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The roof of your building is one of the biggest investments that you would have concerning your building, especially in the lifetime of the building. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow The roof protects everything inside the building, your clients, your personnel, your staff, your property, and also all of your computer and electrical systems. Dangerous kids conditions can bring immense amounts of snow and rain and also wind. These can considerably damage the interior of a building. If the roof is not up to Spec, we offer

a complete line of asphalt would slate, metal shingle materials, flexible waterproofing materials, Alaskan Americ coating and painting, single plant membranes, and all other types of steel and different types of roofs and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow when a building is originally constructed and built, there are a few things. They’re always in common and common essential oils that are found, one of which is how everything in the building ties into the roof. The roof ties into the walls, the guttering ties in roofing. All of this is built as a building envelope system to keep moisture and water out of the interior of the building. In Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, the roof has the highest level of construction and expertise added into it because it must keep the largest amount of water out. It’s not always built for aesthetic appeal, but many times it is built for the sole purpose of keeping water out as it ties in well to the structure of the building and the waltz.

Regular repairs and maintenance must be kept up for your commercial building, whether you have an office building, a restaurant, a bank, or whatever it is. Just recently we had to work on the spirit bank vault at Harvard and highway 44. As we were working on this roof. It was just a standard repair and maintenance that needed to be done because the gravel ballast roof up there had began to deteriorate after sun and rain over many years. We did a coating over the roofing area that wasn’t leaking, seeming and filling in all of the cracks, causing a new water tight membrane. The next rain, we came out and checked with the clientele to make sure they were happy and once again the roof was dry. Lack of maintenance and proper repairs. Store related damage, tons of moisture, roofing leaks, important installation for all parts of roofing that we deal with every single day. One of the best ways to prevent these problems is to hire a reputable company like advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds.

Let’s talk about lack of maintenance. Most property managers and property owners like commercial building owners don’t always think much about maintenance for the roof system, although it is the one part of the roof system that needs the most maintenance and upkeep because of the amount of torrential rain and wind that affects the roof. What happens is it’s the one part of the building that’s never hardly looked at. So since it’s never hardly seen, it’s never hardly thought of until the elite comes. So when a lead comes, suddenly we get a call and come out and look at the roof. Well, the roof is oftentimes in very bad condition because it’s been neglected because it had needed repairs or maintenance for a long period of time. So we bring down an estimate for a large sum of money because there are tons of things that need to be done to the roof to create a water tight membrane and the building owners confused at why the bill is so big or why the price is so high, but it’s really not that high.

It’s just a small fraction of a full roof replacement if you will. Keep up with a yearly maintenance plan like what we have with our smart smart roof plan with a bass commercial systems and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. We have what’s called a smart roof plan where we come out twice a year to evaluate exactly the condition of your, of your building and your roof, and at that time we draw up a full spec of everything that needs to be done to keep your roof up to date and to keep your roof completely watertight. Give us a call at nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero, and we can take good care of your roof to.

Now let’s move on to improper repairs. This is one of the worst offenses that we see all of the time because many roofers do not do the proper, the proper type of product that is needed for the roof. Sometimes we deal with having to fix shady contractors work. A shady contractor is someone that comes out and says they do something to fix your roof or to repair your roof and then they go away with your money. I heard a story just yesterday from a friend who had paid a Roofer, a commercial roofer to do a roof for him and they took the money and left and never started the roof. I hear these problems all the time. These are problems that we have to come in and then take care of because these shady contractors did not do the job that they said they would do in commercial roofing.

Broken Arrow, hire a reputable company like advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nurse so that we can take good care of you too. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Another thing that we deal with often this storm related damage here at advanced commercial systems, our roof nerves are certified with hate engineering out of Dallas, Texas. Hey, engineering is an engineering firm that immensely studies wind and hail damage to the entire building envelope of buildings for commercial buildings. Well, we step into play in this because we are certified with wind and hail damage for commercial building roofs. Storm related damage is one of our expertise, whether it is summer, spring, winter, fall. It doesn’t matter the season, it doesn’t matter day or night. Give us a call at nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero, and we will come out and assist you and give you a full evaluation within 24 hours of your current condition of your roof after a storm.

We just went and inspected just recently a commercial building with an asphalt top roof in broken arrow many, many years ago, probably close to 10 years ago. Hell damage did a considerable amount of damage to the roof. The roof has been leaking for the last few years, so they called us out to look at the roof up on inspection. We see the hail damage, so we call their insurance company and we get the roof completely bald by the insurance company. They’re paying their $500 deductible and we’re taking care of their $50,000 roof for them. Give us a call. We have all the certifications and specifications to make sure in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow that your roof, it will be well taken care of if you have any storm related damage. Let’s talk about roof leaks. The number one reason why I received phone calls, roof leaks happen all the time.

Residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings. They happen all the time. It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have, you’re eventually going to have a leak if you’re not having proper maintenance all the time. Now there is a way of never have another leak again and that’s having a biannual smart plan that we give to keep your roof inspected twice a year to make sure there are no leaking issues that can arise and surprise you. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow The purpose of the lid of the building is to make sure everything on the inside stays dry, but once a week compromise is that well, everything else goes on the back burner until that leak is taken care of because although the roof may have been in bad condition for a long period of time in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow there’s nothing like a leak to make someone say, I’m ready to spend some money.

Moisture. Do you know, just building a watertight and roofing membrane on the roof system is not enough without a moisture barrier. Oftentimes even with the single ply membrane or Tpo Edm or pvc that we install of under that, we also still oftentimes install what’s called a moisture barrier. Moisture is a very big part and it can cause and lead to mold and mildew and even within time rot or deck trouble decking must be taken care of to make sure more stewart is not reach it. We often esol moisture barriers within the single ply membrane system to make sure that your roof as well taken care of. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow The last thing that we would like to discuss is about poor installation, shotty work from semi-professional roofing contractors is very often seeing. Just the other day I was on a roof working on one side of the roof when another roofing company in the Greater Tulsa area came out to begin to work on the other side of the roof, so I walked over to talk to them and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow and ask them what are the.

What were they doing that day? They shared with me the area that they were fixing the repair and they said that’s where the leak was coming in from. Well, the property manager made a mistake and called to of us by mistake. It was already a roof that I had been working on, so I called the property manager and they left the job, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow but then I got to inspecting what they were going to repair, what they were going to repair. It was not even the area that was leaking. I think they never even went inside to try to find where the leak was was coming inside the building envelope and damaging ceiling tiles inside the building. It really seemed like they didn’t have any idea where the leak was coming and they didn’t seem to investigate it very well. I had already spent 30 to 45 minutes inside of the building, mapping off in, marking off and walking off.

All the areas of leaks were. I knew exactly where the leaks were coming from. This is the professionalism and commercial roofing broken Arrow that we offered our clients all the time. Give us a call at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero, one zero, and we would love to work for you if it storm related damage. We’ve got answers for you. If you’re having leaks or just basic moisture getting in your building envelope, we have answers for you. If you’re dealing with poor installation, please give us a call. We would love to help maybe improper repairs, maybe a lack of maintenance, no matter what the problem is in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we at advanced commercial systems home with a roof. Nerds would love to serve you. Just give us a call.