So picking back up to where we were last week, picking back up to the things we were talking about last week, trying to pick right back up where we were. We were talking about just some generalized ideas of what we’re about, what we do in the industry, what we offer to the industry. And here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds, I can guarantee you that when it comes down to getting a quality job, when it comes down to get in quality products, quality workmanship, we’re definitely someone you really need to call. Now let’s talk about the word workmanship real quick. We’re going to pick back up where we were talking about one of my clients and we replaced, um, they wanted us to replace a roof for them about two years ago, about a year and a half ago. And we came out, look at the roof and right in the middle of us looking at the roof, they changed their mind. This is the way it can go in the commercial roofing Broken Arrow industry.

They said, we just want it repaired. We want you to add some life to it. And so I told them I can add from three to five years of life to it, but it’s going to cost some money and they paid me around $4,000. Uh, the roof was in really bad shape and since then I’ve probably done another two or $3,000 of work to it. So we’re probably, so let’s say we’re sitting at $8,000 of work done to the roof right now. Well that’s one fifth of what they could have paid to have the whole roof replaced. I probably could have done the whole roof around 40,000, but they’re wanting to hold off until they get to a place where they can do that. Well, here at advanced commercial systems, we’re the guys that brings smart solutions to the table. And that’s what we were talking about last week. We work hard for our commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

Smart solutions is us bringing multiple budgets to you, multiple options. So the in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you can choose what meets your budget, you can plan, you can set things in motion for you to be set up at a place where you succeed, uh, in keeping a fiscal quarter or keeping your budget where it should be. You know, you probably need money for marketing. You probably need money for employees. You probably need money for expansion of, of new product line. These things you’re having to deal with every single day. So you know where your budget is. We’re the guys that brings you smart solutions, which means we want to make you as smart as possible, increasing your commercial roofing Iq literally to the place where, where you understand what needs to be done and what we’re offering you. You have a full comprehension of it. There is no deception. Not with us in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

There’s no confusion when we talk to you about the roof and what needs to be done. You understand what we’re saying? There’s a full comprehension of what’s taken place. So here in commercial roofing broken error, yes, you can go call a commercial roofing contractor, a commercial roofing company, a commercial roofing companies. You can go online and type in commercial roofer near me, commercial contractor near me, commercial a Roofer, you can type in commercial roofer, you can type in all of these different things. And really what you need to do is just type in advanced commercial systems home with a roof. Nerves will be up with advanced commercial systems. And we’ll begin to show you and share with you with your roof within a 24 hour evaluation of what really needs to be done and really what needs to come into play to help you get the most life that you can’t have, the roof you have and really give you the best possible solutions and systems. We love doing commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

If we want to do a recovering, which means we put a new roof layer on top of an older roof or we want to do a new full roof replacement, which means we take everything all the way down to the decking, um, and then put in new ISO board, you know, which is pretty costly. But I mean, the benefits from it are second to none, a great benefits. And so all of these things we consider and we help you every single time we interact with you. Um, so, so a lot of people say, too many times do we do inspections? Do we do inspections? And I had the answer is hands down. Yes. And that’s part of the uh, the roof evaluation that we do, that we bring to you, our roof smart plan. That’s part of what we bring to you and we offer to you for free for commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And so basically our job is we want to make sure your roof is secure. We want to make sure your roof has some, uh, energy efficiency within code that meets what you want it to. And the, and, and in doing so now when you have a roof that is performing in, in good levels of energy efficiency, you’re literally, you’re literally recognizing that that roof is an investment when it makes you money, when it saves you money. And here because the old saying a penny saved is a penny earned, this roof is saving you money. Then it’s basically at the end of the day it’s making you money because of its energy efficiency here in commercial roofing broken Arrow when you need your roof inspected. Um, it could be new construction. You’re trying to wonder if, see if it’s compliant to new construction code where the gobs of cough, um, insurance requirements that may keep you on the safe side, uh, that your insurance company is, requires Pacific’s about your, your commercial roofing Broken Arrow or residential roof.

