Here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds. We do podcast every week to let everybody in the community know that we had advanced commercial systems in here, in commercial roofing broken arrow are professionals in the commercial roofing industry. And so every week we pick different topics. We’d pick different things to talk about. Every week we take big specific, uh, aspects of the commercial roofing industry or our own personal business here at advanced commercial systems. And a, so to talk about and to, you know, communicate with and to shares so that other people are familiar with what we’re doing here. Now our slogan here at advanced commercial systems is it’s not rocket science, it’s real science. And so we asked for people to understand that if they can go to our website at anytime, they can schedule a free, absolutely free roof evaluation and an estimate on our website.

And so when you go through the, you know, the online, when you go through the Internet and you see all of the different types of roofing contractors, a roof replacement, the companies, uh, commercial roofing companies, commercial roofing company, when you see all of these, you’ll understand that you really need to spend some time, um, to find out who exactly is the best out there for you. And so that’s one other reason. And one of the main reasons why we had advanced commercial systems have began these podcasts many, many, many, many months ago. Uh, actually a year, year and a half ago, we began these podcasts and we’ve been consistently doing these podcasts so that we can share our expertise in the commercial roofing industry. Now it takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of effort to do these podcasts. And so I, I hope it also shows the dedication that we have to the industry and also to the community.

Um, for the time that we spend for the amount of things that we do here. It shows a dedication that we are a truly are considered, uh, not just by ourselves but by many others in the community to be one of the best commercial roofing companies around. And so, uh, it’s not rocket science. It’s root science. This is the terminology you can see on our website. So when you go to our website at okay, roof you can see this and you can see where you can schedule a free roof evaluation. That’s like an estimate or an um, so the next time you’re in need of a commercial roofing company or a commercial roof, you just give us a call and you could do that from our website. Okay. Roof So at the top of our website we see a tab that says why roof nerds.

And I wanted to kind of go over a some today and cumbersome the different aspects of how our website is built and what’s all about. Um, so this is the why roof nerds part of the website that says a nerd is defined as a single minded expert in a particular technical field. And so that’s where our roof nerves come into play. Or Ruth nerds are technical or the technical field of commercial roofing. And we are a commercial roofing contractor and contractor. We aren’t commercial roofing company and we are single minded experts. So as an expert we are certified with Hagen, generic [inaudible] as certified commercial roof inspectors. And there’s many other aspects of what we’re about. We actually, this coming week, Thursday of this week, we have some more single ply training classes that were going to attend. And so there’s so many things that take place with us. We have some coding classes coming up in March to just continual are continually increase our education and our knowledge of product and industry.

And so one thing we wanted to share with you today about our website is you can go to websites everywhere, everywhere and see that there’s a lot of content that talks about, you know, roofing and that talks about commercial roofing, metal roofs. Um, there’s websites and make reference to jinx Sapulpa sand springs everywhere. But when you go to our testimonial page, you can see pretty quickly that the people, these are people, these are not made up people, these are people who their real jobs. I mean these are people that we’ve worked with. These are people we’ve done jobs for. These are people that stand out in the industry. I’m one of the people on our, one of our last testimonials it up put on the website is a Mr. Daniel with bower and associates. Daniel is a really, really great guy. Uh, he’s a top notch guy that really shows um, just a love for the industry that he’s in.

So they’re a property management company and as a property management company here in commercial roofing broken arrow, they manage and take care of the rent and the property and the entire building envelope of many, many, many buildings. Then that’s where we come into play. They contact us if they have any roofing issues I’ve done. So window jobs for them. I’ve done so many different things for them that just, you know, it’s trying to seal up windows, tried to do things that causes the building envelopes would be water time, air leaking through. So air passing from inside the building to the outside of the building is always a big problem that sometimes we have to address those kinds of problems as well. Um, that basically the passion of air from, from interior to exterior or vice versa. And so here in commercial, yeah, I think broken Arrow, you can go to our testimonial page, our schedule now page, our roof restoration page.

Now let’s talk about roof roof restorations real quickly. Rude restoration is, is really the re reconditioning of a roof or an entire roof assembly or roof system. And the difference between a roof system and a roof assembly is basically a roof system is everything above decking, all of the roofing and our roof assembly is the decking and everything above the and so the assembly is the entire roof all put together. So we use a lot of polyglass roofing and waterproofing systems. They are such a great product. We love their silicone. Based products they elasticy that they offer is just excellent. Um, their ability to be able to just sit in the sun and block UV rays is just second to none. We really love that product. But also there’s a Geiko product that we use. Um, Gaco Gaco patch guest over the last American. There’s a lot of Gaco silicone products.

We absolutely liked their products as well. Their products are really strong and we, I almost every single job as far as repairs are concerned that we work on. We’re using a Geiko patch product. And so, um, we offer here at advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing, broken arrow. We definitely offer smart solutions for you. Um, we want you to be able to have a consistent, positive, good results with your root roofing situation. So that’s why we always endeavored to bring the highest level of product knowledge. And that’s why we can really say between our expertise in the industry and the product. Um, the top quality products that we use, we say that our systems are absolutely genius. And so when it comes to working with commercial roofing companies, you want to find one that really has got a long history of uh, doing good jobs.

And that’s what we have here at advanced commercial systems. Been in the industry for many years and been just endeavoring to show communication second to none. So communication is the highest part of what we try to endeavor to do. And so the restoration systems that we produce with, uh, our roof nerves here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, they’re designed to enhance your roof, a waterproof your roof and also protected. Know there’s many times I put on some restoration coatings I put on really for the purpose of just protecting the roof that’s there. It’s one thing to fix the leak in a spot. You know, you can, you can get a 60 inch spot and, and, and coded and fill it in with a patch and fix it. But then a lot of times of the area around it, even if it’s a ponding area, the area around it needs to be taken care of, needs to be fixed.

And so when that comes into play, that’s where we are. We will code a larger area. One squares are two squares for the sole purpose of being able to stop the leaking and being able to protect the roofing that is around it. So, so if you’re in need of any roofing, just give us a call here because (918) 973-1010 is the home of the roof nerds, advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken arrow. Um, every week we take care of jobs. So actually this week we’ve been working on tornado alley, a tornado alley. Um, safe rooms is a, a business here in town. Uh, we know the owners really well. They’re great people. And the, the, the building, that’s tornado alley ranch, uh, the owners of that building are really some great people and they call us and every once in a while because they have some problematic areas that leaking.

And so we just have been this week working on some modified bitumen on that roof where it comes at, terminates on the edge of the buildings. Um, probably about 40, 50 squares of building up there and where it comes in and terminates on the edge of the building, uh, has a lost, it’s a lost, it’s fascinating to the metal drip edge flashing that’s on the edge of the building that supposed to terminate the modified bitumen. And so it’s a really easy fix. You just come in and just take some time. You just come in, you feel that in with one of those products I just spoke about a few minutes ago here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we use a geiko patch and would come in and fix that with Gaco patch. And so if you ever need anything along the line of a roof leaking or something, just give us a call here at advanced commercial systems, a home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We would love to help you and assist you in any way that we can. Once again, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.