Welcome to another podcast. I’m an advanced commercial systems home of the roof in two days asked, we’re going to cover what we always do. Some wonderful information about commercial roofing. You know, commercial roofing is a great industry. It is in the construction industry and um, as a general contractor in the state of Oklahoma, we just love to do commercial roofing, especially in, you know, the Greater Tulsa area. We reach out to Coweta Jinx Katusa, uh, you know, Katusa roofing, sand springs, roofing Claremore, roofing Bixby, roofing, broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems. We reach all of the areas around Jenksen, Glenpool, uh, and broken arrow. You know, as far as broken arrows concerned, commercial roofing, broken era with advanced commercial systems is one of the best systems that we can put together, you know, for our clients to be able to have the best product, uh, best materials and the best warranties possible.

So interacted with a lot of commercial roofers because we’re in the industry working with lots of CO commercial roofing contractors, commercial roofing companies. We are trying to an endeavor to stay on top and keep tabs on really what the trends and what the movement in the industry is. And so with that, uh, one of the things that we offer and we bring our clients is drone footage of their building. And so not just drone, you know, not just drones for entertainment, you know, drones, they started out, uh, quite a while back, more in the, in the entertainment industry and also a lot in the realtor industry because we’ve had that come for the last 10 years, you know, into this region. I am a, um, I’m a commercial and residential realtor with Timothy Cohen realtors, mostly a residential realtor. So I’ve been in the industry for years, about eight years now as a licensed professional in the industry.

And so drones have been a big part of that industry. And so not just for that as an entertainment, but also just really great for hobbyist, hobbyist, really love and, uh, drones and what they’re capable of doing. And the enthusiasm has rapidly evolved. I’m here in a commercial roofing broken Arrow as well. And so, you know, there’s a wide range of commercial applications that um, and also that in the industries that drones can be used for basic of high quality aerial cinematography. And so what we bring to our clients is the capability of that same high quality aerial cinematography for their roof. Now I’ll tell you, I’ve been on hundreds and hundreds of roofs and man, maybe three times, maybe three times out of the hundreds, like 500 roofs. I may be three times that I have had the building owner or the property manager get on the roof with me.

And so, you know, in their world, they’re businessman and business ladies in Tulsa, a commercial roofing broken arrow. They do a good job sitting behind their desk on their computers, taking care of business. Well, I do my best when I’m on a roof. So why don’t I take video footage, photos, uh, aerial cinematography and bring that to them in a Dropbox video that just basically I share that with them and then they immediately have the capability of taking that and watching it, sharing it with other clients, sharing it with other brokers. They have the capability of taking that, uh, that video and, and using it for the good. So, so what we do here at advanced commercial systems many times is just a basic aerial cinematography of the building. And we can mix that with some very good close ups. Even if we’re unable to get on the building, our drones are capable of, you’re flying in areas that are unable to be reached.

Um, I did shingle inspection on a home, just a friend of mine had a home and we’ll actually a a person that you know, has a very nice home, probably a half a million dollar home and they were wondering if they had hail damage. So I brought my drone out and uh, and just in sand springs we, we flew around the home, took some good cinematography of the, of the building and then also at the same time we took, uh, quite a bit of photos and some up close to video, like maybe two feet away from some shingles so that we could get a good idea. So we bring that to commercial roofing broken Arrow, we bring that to toll. So we bring that to all the surrounding regions. You know, there’s not many roofing contractors and there’s not many commercial roofing companies that really bring that on the scene.

And so we as a roofing company and a commercial roofing company, really endeavor to not just do commercial roofing in industrial roofing and help some with residential roofing. But we really try to bring the full spectrum of what the industry, uh, can supply and what the industry can, you know, provide a cis sustainably for, you know, buildings and building envelopes and property managers and building owners and basically overall the tons of maintenance people throughout the nation. So, so here in Tulsa we really do bring a lot to you. Um, inspections. We’re doing a lot faster, much faster. It’s a lower cost. Um, then you know, the, the normal, everyday traditional methods. So if there’s an area that is hard to reach, there’s no risk of human life. And so, you know, when you get into steep slope roofing with, with tiles and sub shingles, you get up in the morning and you tried to get on the roof with the adjuster.