We’re the guys to call. Um, if you can depend on us for those things, then I just want you to understand you can depend on us to give you an honest evaluation and that’s a really a big part of it. You know, through the entire section for inspection process, we want to look at interior aspects of the, of the building. We want to look at factors of the exterior as well. And we bring in all into one large compilation of data. Uh, what are your addict conditions? Is there corrosion? Are there types of deformities on the roof? Is there staining in ceiling tile? Is there water leaks that are evident? These are the things that we’re looking into. Um, are there missing shingles? Um, so let’s talk about steep slope group real quick. Are there missing shingles? Is there missing pieces of roofing? Is their gutters that are fool is they’re buckling or curled shingles?

Are this single secured? And when they originally put on that first week or two, did they seal the, well, we’re talking about steep slope roofing with shingles. Did the single, you see on the bottom of that shingle, that little plastic strip or that back actually seals it gets hot and it seals the shingle down to the shingle below it. And so did they seal well? Um, do you have, um, you need Scott likes ceiling, you know, around your skylights? Are they leaking? I just took care of Tornado alley here in Tulsa just a few months ago and here in commercial roofing broken Arrow as well. And they had some leaks around us. Uh, um, skylight. And then also another company. Oh Gosh, what’s the name of it? Oakwood graphics here in town. Oakwood graphics. Uh, Michelle that works over there. Great people. If you need signs made a highly, highly suggest any type of sign, go by and give Michelle at Oakwood graphics are called great people, really great people.

And they had about three or four skylights that were leaking around the skylights. And so we came out and uh, it took us a few tries because the leaks were coming from all different directions. But I do believe we’ve got on pretty well watertight now, so haven’t heard anything back from them and we’ll check in on them soon. And so it might be a chimney or, or venting system. It might be, you might have structural damage that we need to look at that could be affecting cracking in the roof. Uh, it can be weather damage, which, you know, with our roof nerves, you know, having, uh, been certified with an engineering company that specifically is trained and highly skilled as experts in the industry of commercial roofing, uh, weather damage, storm damage. The next time you need an inspection or if one of these evaluations that we offer, the no brainer, we call it, uh, you just give us a call, we come out, we help you, we take care of you.

And one of the big things that I love about who we are and what we do is how we continually love to point people to our website. Our website specifically designed to be simple. I didn’t want to put millions of tons of information on the website because at the end of the day, let’s just be honest here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, not many people want to go to a commercial roofing website and read for 20 minutes. You know, you want to talk to someone who can look at your specific situation because it doesn’t matter how much you read, you’re not really increasing your commercial roofing Iq concerning your commercial roof until we come out. We do the no brainer, 24 hour free evaluation for you. And when we offer that to you in commercial roofing broken Arrow, then suddenly you understand, um, you could have a tile roof and EPM roof, a modified bitumen roof, a cedar shake, asphalt, uh, you could have flashing problems, you could have a TPO roof, you could have a PVC roof.

All of these types of roofing’s are what we are experts at and we are experts at get ready leak detection. A lot of people say what’s the hardest part of your job? Leak detection, hands down, leak detection. And I, I have to say it’s one of the things I think we’re the best at. I think we’re one of the best in town that leak detection because of just purely the experience and the amount of roofs. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of roofs that I personally have looked at. You know, so there are companies that say, Oh, we’ve done 10,000 roofs. The owner is not look at 10,000 roofs. You know what I’m saying? The owners looked at a hundred groups and hired people and now they look at the roofs and the owner sits it, sits at his desk and works on a computer. I still look in detect roofs and literally leaking problems every single day, every single week here in commercial roofing broken arrow.

So he give us a call, advanced course for systems. Our number’s (918) 973-1010 you can reach us online at, okay. Roof give us a call. We love and appreciate you guys a lot. We appreciate all the support we’ve had. We appreciate, appreciate just giving us a call and letting us know, uh, whether it’s a metal roof, shingle, roof, flat roof, roof repair, commercial roofing, doesn’t matter. Residential roofing experts, a Roofer near me. It doesn’t matter what you’re wanting. We’re here to help you and we’re here to satisfy your, your problems. I hope you have a good day one. Remember once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.