unforgiving than that of steep slope roofs. Just think about it. You have a roof that’s flat that the torrential pouring down range of Oklahoma can literally rain inches just within a very short period of time. This is creating, eating a large amount of weight of water, pounding and pounding on a roof membrane and a roof system. Just trying its best to find the smallest crack or crevice to enter into the building. A lot of people really get anxiety from such of a fault, but here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we know exactly what to do to make your roof a watertight membrane for a longterm period of time. Extending the life of your roof. Have you ever fixed up a car? I’ve had some friends over the years that loved old hot rods and muscle cars. I remember years ago when I was even in high school how one of my friends had gotten himself a muscle car or an old hot rod.

I think it was an old chevy Camaro maybe around us. Nineteen 66. He painted it yellow and fix it up and it was absolutely gorgeous. The years went by of him building the motor because he was paying for it himself. He really got a good understanding of what it costs to fix something up and to do it right. Well, that’s how it is here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we treat your roof, your commercial roof, Grs, slack and old classic Mustang or old classic Camaro. Hot Rod. We take care of the exterior of the car. We finish it, we make it look as nice as possible. We take care of the interior. Inside the roofing system. We take care of all aspects of the car and it might take a little time for us to do it, but I assure you even if it just takes a month or a few weeks depending on whether it’s a roof replacement or a repair or just simply a roof evaluation for you here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems.

I assure you we’re taking care of your car as best as possible and we’re taking care of your roof system as best as possible. Just like an old car been fixed up to v show where you could take it to shows and have others look at it and admire your handiwork. That’s a large part of what we do. Every roof system that we build, every time, every roof replacement, roof, coating, roof restoration and roof for reroofing. We take care of your roof to such an extent that it is show ready for all of our other clients so we can let them know the great amount of level of work and expertise that we can offer them in commercial roofing broken arrow.

The two main things I see that happen with a leak inside a building is damaged sheet rock and damaged ceiling grids. Now, ceiling grid damage from a commercial roofing league is really not that bad. The grids are very easy to replace and I think it’s about 45 to $50 for a box of 10 or 12, so it’s not too expensive for the building owner or the property manager to take care of, but sheet rock on the other hand is a completely different problem within the walls of sheet rock. Molding can begin to occur. Black Mold is very scary and a lot of people have anxiety. Just overthinking that. Black mold could be in the building they’re in. Oftentimes we know because we’re in commercial construction and we’re also had been general contractors for many years. That black mold is very frequently found just from small roof leaks, but the biggest factor that can take place is that of the sheet rock of the walls can become damaged beginning to buckle and beginning to lose the paint and beginning to deteriorate because of how the sheet rock is formed.

When this happens in commercial roofing broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems can come out and advise you with a good contractor. We actually have one on staff that is an expert with sheet rock and repainting to make your office area look good, but before we want to help you and assist you with the sheet rock repair and the ceiling grid repair, we better stop the leak on the roof first because that’s where the whole problem is coming from. So our roof nerve technicians will get up on your roof with a video and begin to take pictures and video of exactly what’s taking place on your roof. It might be a pawning area where the water is slowly coming through a small hole under three or four inches of water. It might be a penetration in a parapet wall that might be a seam or a sculpture that has a crack around the seal. We will check out your roof and show you pictures and video of exactly why your roof is leaking. Commercial building envelopes are very important and the roof system on top of that building is the most important and the one that should be taken care of the most just because of the extensive amount of water that tries to penetrate through the roofing system during the torrential rains of Oklahoma in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow.

Don’t worry, don’t fear. Just give us a call. I mean, you’re actually calling the roof nerd. I mean, just think about it. Do you remember the Geek squad years ago with best buy? When the Geek squad first came out, people thought they were just kind of silly because of the name, but no, they were actual technical experts in the field of computers, phones and other types of tablets and equipment. They’re also professionals and the software that those computers use. How to maintenance and take care of those computers and also how to protect those computers from damage from outside sources like viruses and other things that would try to get in them from the Internet. Well, that’s Kinda how we are as well. We’re kind of roof geeks, but we’re actually ruth nerds. We protect your building system. We know everything about the internal aspects of your roof system and we also try to protect your roof system from any outside forces that try to cause damage.

That’s why when resistance is a large part of what we are of while rebuilding a reroofing or replacement roof system, when resistance is how well a roof system and upper membrane can resist against wind coming OPA over the edge of a parapet wall or wind across the top of the building. I was just recently on a gravel ballasted roof in the Greater Tulsa area. The roof was eight stories high and on the corners of the roof you could see of the gravel had been displaced and had pushed and pushed aside because of high winds that this building was eight stories. So I can tell you the winds are probably two to three times stronger than that of a one or two story building because the higher you are, the more powerful the winds are. Well, when the wind comes over the corner of a building, it has two directional forces of the wind being pulled together to one exact point up on the roof, which is the exact corner in commercial roofing broken arrow.

So we roofed nerds at advanced commercial systems. With our training with hake engineering out of Dallas, we went into a storm and wind and hail damage expert classes to become certified technicians with that engineering company. So when we solve the ballast gravel had been displaced and moved away from the corners. We knew immediately that was due to high winds that were coming up and over the building. Probably in the last year of that, gravel had been completely displaced because those high winds coming over the corner had two directional functional pushing directions coming together at one point in time, increasing the strength of that wind enough to literally move three inches of gravel and completely move every pebble away. That’s the expert help that we bring you in. Commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nurse, give us a call anytime at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero, one zero. We would love to help you in anything that you need. You might need roof repair, roof maintenance, roof restoration, reroofing, or complete roof replacement. We’re experts in all of these and we will help you and serve you to the highest of our ability.