The shingles are wet. Uh, I will not get on a wet shingle. I can fly my drone within 18 inches of a shingle and take four k video of that shingle and four k picture of that, of that aura or very high megapixel was 16 to 18 megapixel picture of that, uh, here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And I can really from that point on really just have no risk of human life really. Uh, my insurance company lacks a lot too. So, so roof trends and roof tends to bear, um, much of the intimate of the elements, you know, of your, of your home, you know, the roof deals with the rain, it deals with snow, it deals with heavy winds and the torrential rains that we get here in Oklahoma or just absolutely amazing how hard they come and how they pound. I’ve seen just rains, loosen and remove a granules from steep slope roofing shingles and modified bitumen shingles, you know, a low slope, a roll roofing.

So I’ve seen that happen. So the range can be absolutely pounding here. And so we want to be able to get up there and see exactly what’s going on in spect, what damage has been done. And it’s a quick inspection, Edison inspection that you just, just not like your eyes see it and you can forget it’s actually done in video is done in high quality. So, so drones, um, if you do the inspection without a drone, it’s labor intensive, you know, it really is and it puts, it puts your roof at risk. Have you ever got on a steep slope roof and seeing that just your foot moving on the slope is causing damage. So it’s putting your people at risk who are doing the inspections and it’s also putting your roof at risk where there could be a central damage to the roof because of the, you know, the drone here in commercial roofing, broken arm.

So we’ll will lower your cost of inspections over that of the traditional inspections. When we’re using a drum and you know, we do an investment in our drone just specifically for roof inspections. We’re not out flying our drone around all day long. Just having thought. The drone is specifically designed to help us with roof inspections. We have the Karma Gopro, which is a really designed with the highest quality camera, which can be taken off with, used with a gimbal that it can be used as well for our, um, you know, just our basic 24 or 30 point walk through that we do. So if someone asks, why use a drone, why use a drone for a roof inspection in commercial roofing, broken arrow? Well, quite a few of those points we’ve already covered, but I’ll tell you the speed and convenience, those really our main points, main aspects and advantages of using a drone.

Um, when we put a flight plan in place, the drone really does it from that point on. Uh, and we can do it much faster. It also, you know, with a manual inspection. So, um, drone roof inspections, you know, the price really are just a fraction of the normal traditional cost and the footage can be years from then out. So you can use that footage for whatever you know, it can, it can be good for if you do have damage a year later you could pull that footage up and say, Hey, insurance company, this is not old damage. We just got this week. You can see a video from one year ago that’s documented with advanced commercial systems. They’ve got this documented and timestamped. And because it’s timestamped, uh, we’re able to say that this is his new damage that just took place. Um, drones have very fast, um, inspection times, um, where sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to get a ladder and put it up.

It takes me about two minutes to get my drone in the air and it takes me 10 to 15 minutes to do the entire inspection on a normal size roof. So, uh, it really is amazing. Um, you know, the amount of time that we say with drones and just basically no problems. Um, you know, having a fall off a roof or anything like that. We have a lot of protection. So now which drone is best? You know, there’s a lot of drones out there. The Dji Inspire, uh, the Dj Phantom. There’s a lot of different drones out there. And I’ll tell you, we would suggest using a, the one that you study and you feel like is the best for you. So here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves, we’ve been talking about drone footage. We’ve been talking about one of the services that we bring our clients and our customers. And so within that, I just want to say to you that we appreciate you guys joining in today. Uh, we know many times we get calls and get compliments about the, the podcasts and the articles that we’re putting together for the community. We appreciate you so much here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate all the time that you gave us a, once again, it’s not rocket science that we bring to you. It’s roofing science and stay dry.