Well, here’s another week that we are getting together here with advanced commercial systems and we are doing podcast, we are doing podcasts every week and we’re doing those so people can hear about who we are, what we’re about. And we actually are having these podcasts. If you don’t listen to the live version, uh, here in commercial roof, broken area, you could be anywhere in the world. You can also read these podcasts on our website. We have some of these available there, some of them that we know that are important for the industry, important for clients, and also important for just roofing companies, roofing contractors. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems, we are the home of the roof and ours and our roof nerves. I really love what we’re about. Our roof nerds are specifically a specifically trained technical expertise, uh, in the, the area of commercial roofing.

And that’s why we call ourselves the nerds because that’s what a nerd defined in Webster’s dictionary is now. So with the the roof nerd, a concept that we’re bringing to you, there’s multiple things along that line that we bring to you and one of which is our smart roof plan. Because if we’re roof nerds and we proclaim to be pretty stinking smart concerning commercial roofing. So we’re bringing to you a smart roof plan that allows you to get smarter with your roof. What we say is we want to increase your roofing Iq. Remember years ago, Robert Kiyosaki, he came out with a book increasing your financial Iq. Well, I like the idea of educating and creating within people knowledge so that they can make the best idea of they can make the best decision, um, and their circumstances. See, every one of us, we might have somewhat similar circumstances, but when it comes to owning commercial buildings, when it comes to property managing commercial buildings, when it comes to having a business in a commercial building, uh, you’re, you’re, you are unique in what you’re having.

You know, I’ve seen a lot of businesses, they will call me and, and come out and say, hey, we don’t own the building, but we’re responsible for the roof. And so I go and ask, who’s responsible for the h vac units? Well, now the landlord is responsible for that. I said, well, there’s, there could be a 30% chance that this is the leak from inside the h Vac unit. So I need to go up there and try to find out what’s going on. And so we just had that happen with, was it three, three different businesses at 81st and shared. And we had that happen in that with a three different businesses in one building, shopping complex. And as we were being called out by the roofing, uh, you know, by the, whoever was in charge of roofing. Finally I had to bring a report in and say, Hey, this is what’s going on.

All three areas. There is nowhere in the roof that can be a leaking. I’ve probed and check the entire area, these leaks. They’re specifically coming from, uh, the h Vac unit. Uh, I don’t know who’s installed these, but they need to make sure I then had come through and check them and make sure they’re water watertight. You know, you know, I’ve seen a lot of screws on the top of Hvhc new unit. I’ve seen a lot of of, um, screws and sign them, you know, begin to get loose or rusted or have a hole next to it. And so there are, they are complex machines, machinery. And so it’s pretty easy for those guys, in my opinion, to begin to allow water into a building. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we’re not professionals and with, uh, you know, Hvac, but every single day we’re having a work with HVAC units because they are allowing water into buildings.

So, so as part of our artists, as part of our roof nerd, uh, ideology, we have the smart roof plan where we want to increase your Iq, where we’re making your roof smarter, which makes it drive, you know, a smarter roof will negate a dryer roof. And so with that here at advanced commercial systems, we put together, you know, for our, you know, uh, our roof plan that we do, which is basically a biannual checkup maintenance plan. With that plan, uh, it comes with a 30 point checklist. Now, that 30 point checklist we own, the last few weeks of our podcast, we had been beginning to go through some of the, uh, some of those 30 points. We think we covered nails and seems to different items, not nails, what screw holes, screws and seems, uh, with coke and calves. We’ve covered parapet walls and the termination of single ply on terminal.

We’ve covered the seams and penetration points like pipe jacks and things, uh, for a TPO systems in commercial roofing, roofing, commercial roofing broken arrow. We’ve covered pitch buckets because we just discussed, we shared how we recently took care of seven pitch pockets that were on a single ply TPO roof. Uh, we took care of that. Uh, and we’ve covered that. So we’re going down the list of the 30 things and today we, we’ve already been begin to cover h vac units. And so with the HVHC units, one of the things that we check out because the scenes around Hvs unit h Vac unit already been checked out. So those are already covered as far as part as our, our 30 point checklist is concerned. One of the things that we check out is the curbing the curving around the unit. And so with the pitch pocket and the scene and the curbing, we’re basically taking care of them.

