Well, welcome to our podcast again today here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds. I want to welcome you. My name is Marty Grisham. This is our 64th podcasts that we’ve had here with advanced commercial systems. And uh, one of the topics we want to talk to about today is, um, for our 64th podcast, um, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is that of shingle, roofing or shingle layovers and um, commercial roofing. Now, you know, the majority of shingles that you would see our own residential homes. Now, I was just, what, probably just a few weeks ago that I worked on a flat roof on the residential home. Um, just because flat roofs, you know, they’re used on residential homes as well, just not near as often as what you’d see on commercial, uh, here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roof, in broken arrow. If you have any questions concerning our podcasts a day or even while our podcast is on the air life, you can reach us at (918) 973-1010.

We would love to ask you your questions on the air. We would love to help you in every way, every way possible. So we’ll have, so let’s, let’s jump in here. Oh, shingle, roofing. But before we get into that, let me just say one thing. Um, you know, there are no two roof roofs that are the same. Uh, now actually I say that and this summer, this summer, there were three roofs with kindercare education that we did and all of them were very large and very close. Two of them were supposed to be identical buildings, one in broken Arrow and one in Tulsa. And then there was one roof in commercial roof in broken arrow up in a, so that we did the Waso roof was about 80% of the size of the other two. And so the one in Tulsa and the one in broken Arrow, we’re supposed to be absolutely identical in size.

The roof, the squares, the building layout. I mean, you would think you’re looking at the same building, the coloring and everything. And so what we found out was that there were just a few squares in difference, uh, just because that’s just how things go. You know the pitch was the same but the roof was just a little bigger and we had a little bit more waste here and there so there never is two roofs that are the same so and there is no one size fits all commercial roofing system. Really it’s the best system that’s going to fit your roof that’s going to work with you in making your roof a watertight for as long as possible. And we see in commercial roofing, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association they had, there are two types of roofing as far slope are concerned. One is steep sloped and one is low slope.

Now low slope is when we refer to flat roofs, metal roofs, stuff like that. And but we’re talking about today is steep sloped roofs and that’s very commonly known as shingle roofs. Most most commonly, I mean you can have slate, you can have metal, but for the most part we want to talk about shingle roofs today, now in commercial roofing, in and also residential. And we’re going to kind of, who we’re going to cover both at the same time today because concerning shingle roofing, there is really about two main types of fiberglass shingles. One is called a three tab in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and the other is called a laminate. Uh, the laminate shingle is a multilayer shingle d and that is built with more thickness and built with more durability of the tab thickness in, in general, uh, um, the, the constructive principles of it are better.

And so it allows, uh, for the roof to have what many times a 30 year warranty with the laminate or the sometimes called an architectural shingle. Um, back years ago, uh, about 12 years ago when I started in, in the industry, we, um, well when I started in my full time ministry in commercial roofing, um, what we found was, um, that the majority of the laminate or architectural shingles were referred to his 30 year shingles. Now since then, some of those are literally being referred to as a lifetime shingle. They’re expecting the shingle if installed through the proper GAF, uh, standards and you know, things like that. They’re considering they’re the shingle to have a lifetime, uh, lifespan. But here in commercial roof, in broken Arrow, I still like to refer to the laminate or architectural shingle as a 30 year shingle. I don’t think they’ve changed the shingle a lot.

They’re just trying to sell it better. I like sticking to the basics because I like to have a number of cars. I mean different people can have a different lifespan. Uh, I know shingles, I’m not going to have one shingle roof is not going to last my lifespan there. There’s no way that’s going to happen that’s completely idiotic for for them to say. And I think it’s kind of arbitrary for, uh, you know, for manufacturers machine was to even imply something like that. I think it’s a little deceptive because that if you have a normal lifespan, it’s not going to last 72 years or 76 years in commercial roofing, broken air or anywhere else. But now let’s go to the, the lesser shingle. It is called a three tab shingle. This three tab shingle. It, um, has a 12 inch tabs and there’s three of those.

So when you put those together, the three tab shingle is exactly three feet long with three 12 inch tabs. Those tabs are, you know, the normally about five and a half, five and a quarter in, in depth, and then 12 inches long. So imagine a 12 inch long, one ply tab catching a 65 to 80 mile an hour when you can imagine that tab catching some wind and blowing off. And that’s many times in commercial roof. In broken Arrow w we had we roof nerves at advanced commercial systems have seen so many times that that’s taking place. And so we almost always put on the 30 year, I call it 30 year architectural or laminate shingle because it is a multiply, it has multiply in sicker and is guaranteed to be able to handle up to 40 to 45 mile an hour better wins. So when you do the math and you start looking at what happens here in Oklahoma, the torrential rain, I mean we’re basically here in broken Arrow where you are in tornado alley.

