Well, it’s another wonderful day here with advanced commercial systems. The podcasts that we have here where we talk about roofing contractors, roof repair, different types of roofing companies. We are a commercial roofing company and the Greater Tulsa area and in commercial roofing broken Arrow, whether you have a roof in need of roof replacement, you metal roofing, roof shingles, doesn’t matter. Metal roofing and roof shingles. We definitely do those for you. So, uh, we offer the highest quality roofing possible. Uh, whether you need a new roof, whether it be slate, roofing, roofing, toll, so Rufin in broken Arrow, whatever it is, you can need a roof coating. Roof coatings can be for a complete roof restoration process or just basically for, um, you know, in roofing Tulsa, it could be, uh, used as well as taking care of repair areas of flat roofs, whether it’d be EPD, m, TPO, mod bit asphalt, a lot of metal roofs.

We’ve been having so many metal roofs lately that have been leaking on us, uh, in metal roofing. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we really endeavor and strive to give you the highest quality of performance that we can. So today we want to talk a little bit, we have some questions that have recently come in this week. And one of those is now speaking about roof coatings. What is a ponding area? Uh, so cause I oftentimes refer to ponding, you know, flat roofs, a roof problems, roof repair. And so when I talk about ponding, I’m talking about a low sunken area in a roof where when it rains it begins to collect water. A lot of roofing contractors do not understand what to do with this. A lot of roofing companies, roofing companies, uh, they prefer to go the route of roof replacement and giving you a roof replacement cost where we want to step in and say, Hey, we can do roof repair.

We’re professionals for commercial roof repair. We’re professionals for roof repair and residential roof repair. So we love to step in and say, hey, there are, there’s a roof coating that is specifically made for your ponding area. So I see it a lot with a modified bitumen had roofs because that’s the one roof that really doesn’t like ponding. You can take a 20 year, 15 year, a modified bitumen roof that should be there a long time. Uh, that doesn’t have a lot of roof pitch. It’s not a hip roof or is steep slope is that of a metal roof. So you’re not dealing with roof shingles. Um, it’s not a red roof, but you’ve done roofing torch, so you’ve done some torch down or even a peel and stick or even hot mop. You can hop mop down these three foot wide rolls of modified bitumen.

My favorite is obviously the granulated modified bit because those granules, grower great with the roofing industries, uh, standards, the National Roofing Contractors Association, so roofing contractors and roofing companies, uh, in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, they know that the granule, a granule covered, uh, modified bitumen roof is really the one that’s going to last the longest history, one that’s the most durable when, when, um, machinery and is brought on the roof mechanics, you know, uh, he’s vac mechanics and plumbing and others work on the roof. So if you need roofing Tulsa, give us a call. We’d love to do new roof, uh, commercial roofing all the time. Roof installation is a large part of what we do. We just recently finished one of those. So once again, getting back to our topic, the National Roofing Contractors Association says that you’re supposed to have a low slope minimum of about one eighth of an inch drop for every one foot of slope.

And so we have that on our website showing that, so every eight lineal feet of slope, you supposed to have about one inch of drop. You know, just basically doing the simple math there. So for a roof coating that works really great. It’s a low slope roof. Our roof coating, if you use the right one, uh, I highly prefer a silicone based roof coating, um, because they just, they can absolutely do not break down in water. So ponding water, it begins to deteriorate the membrane of your roof system unless you have a thermoset or thermoplastic, uh, I wouldn’t trust the thermostat. You know, most of you epds I wouldn’t trust with a lot of porn did ponding water over time. I think they’re just not as well made as the thermal plastics, PVC and TPM. And so roofing contractors in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, they know that, you know, I’ll tell ya, because they know specifically a roof coating is really important for your roof, whether you are trying to steer away from roof replacement, um, it’s definitely something you want to do.

