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Commercial roofing has a lot of complexities. It’s not something that just anyone does. It’s something that it takes years of experience and expertise and product knowledge to develop to such an extent is where we can create a large flat roof that can practically hold water like a swimming pool, swimming pool for over 48 hours without any leaking. But do you know here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we don’t do just flat roofs, but we also do many steep slope roofing systems, one of which is the one that everyone knows the most and that is the common shingles. There are two types of shingles that are the most common in the industry, one of which is three tab shingles and the other one is laminate shingles. Years ago, laminate shingles were very often referred to as a 30 year warranty Schenkel, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow so people call them a 30 year shingle, but many times now those warranties have been extended, some of which are even being called lifetime shingles.

So laminate or composite shingles are the terminology that’s most used for these shingles systems. So the one thing to understand is sometimes roof maintenance and roof repair cannot be something that can be added to your building system. There can be leakage in your building system, so we must extend your roofs. The roof systems life oftentimes called the service live. The service life is how long your roof can do its job of keeping water out. When we see that the service life is coming to an end, reroofing is the first thing we think about. We also consider repairs and many times clients because of budgetary reasons, asked us to do repairs with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds in commercial roofing, broken arrow, but repairs can often become excessive literally to the place where they’re being done, one on top of another, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow trying to stop a leak.

Oftentimes this is due to a roofer not having adequate knowledge of product or the roofing system that they’re working on, and there are times that leaking roofs just become intolerable and maintenance at some point or another is no longer able to address the leaking happened. And the current roof commercial roofs, often league and the majority of the time here at advanced commercial systems, we can definitely make that leak stop, but there are some times where it’s just intolerable but just considered damage that’s continually happening and occurring to your building, your building envelope and the contents of that building. The types of use of the building and the occupancy type of the building can sometimes change causing different factors that we must consider and the roofing process. Many times building owners are looking at keeping their business in the building for a very long period of time when they have a projected goal of how many years there to be in the building.

It’s pretty easy for them in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to consider thermal resistance. They can increase thermal existence multiple ways. Now, obviously the most popular and most excessive way is that an adding insulation above deck for a roofing system, but there are other types of thermal resistance that can more effectively and cost efficiently be applied like that of roof coatings and roof restoration. Roof reflectance is a very easy thing to increase with roof restoration. That is reflecting the UV rays and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, and once again, sometimes building owners like to increase their aesthetics and that’s can easily be done with a restoration process as well using some of the higher end silicone roofing products that we use every day here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds and commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, just remember you can give us a call at nine one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero.

One zero best practice guidelines is what we use every single time in reroofing and commercial roofing and the Greater Tulsa area concerning asphalt shingles or any other type of flat roof systems. We always follow the best practice guidelines. We come up with a project scope for you that just keep in mind that that might be part of a reroofing system or where we completely do a replacement in which we remove the current system and add in a new existing a new roofing system. Preferably a single ply leakage into the. To the interior of a building is always bad and always a bad process for the building owner, opponent inspection and evaluation. We walk through your building, the entire interior, looking at the ceiling tile and looking for multiple areas of that could be damaged or caused from leaking roofs. We also have a thermal imaging camera in which we use to look for thermal thermally poor areas that could be allowing leaking and water into the upper membrane of the roof system.

We check out your flashing details and your parapet walls. We check out the type of deck that you have. We check out the past current warranty that you may have no longer had on your roof. Product samples are a large part of what we bring to your system of showing you what we can install. Just recently we showed three and a half inches of insulation ISO board to a client and a 60 mil TPO system. Upon seeing the system that we would like to implement that quickly chose for us to do the job in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. When we inspect your building for leaks, you see the accuracy of your roof and doing its job for its lifespan.

We also look at the underside of your roof deck when possible. We look at that to make sure that there is no type of condition, slope or types of attachment that could be causing multiple problems. If you have a metal or wood deck, you could come. You could completely be losing the life of your substrate decade due to rain water and lakes. That roofs oftentimes have metal decks, but the majority of these steep slope roofing that we deal with in the Greater Oklahoma area in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow is that have a steep slope roof with a wood deck.


Roof deck methylation is also part of our evaluation system. Roof leaks can come from many different areas. It is our profession to find the source of the leakage in the building. This is often times in the roof covering or the flashing of the roof. There are many areas though that could cause flashing and a roof, one of which is chimneys and window openings. What about skylights or expansion joints? Also parapet walls and or adjacent walls above the flashings that are installed. Many times we see tons of leaks around rooftop equipment and roof system accessories. One of the things we look forward as well and attic space of steep slope roofing is the equipment within the plenum space, condensation and plumbing, plumbing and sprinkler piping is many times found in commercial roofing. Leaks blocked gutters and downspouts are often checked and then clogged condensation discharge lines from her.

So your niche, there are many building codes for commercial roofing, so let’s go over just a few of those. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow there are building codes for reroofing, their building codes for roof assembly. There’s also building codes for roof. The roof coverage system is also under the building code with roof decking and roof recovering roof repairs and roof. Replacing building codes for the most part, cover a lot about the product to be used in the installation or roof repair. Asphalt shingle roof systems have a lot of guidelines. Here are some of them. Wind, uplift resistance, building code compliance, drainage and slope, fire resistance, existing flashing condition at static reasons, preparation of existing roof systems, existing flash condition, also with ice damming in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, give us a call at advanced commercial systems at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero, one zero. When a roof is installed is a new installation or a recovery system.

It is very important to make sure that the roof is being fastened down correctly so that it can withstand the uplift of winds in the area. There’s much added weight at sometimes in doing recovery and roofing, so when we recover a roof, we make sure that the building structure through engineers is capable of handling and handling the extra weight. Now, ice damming is part of that process as well, and ice damming can happen, but it’s mostly the way it is going to be found through that. Have downspouts, gutters and openings that are called allowing water to just build up like a large swimming pool on the top of a commercial roof. If you have any questions concerning ice damming for your building, please give us a call at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. Here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.