Welcome to the podcast or the dance commercial systems home with a roof nerds here in good old, broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Uh, we appreciate you joining in today. Hey, today is our 71st podcast that we’ve had here talking about commercial roofing, talking about how we with commercial roofing, broken Arrow, how we help you in your commercial building envelope. We help you with whatever needs you have, uh, with, you know, keeping your building dry, taking care of the people that work in your building and taking care of the clients that wrench you’re building. Rent your space. We love to take care of commercial roofing and it shows in everything we do. So my name is Marty and I’m here with our crew here. And so today’s kind of a question and answer day of what kind of questions and what kind of answers. Um, you can send to us while our podcast is deck in place today.

So our line is open, our email is open, you can reach out to us at advanced, okay, at cox.net. And then you can also just to give us a call in here at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. We would love to help you. And so today one of the questions that we want to start off, so he’s one that we just recently received. Um, what is, this is right here. What is a certified inspector, uh, you know, with an insurance company. And so we began to work with insurance companies years ago and we begin to understand, you know, insurance companies, they go through schooling now when they train up people they required, cause you know, I used to be a realtor in the Greater Tulsa, you know, realtor association and the Oklahoma Realtor Association or um, haven’t been a realtor with them. I understand every three years they require so many hours of classes of me too.

You know, it’s called continue education, continual training. And that’s one thing that insurance companies require of their adjusters. And so to be a certified inspector, you have to obtain the amount of classes, the specific types of classes and the amount of hours that your insurance companies are requiring. That’s probably set in place with the, with the state of Oklahoma, with the insurance board. I’m sure our insurance commissioner is over that. And they set up how many hours needs to be for Oklahoma. Now that could change probably per state because every state is going to set up their rules in a different way. And so, um, I would guess it a lot of them are the same because I know there are a lot of adjusters that are nomadic, meaning that they traveled a lot and go to different places, not just here in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

And so that’s a little bit about that. So here in other question, actually one of the people here, one of our staff really just said to me, um, why, why would someone choose us over the other guys? Why would someone choose commercial roofing, broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems over, you know, the, the many other commercial roofing companies in the greater toll. So in the Greater Brooklyn era area, well, one of which is we’re just not salesman were certified inspectors. Now Haig Engineering is engineering company. If, if you were to go online and study these guys and see what they’re about, which we’re a part of them, they specifically study a storm damage. That’s what they do, you know, 40 hours a week and they’ve done it for 20 years and they study hell damage. They study wind damage, they studied the effects of it on every type of roofing system.

And then with that they come out as professionals who are, are paid advisors to insurance companies when there has been a very large building with, with hail or damage or if there’s a, they can work like public adjusters when needed, what we’re certified with those gaps. So those guys back us up and every one of our star certified staff here, our roof nerds in commercial roofing broken Arrow, there are certified inspectors with Hague first storm damage specifically for commercial roofs. So our certificate of accomplishment, our certificate of inspection, uh, literally says storm damage for commercial roofing. And so that, that helps us stay on track with the insurance company and their training. Because a lot of those guys with the insurance companies have been trained in the same classrooms. I remember the one of the first classroom I went to with Haig engineering, I basically sit there with about 90% insurance adjusters.

Very few were roof salesman. Very few were commercial building owners. Many of them were insurance adjusters because it is continuing education class for them as well. And so what’s another reason which you could choose a US in commercial roofing? Broken Arrow? Well, one of the time is the 24 hour commercial roof inspection and evaluation that we offer. That’s really a big deal. Uh, if you’ve add, if you’ve, uh, had a commercial building for a while and needed to call and talk to people and try to get estimates, you probably found out pretty quickly that it, it takes sometimes up to three days and even five, six days to get someone out. And that’s if they come out and now there are times they’ll come out within two or three days because you know, they’re busy and, and, and, and I, I don’t, I don’t know that they’re busy.