And so we can come in and power wash and clean the area where the roof, uh, ponding areas and whether it’s a large, large area or even a small one. Now if it’s a really large one in and you’re holding more than four or six inches of water, that thing needs to be built up. I mean specifically we need to come back in and we’re going to build up that area. We’re going to build it up to be level with the other area. We’re going to build it up with fiberboard or even insulation, which works really great. A nice ISO board to fill in the area. We can get that from a, you know, [inaudible] own up to two inch, which work really well in the variances that you need for such a job. And then we come in with another roof coating or a roof membrane over the top of that, you know like modified bitumen in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

And so when we do that, we take care of the whole pawning area. Now you might still have a little bit of here and there, but overall we’re trying to get rid of the water weight the same way you in your own personal life. Probably want to get rid of water weight. You don’t want tons of water sitting on your roof for a long period of time because it creates a more of a sunken in area. It truly does have the capability of sinking your rafters of causing, uh, your, your ISO board too to compress. And so you’re not wanting that to happen at the same time. Modified Bitumen roofs, which roofing contractors know this roofing companies know this, uh, roofing cost replacement analysis says this all the time. This isn’t about metal roofing or a roof shingles. Uh, this isn’t about roof pitch. Um, this, you know, all types, rooftops do not fall in this category, but as far as modified Benjamin’s concerned that that membrane, that bitumen membrane is going to begin to do, to do, to deteriorate much faster, uh, than just your normal wear and tear that you would have.

So when you wee, we repair these, uh, these kinds of problems with pawning EHRs. We repair them with great success in Tulsa in jinx. Now waso and Glen Pool man over in Yukon, Edmond, uh, Mustang, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, uh, all of the, over in Norman. We’ve done a lot of roof repair in Norman there, right next to the college. And so you come back over here with Bixby and jinx and Glenpool in sand springs, Sapulpa, Coweta, Tulsa Broken Arrow, Katusa, Claremore, all of these areas we have done just tons of roof repairs. And actually we’re going to, I know la tomorrow morning to do a, to inspect and begin to give some free roof evaluations to a very large public facility there. So, so these pawning areas in commercial roofing, broken Arrow really are a big deal. And so for a roof coating and roofing and Tulsa roofing, Tulsa, uh, roofing contractors really need to learn, uh, from our experience, the best type of roof repair, roofing companies, uh, sometimes they don’t always have the best intentions in mind for your roof.

They might bring you a roof replacement costs when really you need roof repair. So we work with your budget. We, we interview you, we really dissect what you’re capable of doing, what you’re willing to do. I mean, I don’t want to get into your finances that you don’t want to share, but I mean if I share it with you, hey, we’re looking like we’re 60,000 for a new roof. You need to take into consideration that, uh, don’t ask me to do an estimate for that. I’m just wasting my time and you’re really just wanting to do a $200 roof repair. How, you know, so we ask that you just work with us and we allow, we allow your input and you allow hires and we’ve worked together as a team because our, our job is to join in with you. We take on your problem, you know what the word covenant means.

I mean technically we kind of come in covenant with you concerning your roof, you know, are good, is your good, your bad is our band. We’ve got good products, we’ve got good systems that we do for roofing, complex systems that really work in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and you’ve got a bad roof. So we take on your bad roof. We bring in are good products, are good systems and we get your roof that good again and then you pay us. And so this is a profitable company and we look at making a good profit and we look at more in making good Clive’s with good successes. So once again, if you are a roofing contractor, uh, we would love for you to just join in with us and joining with our podcast. Uh, we do a lot of roof repair without a lot of roof replacement costs for client’s property managers that are continually interested and uh, different aspects of their building envelope in Tulsa.

Uh, quite a bit. They’re in a Waso, it’s growing more and more west Tulsa and uh, commercial roofing, broken arrow. So we appreciate you once again, this today is our hundred and second podcast you’ve joined in with us. We really appreciate it. And I’ll tell you if you need anything, just give us a call. When you go to our website, you see at the very top (918) 973-1010 here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate you a lot. We asked you to stay dry because it’s not rocket science. It’s a roof science.