Well, this is Marty Gersh. I’m here with advanced commercial systems. Again, we are the commercial roofing company in Tulsa that you should use. You know, when you talk about commercial roofing companies, um, you really want to find the one that’s going to take care of you. There’s going to give you the best performance, the best product, the best follow through the best warranties and we really would love for you to give us a call and let us present to you what we do. Um, just yesterday we received a call from a public school system here in the Greater Tulsa area just right outside of Tulsa. And we’re pretty excited about that. We’re going to get to go out and meet him tomorrow morning, sit down with those guys and share with them, you know, how we take care of their roofs and, and the maintenance plan. You know, when you have a government body like a public school or you know, I know I’ve worked with um, um, systems were for roofing systems for the, you know, the Tulsa County highway department and stuff like that.

When you work for buildings and with those guys and you worked for systems for them, uh, in Tulsa and you know, also in broken Arrow, commercial roofing with, for commercial roofing broken arrow. When you, when you do things for them, it’s a big deal. Uh, cause they understand preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is our topic today that we’re talking about. A preventative maintenance really is, uh, the unheard of friend that many property managers and building owners never really meet a preventative maintenance. It, I remember I worked for a company years ago before I ever got in roofing like 20 years ago, 25 years ago, I was working for a large, uh, company and that we had, uh, there was a larger amount of machinery that we would take care of him that we’d run outside. And so with this machinery, um, it, it, we depended on it every single day to function properly, to not have downtime.

We would have 10 people, 12 people on an assembly line that would consistently work to try to keep, uh, you know, production of the business moving forward. Well as that took place, if the machine went down, you suddenly had 10 or 12 people not working for an hour or two hours and you’re just losing money. So we had a preventive maintenance staff. How remember the names? It was Carl and Earl and they were great guys and they were good Christian brothers and they would come over and sometimes they would shut down our machines for 20 minute checkup. And I said to, I said, you know, you’re hurting our production right now cause I didn’t understand the importance of preventative maintenance. So I’d say to her, Hey, I, you know, I appreciate the visit, but you’re shutting down, not machinery right now. I’ve got 10 guys standing here for 20 minutes.

And they said to me, you don’t understand preventative maintenance. We do this once a week so that your machine will not break down and you’ll be down two hours or three hours. So we take these 20 minute increments or 30 or 45 minute increments, and we make sure your machine runs smooth so that you won’t have downtime. They’re checking the gears, they’re greasing everything, they’re checking the engines, they’re making sure everything works well. So I’ve got a good idea from working with those guys. I was with them for about three or four years and I really got a good idea of what it means to take care of something so that it wasn’t, so it doesn’t break down. And that’s the, that’s the mentality that we brought over here at advanced commercial systems and this podcast today, our 99th podcast, we’re talking about preventative maintenance and a maintenance plan that we here at advanced commercial systems call the smart roof plan.

It’s not just, uh, you know, it’s, it’s a plan. It’s not just something we throw in together. Um, you know, shooting from the hip. It is a specific plan. We have 30 things on your roof that we check. We’ve got a checklist with 30 specific detailed objects between parapet wall, between pipe penetrations, the seams, uh, the membrane. If, if it’s needed to do a core sample. We check substrate boards, we check your decking. Uh, we check for moisture. We do a flyover with a thermal drone to make sure we have thermal, no unusual thermal activity with the thermal camera. And so there’s so many different things that we check in the time that the one to two hours, we’re on your roof. Now I want to stress to you this smart roof plan that we offer you. It is absolutely free. So we’ll have a drone flying over your building.

We will be handing you video footage from a, we have a Gopro. Uh, we will be handing you a video footage from the sky. We will be handing you a detailed drawing of your roof. We will be handing you pictures of every problematic area. And so all of this is handed to you and for free and twice a year by annually, our smart roof plan would produce this for you. Now Ho, Ho, Ho get, get ready to be prepared for this in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we offer this for free. And so our plan is to make the building owner or the property manager in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to make those guys or gals to make them the smartest that we can if everyone increases in roof, um, Iq, you know, and so some of that idea came from a Robert Kiyosaki. Uh, you know, I’ve gone through a lot of Robert Kiyosaki’s books.

I really admire him. He’s a great man, he’s a good Christian and that also at the same time he is quite an uh, a very successful businessman. And so when we, when we study and we learn of the mentality of, of Robert Kiyosaki, one of his books was meant specifically to increase your real estate Iq. And so your real estate Iq and your financial Iq, if you can pre increase your financial wink Iq, then suddenly the terminology you use on a day to day basis changes in commercial roofing broken arrow. We see the same thing when I show up and talk about the, you have a thermoplastic roof, not a thermostat. You can know what that is and by, by that, and you can understand your terminology that you use on a daily basis concerning your, because specific roofing system, your Iq will increase. So it’s our plan is our smart roof plans plan to cause your Iq for your roof to increase.

And also we’re making your roof smarter. We’re making your drain systems better. We might work with internal scuppers and clean them out. It doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll advise you on the gutter systems. We do gutters as well. So it doesn’t matter what the system is that you have. We’re experienced in all of them, especially in Tulsa and in greater, uh, you know, the Greater Tulsa area and commercial roofing, broken arrow. So as time goes by, you can get a pretty good idea, uh, here at advanced commercial systems. We’re not going to give you, you weren’t not gonna get second rate work is oftentimes referred to as shotty work. We’re not going to give you a shotty work. We’re going to perform skill for you. We’re going to set things in place for you that really causes your roof to become, um, a watertight seamless membrane.