Majority of this of the, of the roofing system that’s interacting with the HVC unit. Um, sometimes h VAC units don’t have curving. Actually many times they’re sitting on four by fours. We were called to a roof about, was it three or four months ago, Wagner flowers and gifts up in a Wagner, Oklahoma. We were called out. We had been doing some maintenance and repairs to that roof. They had received a 60 or $70,000 estimate to put a brand new roof on and they called me out for my opinion. I came out personally, um, the roof and urge came out and I inspected the roof and I came up with just a few thousand dollars of a repair that was needed. Now that was in Wagner, we can do that in, in Tulsa, we can do that in commercial roofing broken arrow. So we come up with just like a 42 or a hundred dollar repair, um, to take care of the whole roof instead of 60 or 70,000.

And so we did our repairs and immediately everything went dry. We have not had one leak in any of the areas that we repaired and we’ve had some serious rain since then. And uh, so then we did have a new area that was some four by fours under an h vac unit. You know, you’re having, you know, a 300, 400 pound unit sitting on h Vac sitting on four by fours in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And that, those HVC units though that that four before would just keep pressing and pushing down. Well, they had broken through the membrane of that roof and we’re beginning to cause leaking inside the building. So just a three or four months ago, um, the owners of that building and were very nice people. They called us out and we did some repairs. We used a restoration coding silicone coating product because of those long term stability of, of being able to adhere really well and its ability to be able to hold water, uh, was, is really second to none in the industry as far as coatings are concerned.

So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, there’s lots of contractors, roofing contractors, uh, there’s a lot of roofing companies that tried to, uh, you know, come up with different products. I’ll tell you, they really should find the best product. And that’s what we’ve done with the proxy that we’re believe we’ve been using. We just shared a, just recently with, I know the public schools, they have a maintenance team that takes care of their roofing systems and they’re, they’re hiring us to do some repairs right now. Um, but after those repairs, they’re asking us to share with them some of their products that we’re using. So we’re going to do that with them so those guys can, can, uh, you know, be more effective and efficient and taking care of their own roofing systems. You know, I mean, I could say to him, Hey, I’m not going to share with you my industry secrets, but you know, the pretty nice guys and, and they’re hiring us for one job.

And so I think it’s a pretty good job, uh, that were pretty good deal that we can come in and also be a blessing to them. And so they, they are tightened budgets. So we’re going to allow them to learn some of our trade secrets that we’re going to help them, you know, in what we do specifically. So, so, um, I’ll, I’ll have our 30 point checklist here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, the 30 point checklist, um, is really is a great checklist to go through and, and remind ourselves and to share with you the many different aspects of where leaking comes from. So in that 30 point checklist, we’re basically, we have gutters in there. So many times a roofing system comes down, comes against the gutter. We’re dealing with that right now we have some termination bar on a dollar general that’s we’re fixing to repair on the next two or three days.

Um, that’s part of the roofing system. And there’s also now part of the gutter system because of how the gutters were installed. And so what’s happening is gutter systems, many times if you, someone will throw a coke bottle up there or a plastic jug or or something and it will clog up that, um, it a clog up the downspout of that gutter system. If that gutter system downspout gets clogged up, your roofing system is fixing to be tried and tested of whether the termination there is waterproof or not because that water’s going to come up and it’s going to come against that whole gutter is going to get full and it’s going to come up against that roofing system and you’re going to be tried and true of whether you’ve done real well with your termination bar with that single ply, um, you know, stopping any leaks that could try to come in.

So, so there is another one of our 30 point checklist. We just covered HAC units and gutters today. And so, hey, we appreciate you guys for tuning in. Once again, this is advanced commercial systems home with a roof and errors. If you have a roof with a leak, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we would love to hear from you here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We believe we are the absolute best commercial roofing company in the whole area. So give us a call. We’d love to help you. And once again, it’s not rocket science, it’s real science and stay dry.