I don’t know that they manage their time well. I don’t know that they’re really trying to show the customer service that we do every day. So I’m not going to try and make excuses for these guys in commercial roofing, broken arrow. But the one thing we do is we have a 24 hour commercial roof evaluation and or inspection in which we put pictures, video, we put paper in your hand that shows exactly what’s taking place with your roof. That’s what we do every single time now that shows the quality that we try to bring to our clients because when the other guys, when they don’t even show up, you get a bad taste in your mouth pretty quickly from that. Now when a third thing that I would say that we’re good to choose over the other guys is we have one in our office, what we call a smart solutions.

And a smart solution is really the word smart is kind of a play off of our roof nerd. Um, you know, who, who, how were, you know, the home of the roof nerds because a lot of, lot of roofers they would just hand you an estimate to just do one type of work to get this taken care of. You know, like a one size fits all kind of fix and that’s not what we found. A 99% of our clients are not looking for that. Many of them want to know what it could be, what could be set in place and will be the cost for a bi annual maintenance solution. What it would cost to put in place in commercial roofing broken Arrow, um, a full replacement cost, a Po potential reroofing cost or even that of just basically repairs and, and are there, is there one type of repairs?

Is there multiple types of repairs? There are some buildings we can offer up to five or six different system changes or system repairs or system replacements. The object here is always give your customer, always give your client what they want, what they’re looking for. And bringing a smart solution is multiple solutions that fits your budget. And so then and then so I just shared, um, you know, with the video and the pictures, um, our fourth point of why we think that we’re just the greatest company to call and uh, we showed in what we do is that of what we call transparency. You know, contractors, uh, they need accountability, they need transparency. Uh, some of them lie, some of them just are very deceptive and they just make twists, fabric and fabricate, uh, information. Um, you know, because they’re getting on the roof and you’re not.

So if you’re not getting on the roof, you, you’re not looking at it. I haven’t had a client get on a roof with me and a really long time they just let me go up there and do what I do. Cause we bring down pictures and we bring down video and we show them exactly the condition of the roof. We show them exactly what’s going on. It’s that transparency that the highest level of client transparency through videos and through an initial walkthrough video and then also photos of problematic areas. It’s that transparency that causes us to be chosen many times over are questionable. You know, competition. Uh, many roofers are known to just give a quote and then, you know, provides second rate work. Now I know that sounds Cliche, but I’m telling you, I see it every single day I’ll give up on a roof. And the products that were put up there, it was very poorly done that they were installed or applied very poorly or wrongly, and it was a very cheap product.

You know, you, you can go get a white coating from home depot for $70. Well we don’t do that. We’d go get a polyglass or a corn acts silicone, silicone based, um, you know, um, coding for $210. And so imagine if I was doing a large area of a roof, I’m using a $200 product and they’re using a $70 product. And it’s just like guns. It’s just like cars. It’s just like anything in life, you get what you pay for it. If you pay more, you’re getting more, you’re getting more product, getting more value. And so in the middle of our clients, uh, in their need or their problem, we’ll come out with just the best solution because we won’t use an inferior product because he just won’t last long. It, I’m telling you in three years, two years that chalky $70 a can of crap from home depot or Lowe’s is going to crack and let water in and it’s going to fail and you’re going to be upset as a building owner, how come this roof wasn’t taking care of the right way?

Well, that’s gone. We use silicone eyes products, uh, mostly on repair areas because it is stretchable. It’s elastic, it’s, it, it hears incredibly do almost everything. And if not, we’ll use a great primer for adhesion. So, Eh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, these are the four main reasons. You know, we’re certified, we’re on the bowl with a commercial roofing evaluations. Uh, we bring smart solutions to you and our continual transparency and, and not promise that. I’d say the fifth thing is we have been on the roof with over 250 insurance companies. And so that experience of working with insurance companies, that experience of interacting with them, helping them to see the need of our client because they say the clients, there’s, you know, they’re the one in policy, but they’re also our clients. So working with insurance companies is, it’s probably the fifth reason why I would say, give us a call here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken arrow. We would love to help you. You can reach us at (918) 973-1010 you can reach us 24 hours. Now, I don’t know if you know that, but we’re the only commercial roofing company in town that offers a 24 hour emergency hotline. So give us a call anytime and we come out within 24 hours and take care of your situation. Thanks for tuning in to today’s 71st podcast. Stay dry.