Not seamless, but we want to create the, seems to be watertight as to where all the problems are taken care of. And one of our first steps is to come out and do an initial evaluation of 24 hours scheduled initial no brainer, absolutely free evaluation. Now that evaluation could be the first evaluation of the two by annual smart roof plan evaluations. That’s how this works together. So for our smart roof plan, we actually do two evaluations a year. We do an initial one and then an exactly six months. We come out and do another one. Now that’s depending upon the weather allowing us to, and especially in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, uh, we want to make sure the weather’s right and we don’t cause any damage by going on your roof or it’s not, you know, a crazy weather or wind or hail or, or down

pouring rain when we schedule your, your roof, uh, inspections. And so these roof inspections, estimates, evaluations, these are taking place to help you learn more about your roof. And the, I can lay in front of you when we’re done. We’re going to lay in front of you there. There are 30 things we looked at. Three of them need to be addressed immediately. Four of them we advise addressing in the next year. Uh, let’s say you have a modified bitumen roof in commercial roofing, broken out well, that modified bitumen roof. The, I love my fitbit roofs. I mean, especially granulated. Oh my gosh, I really do love these roofs. I think there’s some of the strongest, most durable. I’ve just really, they’re, they’re easier to find. Uh, you know, leaks than other roof sometimes. I mean, you can find a TPO roof with a leak and you could have a really challenging time finding the leak because he’s TPO roofs.

Man, they’re, they’re tricky sometimes. Although you can probe the seams, they still can be tricky with these mob be at roofs because of how they’re built. And because it’s not just a single ply membrane, it’s oftentimes much more waterproof then your single ply or your thermostat or your Thermop thermoplastic. And so with that keeping in mind, I really love mob at roofs and they’re durable. You get some Hvs Hva, see guys on a mod bit roof. They’re not going to create the damage that they just did on a roof at 81st and Sheridan, I go out because there’s a leak. They just put in a new Hva Sis Hva systems system on the roof in commercial roof, in broken arrow. And right there I found a whole, you know this, you can almost put your finger in where they had punctured it. They had brought in a crane and set the h Vac unit on the roof on a TPO roof that I manage, uh, that I do a binder, you know, smart roof plan with and that when they set it up there, the whole was punctured in the roof membrane.

Well, water is gushing in the building, is causing all kinds of chaos with a medical facility. And then suddenly, uh, you know, the roofers, the bad guy. Well, the Roofer didn’t do anything wrong with the roofers. The guy that just showed up and found the hole that to the HVHC guy. So obviously I’ll take pictures, I’ll send it to the owner, I sent it to the property manager. And so now they have a good idea of a, the roofing company actually knows what they’re doing, they just saved the day. They’re taking care of us. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it’s our plan, uh, to really take care of you and let you see, uh, that we consider you a number one, our clients’ hands down, number one to us in every way. So once again, for Mod bit roofs, uh, we really loved those.

And if you could have a ponding area on a mod bit roof, and I’m going to advise you in the next 12 months, we need to do something about that pawning area. Now, I don’t always want to build it up because of the manpower, the energy it takes to do that. Many times I just want to put a coating on there that basically creates like a swimming pool membrane right on top of that pioneer. So we’ll come in, we’ll get a power washer if needed, which most of the time we do and will power wash that pawning area and we’ll get it good and clean will sweep away the dust after it dries and then we’ll come in with a primer and then we’ll come in with a coating and we’ll come in and coat that area and with a really good fit, two coats and we will create a basically a watertight membrane where that water can sit there and for 10, 15 years and not have a trouble at all, there’ll be no leaks.

And so that’s something we do all the time. And that’s something we’d like to offer you so you can give us a call here to vast commercial systems. Hey, today was our 99th podcast and in that, once again we’ll share with you that we have been talking about commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we have been talking about the Greater Tulsa area, commercial roofing. And we have been talking about preventative maintenance. Preventive maintenance is a large part of what we do or here at advanced commercial systems. And our podcasts are specifically designed for you, you to be able to call in or email us questions so that we can address those questions. So the podcast today being concerning prevented maintenance really was based off of some questions that we’d been getting. Um, you know, I’ve liked some, I said, hey, I’ve got a new roof on, you know, it’s supposed to be a 15 to 20 year roof.

Uh, see, what did he say? Um, how often should I inspect the roof? Well, I say we inspected twice a year and if there’s nothing major problems, if it’s a new roof, it’s in great shape. We just want to do a walkthrough to make sure there’s no wind and hail damage. We just want to make sure all the seams are tied, knows no bubbling up, there’s no issues, no screws backing out, uh, on the coping cap. Just some of the basic things. But all of that is based on the 30 point check checklist that we have for our commercial roofing. So, Hey, just to let you know, we appreciate you for tuning in. Again, today with advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing broken Arrow, we hope you have a wonderful day. Stay dry. You know, it’s not rocket science, it’s a roof science.