Every week here at advanced course for systems home with a roof nerds, the specialists in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. We spend a great, uh, a great amount of time and a great amount of our energy and our money to create these podcasts. And I want to welcome you again to another live broadcasts that we have here from our office, which we call the studio. We call them, we call our office the studio because we have done over 200 podcast in the last few years. And with all those podcasts being done, we feel like we have a really contributed a great amount of information to the local community for commercial roofing broken arrow. And once again, I am Marty Grisham, the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. And once again, it’s just a great honor to be able to be here with, uh, you know, all the people that listen to our podcast live, uh, you know, for radio time.

And then the many people, they’d contact us later on, you know, after every week of contacting us and letting us know that they appreciate, you know, the information they’re getting concerning commercial roofing. You know, if you’re in the commercial roofing industry, if you are in the commercial property management or ownership industry, there’s a lot of respect that you can gain pretty quickly for a commercial roof that’s not doing this job. Now basically it’s job is to keep the elements out. His job in commercial roofing broken Arrow is to keep rain out, keep water out, keep wind out. And also something we haven’t mentioned a lot in the past, which we should more is basically basically for the most part to be an air tight, um, not just a watertight but also an airtight membrane that doesn’t allow just a lot of extra venting that wasn’t planned specifically with a building design.

And so when we talk about commercial roofing on a higher end, we’re talking about um, basically the, the building envelope of commercial buildings. Obviously we’re talking about the most important part in my opinion, which is that of the roof, just because you can have rainfall on the wall, but you don’t have the water ponding on a wall. You don’t have rainwater and hail pounding on the wall the same way you do a roof. And I tell you a water is one of the smartest genius is one of the most tactically a strategic enemies that you could ever have. If you’re, uh, you know, if that, if that enemy is beating you and getting inside your building, you need to call a professional. And so we are indirectly the, the word professional personified and a commercial roofing company. This is what we do every single day. We bring professional communication, we bring pro professional transparency and accountability.

We bring professionalism to you and the commercial roofing so that you, you have the surety every day, um, that you’ll be getting the best experience possible, the best in the industry and the Greater Tulsa area. Uh, Coweta sand springs jinx wherever you live, especially here with commercial roofing broken arrow. And so if you’re ever just in need of a roof, be looked at, I’ll tell you, this is what we do, that we do this specifically. We’re really good at what we do and we do it for free. Yeah, we do it actually for free. What you do is you give us a call at commercial roofing broken out here in advanced commercial systems. Uh, you can call us at (918) 973-1010 or you can just basically go online on the website. You could just type in advanced commercial systems or okay roof nerds and you will find either our Google listing or you’ll find where we are located online.

And so here at avast commercial systems, we strive and endeavor every day and every week and every month and every year, year after year to to really make a smooth transition for you. You know, anytime construction play takes place on a commercial building, uh, the construction could get messy, it can get, you know, the communication can be poor. You could have employees of years showing up to the business, parking in a construction zone. You know, like just, just recently the last roof that we just did a full roof replacements. We had to work almost day by day, but also every hour by hour making sure that employees and clients here in commercial roofing, broken air just off of 81st and elm, uh, employees of the business and the clients or the business both did not park in the area where we’re doing construction. We are bringing thousands of pounds of roofing materials up on the truck up on a large crane truck and we’re loading that up on the roof for your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

And so it’s just not acceptable for trucks to be parked really close to that. So we had the clear an entire parking lot, put up cones and productive, you know, orange tape to make sure no one broke through our barricade so that we could have this safety and knowledge not only for people but for also for their automobiles, automobiles. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we, we will operate out of the highest level of safety to make sure that you and your building and everything, you know, we do test on the building sometimes to make sure that it can handle the amount of weight that we’re looking at having to put up there. So I actually owned that specific building. We spread out the materials, we didn’t put them all in just one area because we didn’t want any more than six or 700 pounds just in, you know, with three IBM’s below it.

