Here we are, another podcast with advanced commercial systems. We love, uh, serving the toll so that broken Arrow, the northeast Oklahoma communities. We love serving Oklahoma and sharing with them our extra tease. We believe hands down, if you’re looking for the best roofer in town, we’re the ones to call, you know, for years now, we’ve been building our business, building our systems. We actually even have a business coach thrive 15. I really amazing a business coach that works with us on a weekly basis for many, many months now. And uh, they help us develop all of the systems and help us develop the hands down the best communication, the best accountability, the best transparency and commercial roofing broken Arrow and in the Tulsa market. And so because of that, uh, here at avast commercial systems, we have what we call our roof evaluations. Um, so, and I come up with the idea because I saw the need for it over the years in roofing.

I saw the need for more than just an estimate. I solve the need for more than just a guy coming out, throwing up the ladder, climbing up on a roof, you know, no matter whether they were a commercial roofing company, commercial roofing contractor, it didn’t matter. Uh, we needed, we saw that there was a need for more than just a guy just coming out doing the normal, just doing the everyday run of the mill stuff. We needed somebody, we needed something to fill in the blank of, uh, scientific roofing evaluations. And that’s where we stepped in because as we began to develop who we are years ago, having joined with an engineering company, a in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re bringing what they offer in Texas and throughout the nation because they’re an international is actually throughout the world. They’re an international level for over 50 years doing engineering, structural engineering, um, building on envelope engineering for storm damage for many, many years now.

And so they had to develop that in such a wonderful set system in wonderful way of accountability for what happens. Um, with insurance companies because basically insurance companies say, well, that storm wasn’t big enough to bruise hale or that storm wasn’t big enough to produce wind. Well these guys, they have come to the science of being able to test the wind, being able to test the damage of the building to give an actual true evaluation scientifically our roof evaluation. And so there’s laboratory testing that can be done. So a lot of things that can be done, a research testing analysis and much more. And so for commercial roofing company like advanced course or systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’ve got this thing down to a science commercial roofing is down to a science literally. Um, so we have state of the art, uh, equipment.

Uh, we have drones, we have thermal imaging. Uh, we have the capability of, of satellite photos, which have a lot of roofers can, can utilize that, um, with different, you know, secondary companies that could assist them. But when it comes down to having the best, the best possible resources, that’s where we step in and we endeavor to only use the best products available. And that’s not always seen. I’m going to tell you it’s not always sync. So our roof evaluations and our inspections, they come together with, with if needed cad drawings. We do also aerial photography, um, field inspections, um, with a roof nerd, uh, technician. So basically every one of our roof nerves here in commercial roofing broken Arrow have been trained and certified. Now there, now we’re not just going to classes where we’re actually certified with Haig engineering for a commercial roof storm damage.

And so when we come out, we don’t just say, Hey, oh wow, look at the damage. We’re doing a full assessment of the size of the hail in your commercial roofing Broken Arrow, of the direction of the hail, of the amount of the hill of how long the hill lasted. Um, we look at all of these different aspects. We look at the length of the storm, we look at the winds of the storm. There’s so many variables that we use to evaluate what’s taking place. And so then we bring that data, we bring that rooftop data, the age type data, the size of your roof data, the pitch, the composition, the layers, different roofing projections. We put together a, all of these, the identifying these anomalies and we put them together with photographs and quantities of what’s taken place. And we bring that into a data form which we laid before you.

And that is what we call our smart roof plan. The smart roof plan that we have is technically our smart roof plan, um, by annual roof maintenance plan. Um, that’s because the reason why we just call it that is because that’s what we’ve seen the industry needed the most and it was the best sale. Now, and I don’t mean that we’re just trying to sale. So, so I mean it was the, it made the most sense to property managers. It made the most sense to building owners. It made the most sense that we come out, we inspect the roof, we look at it, we give them tons of data suddenly. And just the moment we hand them tons of data, they go from being ignorant of what the roof’s about to a roof nerd status. We increase their roofing, they’re commercial roofing Iq in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

So here at avast commercial systems, you know our website, we don’t talk enough about these things. We’re going to have some of these things built in of what we do and what we’re about. But I just want you to know that here at advanced commercial systems, we are professionals in the industry that bring the highest level of expertise. I mean you can go see all the other commercial roofing contractor, all the other commercial roofing companies and commercial roofing company, even those individually and you can check out their website, see what they’re about. They’re not about evaluating your roof. They were about repairing your roof, replacing your roof, repair on your roof and replacing your roof. That’s what they want to do. Cause that’s their money. That’s what they’re, they’re involved and they’re concerned about getting paid and they want big pay. So they want to replace your roof, replaced your roof, replace your roof.

And I understand it’s good to make money, but at the end of the day, we’re here. Our company wasn’t first, wasn’t first solely in, uh, created for them making them money. It was first solely created hand in hand with making money, but it was also um, to increase the information and the knowledge of our clients. Because I was working, I was, I’m doing 30, 40, 50 roofs for property managers who know nothing about commercial roofing. They know when I say TPO, they’re like, oh, you mean the white stuff? I mean, they refer to it as the white stuff. They know nothing about thermosets and nothing about the slimmer plastics. They don’t have any information. And so that’s where we come in. We wanted to change that. We wanted in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to bring their expertise and their knowledge up. Listen, if you get a property manager, uh, and there’s, there’s 50 of them in town that have decent portfolios, you get a property manager, um, and you get to work in with that guy and you find out he doesn’t know anything about roofing. Uh, he’s an easy prey. He really is. And I hate that. I hate commercial roofing companies and crooked contractors that are just looking for looking for an easy prey. I mean, I want to increase everyone’s Iq, their commercial roofing Iq so that they are not lying as, as sheep to the slaughter. There are predators out there.

And so with that we keep in mind that is never our job or, or our desire here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to put down other, other companies. This is a challenging industry and it’s, it’s, it’s a very competitive industry and that creates a lot of the challenge that we deal with. And because of the challenge of this industry, and I’m just, the construction industry alone can be quite challenging. Um, you know, I mean, you know, you could do an insurance job and not get paid for 60 days. What if it’s a $200,000 job? You know what I’m saying? So $200,000 job, you’re sitting there holding $150,000 of work that you’re paying for, but you’re getting nothing in return for 60 days. So, uh, it’s a challenging industry and it’s so when it comes down to your situation in commercial roofing, broken Arrow or Tulsa or genx of Wasa, wherever you live, when it comes down to your situation, what you’re dealing with on a day to day basis with your building your roof.

Um, I would love to show you the expertise that we can bring you. I would love to sit down with you. You know, even if you just, you won’t want to have our free roof evaluation. This is a scientific, you know, we’re looking for hail, we’re looking for wind, we’re looking for the age, we’re looking for what our value you have if we’re just coming out to serve you. Because see, we’re not based off just money. We want to serve people. We believe if we serve people, we’ll get that back. Our business will grow and we’ll be prosperous because of that. I’ve just always been taught that. I believe that’s the way it works. You sow good seed and you receive back. And so when it comes down to your situation, just give us a call. You can go to our website. If okay, roof and you know when you look on our website, it’s really easy to see her cell phone number. I mean our, our, our business number, our 24 hour hotline number (918) 793-1010. Just give us a call, let us know how we can help you. We appreciate all of our listeners. We appreciate a weld over 220 podcasts that we’ve done and we’ve received a such a great feedback from that and that we appreciate everybody so much. Hope you guys have a wonderful evening. Thanks for joining in another live broadcast today online. And then also just remember one more thing. It’s not rocket science, but it’s roof science.