I mean tornado alley goes right up 44 you know. So with that being the case, um, the winds, like what was it, three years, four years ago? Um, I remember early in the morning they were saying, hey, we have a storm coming our way. So I don’t think anything, anything about it. And literally when it got to town, it was probably around one or two o’clock when it came to town, when it hit the town. Uh, it, I remember it came from a policy direction. So it came from the West. It was a 90 mile an hour straight wind that literally covered the entire city of the whole area here and went from west to east just in this big swoop, 90 miles an hour now that 90 mile an hour straight wind. So you could see how quickly it went, all the way over to o across the town.

It ripped shingles everywhere. Well, a lot of three tab shingles to, they’re blowing off at 75 miles an hour. Architectural shingles can go up to 90, 95 a hundred miles an hour winds. And so you can think everyone with a, with a three tab shingles, there was a lot of roofing damage in commercial roof in broken Arrow and commercial roofing Awaso in commercial roofing and residential roofing and Tulsa. And so there was a lot of three tab shingles. It had damage and obviously that just gave a hectic hay day for state farm, Liberty Mutual, a lot of the insurance companies. And so here with advanced commercial systems, we were obviously on the scene. We helped a lot of patching. We put a lot of tarps on roofs and we helped a lot of, a lot of different people, you know, in a tough, tough spot of just because of the rain that was going to come right after that.

So if you ever need anything concerning your shingle roof, uh, I would highly suggest, give us, given us a call or an email, you know, you can also reach us on Facebook as well, but give us a call or shoot us a text or an email. And in doing so you can ask us some questions about what type of roof you have. You know, you, you might have a three tab shingle roof, you might have just a few shingles that look like they’re missing. And we can kind of sometimes even just over the phone, kind of interview you and kind of give you an idea of what our pricing would be to come out and just replace those tabs. And one of the questions we always ask in commercial roofing broken Arrow is how steep is your roof? Could you walk on your roof, uh, in which everyone, you know, many times people say, well, I would never walk on my roof because of my age, but um, we would like to ask what a normal contractor have an easy time walking on your roof or is it something steep that would be challenging to walk on because that’s always a big deal in our minds of, of safety first and making sure, oh, she’s being adhere to making sure our ladder placement is always correct for entering roof systems.

Um, so out of the three big roofs that we did, uh, over 500 squares for three big commercial shingle roofs this summer, um, that was just the three big shingle ones that we’d done. We’d done some other residential shingles. We do tons of a commercial flat roofs and repairs and replacements. But the three big shingle roofs, like each one had about 140 squares and 160 squares. And so somewhere in that neighborhood. So between the three, we had done every bit of 500 squares and we did that in three days. Now I don’t know if you are aware of how quickly or how much challenge there isn’t doing that in three days, but three days of work start to finish one roof a day back to back. It was a great experience. We had a ride at 21 roofers on the roof. All of our crews, we brought them together and we’ve got them to work together, work in sync with one another.

It actually turned out to be a great experience in commercial roofing broken arrow. Um, but whatever you have with your residential roof, with your commercial roof, with your shingles, we’ll discover, will diagnose whatever unique problem you have a and then we’ll design the roof that needs to be the best for you. You know, we’ll help you. I mean, at the end of the day it’s about you making the best decision. Um, we research every available option and are trained roof nerds. They’re completely compatible with every type of installation. Our installation teams, they come out, they a completely adhere to the, some of the highest standards in the industry. And in, in installation for residential, commercial roofing, we always bring in commercial roof. In Broken Arrow, we always bring a top notch, a game for you. So, uh, this has been another great podcast where we’ve covered a shingle roofs today.

Um, whether it be a low slope or steep slope roofs cause shingles fall under the steep slope roofing category, whether whatever type of roofing system it is, we know that we have the expertise and the experience. And also don’t forget the passion in commercial roofing broken Arrow to help you. So give us a call. Whether you’re a building owner, homeowner, property manager, facility coordinator, it doesn’t matter. You can give us a call here at advanced commercial systems, our roof nerves. Are you ready for this? Here’s this is a no brainer. Our roof nurse will give you an absolute no brainer by offering you a free 24 hour full assessment of valuation of your roofing system with pictures, video, and a full drone drawn diagram of your roofing system. So just to let you know, uh, we would love to work with you. Give us a call, (918) 973-1010 or reach out to us on our website and you can schedule an appointment at, okay, Ruth nerds.com thank you for joining us today with this podcast. This is Marty Grisham. Have a wonderful day. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.