Welcome to today’s podcast with advanced commercial systems, the best reviewed roofing company in Oklahoma. And go check us out on Google reviews and see if we aren’t everything that I am building us up to be. I’m telling you, our clients are happy with the results they enjoy that we have, um, trustworthy, qualified, experienced, um, roof technicians, our roof nerds coming out to work on their roofs. And we are the company that they call when they want the roof done, right? Because with us, it’s not rocket science and through science. And that basically means that we send out only the best in the technical field of commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we send them out to you to make sure that your roof is in the best possible hands because a roofing system can be complicated and you don’t want just anyone up on your roof that you cannot trust, um, because you don’t want them to mess it up.

It’s an important investment and you want it done right and you want it done right the first time. So it’s important to have a roofing expert to um, and a certified contractor, um, for all installation and work done on your commercial roofing broken arrow. So anywhere in the Tulsa area, not just in broken arrow. We, we can work on roofs and we are experts, um, to installing shingles, standing seam metal, um, modified bitumen tile, wood shake, um, just, you know, roof coatings. What else am I thinking of? Steep slope roofing, single ply roofing. You know, we’re experts in all these different types of roofing systems and we also provide emergency flat roof repair and maintenance. And we work with TPO, Edd, EPD m and gutters. And we um, we work with standing seam sheet metal and built up roofs. So all types of roofing repair and installation.

Um, we are, we are Haig certified so our guys come out and you will be happy with the quality that you receive because they are certified. We’re licensed and insured and our clients are satisfied with all of the work that’s been done on their homes. So look at Google reviews or go to okay roof nerds today and you can read or look at video testimonials that people have uploaded and given us, um, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 our goto. Okay. Roof nerds.com and you can give us a call, you can give us a call and we will come out and give you a free roof inspection in 24 hours. And when you can schedule that with us, you know, as early as today and we will be out tomorrow. So, um, schedule now, now 1-897-THREE-ONE-010. Our goto. Okay. Roof card, stock calm. So, um, we are fully insured and we’re credentialed and we work in the Greater Tulsa area in Bixby, broken Arrow, a Awaso Katusa prior of course, Tulsa Sand Springs.

SAPULPA I know I’m missing some places. Jinx. And you know, the, the really the Greater Tulsa area, give us a call. We’ve, we’ve worked, you know, um, as far away, you know, pretty much within an hour to two hour range. And in fact we actually have done some Oklahoma City roots. So I guess that’s not even accurate. So give us a call and we’d love to come out and see you and work on your roof because you really want the best in in the area. And that’s what we are. We are the highest rated a roofing company in the, in Oklahoma and give us a call and see why people love working with our roof nerds because they trust us and they want an expert to make sure that their roof is done right cause it’s such an important investment. And so let’s talk about preventative care for your roof.

We will send out someone to give a full roof evaluation and it makes sure that your roof maintenance is where it should be in that you are maintaining a good watertight seal before a problem happens before a leak can occur in your business. So they can, they can give a full evaluation even if you’re not having a leak right now and just make sure that it’s everything is water sealed and tight and we’ll, we’ll extend, you know, will last the full extent of what your roof should last, you know, different roofs, um, have different life spans and we want yours to have the best possible life span. And there could be a coding or restorative thing that could happen in order to, you know, that they can do to help extend the life of your current roof. Or they can take a core sample and find out if there’s any severe problems that would cause you to need to do a roof replacement.

And it may just be a simple roof repair where there’s just one or two spots where some, you know, we call those entry points where the water is coming. And so, you know, our experts can make this an easy process for you to work, work, you know, to for us to replace or repair that roof. It doesn’t have to be hard. They’re here to make it easy for you and to explain it all to you. Um, they take video footage and photos and even use the best in technology with thermal imaging cameras to make sure you really understand and see what’s going on under the substructure of your roof. So, um, that’s what our roof nerds in our technical experts bring to the table, the best in technology, the best product knowledge and systematic plans and smart solutions for you. So, um, they can even talk to you about our smart roof plan, which makes not only do they do that initial evaluation and fix any problems you might have, but they will continue to come out and provide preventative care and just do a quick inspection to make sure that your roof is, um, always doing its best and maintaining, um, it’s watertight seal through the Oklahoma extreme weather that we have here.

So again, look at our Google reviews. Um, go to our website at [inaudible] dot com and read the testimonials. You can look at our gallery. Um, there’s lots of photos online and you can even look at our frequently asked questions that people have questions like they hear terms like ponding, well our experts, sure they’re nerds and they are experts, but they also want to be easily understood and accessible to you and make this an easy process for you. So they’ll explain something like what is a ponding error area? And they’ll explain the code that the national roof roofing contractors association has and, and that they set, they have certain codes and standards in the roofing industry and they’ll explain those and make sure that your roof falls within those standards so that it has the best possible. And sometimes they even heal, they’ll suggest, and even I’ve heard Marty talk about how they tried to increase it and make sure that it’s even better than the very minimal possible.

So we work within your budget and you of course make all the decisions in these areas, but they make it really easy for you to understand so that you don’t end up with something that our compounding area, I think I forgot to explain what a ponding areas. It’s just a lower sunken area that in a roof that might collect water after a rain and doesn’t allow proper drainage off your roof. And so a lot of times, um, Pawnee areas can be on every different type of commercial roof. We’ve seen it on all different types of commercial roofing broken Arrow, and the, but after a while, after a time, the water can be begin to deteriorate the roof membrane quicker than it than it should during normal wear and tear. And so a quick repair can be done in that area with great success with roof coatings.

And that is a, you know, a great solution, but they offer price competitive solutions for you, for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So give them a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. And they’ll talk through things, uh, about the age of your roof, whether you have any ponding areas like what we talked about, whether you need a restoration or just a small repair, they can walk you through all of that and work with your insurance for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. Um, they’ll, they’ll just extend the lifespan of your roof. They can talk with you and explain whether, you know, it’s best to get a repair or restoration for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So, um, whether you have a modified bitumen roof or a metal roof or a steep slope roof, or you have a TPO and older TPO that needs to be repaired or replaced, they can save you money and save you time all while working within your budget and giving you the best possible technique, technical experts to do the job so that you can trust that your job and your roof is being done correctly.

Thank you.