We wanted to spread it out and do, you know, 300 pounds here, 300 pounds there. So we spread the material out here in commercial roofing, broken out so that there wouldn’t be an issue with a building collapsing an or calls in any sinking in the rafters or, or any more issues with the decking that we’d already haven’t just because the roof was really old and had been Lincoln in a long time. So it’s really satisfying for us to come in. Uh, in a situation like that, put in a new complete roofing system from the decking ops called roof system, not a roof assembly, a roof assembly, uh, literally, uh, implies that you’re doing the roof decking and everything all the way up to the roof membrane. And so a roofing system is what we do the majority of. And with that, I love our name advanced commercial systems and I’ve been asked quite a few times why did you use the word systems instead of services or you know, things like that. We’re the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And honestly, I did it because in the roofing industry, uh, we are doing a complex roofing system that’s just not simple. It’s just not something that you can just do without experience, without expertise, without having education. You know, it’s a complex situation that we’re doing now. It’s not rocket science, but there is a lot of roof science and there’s a lot of science to what we do. And that’s why we are the roof nerd. So if someone said, why roof nerds? Well, our slogan, you know, it’s not rocket science, it’s real science. That’s exactly why, because commercial roofs, they’re not just simple. There are many times very complex and they take extensive technical expertise and science and, and knowing what products work together. Having looked at hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of roofs in a commercial roofing broken out and just having an extensive experiences what we do every day in just every type of roof and system.

It is not very often that we hear of some roofing system in another state because we know all the kinds that are down here, but it’s not very often that we hear of some different roofing system that we’re not familiar with. I mean, all of the systems down here we’re very familiar with. We work on everyday, we replace every day and uh, we are become truly experts at what we do. And so that’s why we love our name, the roof nerves. That’s why we love what we do. It reminds me a little bit of best buy with a Geek squad, the Geek squad. I trust those guys because they, they’re supposed to be the smartest around, you know, just their name alone in bevels, you know, that they are capable of doing what I need for my computer to be taken care of. And that’s a lot of the mindset is when it rang here with commercial roofing, broken hair off the word advanced commercial system, you know, what he’s being the owner and the founder of the business. We love what we do with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

I needed to make those decisions in the beginning. How do we want our company being represented? How do we want a company of the light of it in the community? And basically I was in the past, I’ve worked with a lot of stupid roofers, a lot of dumb roofers. I know a lot of dumb a roofing business owners that just, you can’t trust them and they’re not ethical people. They’re not moralistic, their characters very flawed. And so I wanted a company that can be trusted and it was very technically skilled. I mean, the vision I had from the beginning of starting this company many years ago was specifically to be the best at what we do with product knowledge, which is really, really important and expertise of experience. And so the expertise of experience here in commercial roofing broken Arrow really is a big deal because you find so many roofers that do not have any experience in commercial roofing.

That’s why they’re not familiar with, with working with property and building owners, they really don’t know how to sell because they really don’t know their product. They don’t know what they’re doing. And so it’s very, very, I mean if it, if you think you can save one or two or $3,000 and getting the wrong roof put on by the wrong guy, uh yeah, go with that guy. You’ll be calling me in the next few months and then the next few years, because many, many times reus are being put on incorrectly. They’re not being welded correctly, they’re not being checked correctly. They’re not being probed, they’re not being seen and flashed correctly. I just saw a roof just last week. I was doing an estimate for one side of the roof and the other side of the roof was a mod bit cover recover and there was not even flashing put on the roof. We are the best in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

It was absolutely ridiculous that a roofer would do something like that. These are the things we seen we do with every single day and we’re trying to warn the local community, listen, be careful in your selection. Even with us, be careful. Look at our reviews. I’ll let our reviews speak for themselves. Go to checkout our Google listing, going to check out our Google reviews. We have over a hundred reviews, five star reviews of people saying they had a great experience with us. So, Hey, we appreciate your time once again here and commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate you a lot that you have, uh, always join in with us and become a part of what we do. Remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s root science and also stay dry.