Here at advanced commercial systems. We’re having another podcast today. This week is our 91st podcast that we’re having here with the roof nerds. We love to have podcast and, uh, have these transcribed into articles for our website. And so that the people that live in the community, they can call in, they can send us messages, they can ask specifics about commercial roofing in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So it’s really a pleasure for us to every week. And it’s been a lot of dedication and a lot of time and a lot of challenges, uh, to sit down and put together. Now this are 91st podcast for you, but I’ll tell you, it’s been a great pleasure for us because we’ve gotten to know a lot of people who’ve called in and talked to us and ask questions. You know, about the building envelope, about thermal imaging, about how drones are used for commercial roofing or even residential roofing.

And so here at advanced commercial systems, whether you have a modified bitumen, a built up roof with TPO roof, uh, you know, shingle, roof, steel shingle, you know, uh, our panel, um, whatever kind of roof that you have. We love to give answers and questions and help you learn more. You know, we’re the roof nerds. And so the one thing we try to pride ourselves in is being extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of roofing. And in that we can share that knowledge with you as well. So today, um, I just want to cover some basics here of about what it means to be able to trust a contractor. Um, many times someone says they’re looking for a contractor they can trust. Um, and I’ll tell you there are ways to find out whether you can trust a contractor and not. One of the things I do every time I buy, you know, I might go to buy a pizza.

Um, I go to buy a car, a car shopping, buy a gun, you know, whatever it is, or even try to find a plumber or just a contractor. Many times I go right to Google maps and, and go into Google maps. I click the area that I’m in within a 10 mile radius. And you know, depending on whether I just want to go get pizza, I’m not doing it two or three mile radius. But in clicking on Google maps, I’ve been can see all of the businesses and their Google listings. Now we have advanced commercial systems. We have a Google listing and broken Arrow cause we are out of broken Arrow and in commercial roofing broken arrow. So we click on these, uh, these Google listings of businesses that we want to consider using. And in that listing we see what’s called a review. Now that is where people who have interacted with the business people have used the services of the business.

That’s where these people, they’ll come in and write, you know, their remarks of their experience with that specific local business. And so here at advanced commercial systems, um, I’m going to put it on pause here. I’m going to do a look a search real quick. I want to do an update search just as of this moment in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to see what roofing company has the most reviews in the Greater Tulsa area. So I’ve, Jess clicked on, and I’m looking at the Google listing. I just typed in toll, so commercial roofing and a one a red river roofing, and they have 12 reviews. Uh, they’ve been around for quite a while. I’ve competed with him and, and uh, and that they seemed to be some pretty decent guys, but I heard a few years ago that they stopped doing commercial roofing, so I was kind of confused about why they’re still advertising for that.

So another one has 56 reviews. One has 12 reviews, one has 44, one has five, one has no reviews at all. The one has 1739, 11. I’m just scrolling down the page. Um, here is one with 16. They’re a pretty big well known company. The only 16 reviews. Here’s one of the 74. Here’s one of the three, three, nine 58, four one 13. Now I’ve purposely skipped advanced commercial systems. Uh, and the number of our reviews, I’m going to share with that with you in just a second. And so I’m going to type in here another search, uh, for broken Arrow commercial roofing. Um, 12 reviews, 56 reviews. Now this is how many people have came back to their Google listing after using them and gave them a review of whether it’s good, bad or ugly of their experience in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so here’s one of my competitors with 80 reviews.

Here’s when we’re five, 21 for 12, 16. It’s very seldom, two to 14, four. It’s very seldom that you get someone that has, here’s one of the 39, um, is very subtle and that you get a commercial roofer in this area that has more than 50 reviews. There’s only a handful that do. Here’s one of the 44, seven 11. But when you click on advanced commercial systems, you’ll see that we have 106 reviews. Uh, I have with my company advanced commercial systems. I’ve had more, uh, uh, satisfied clients give five star reviews than any commercial roofer in the entire area. Now I know how long I’ve been doing roofing. I’ve been doing roofing for 10 years, going on with starting my 11th year. Um, which, you know, and they say after 10 years you become an expert at whatever you do in life. Um, but I know there are some of these commercial roofing companies here that had been doing business for 20, 30 years and, but it doesn’t mean they do a good job.

And so there have been at least 106 of my clients who have come on my website after using me or come on my Google listing in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and decided to share their experience. So I’m gonna Click on this experience. I’m just going to read through. So, um, um, here’s Mr. Franklin. Let me read his review. He says he owns three commercial builds buildings that he rents out a, he looked for the, he had heard the roof nerves and look for them online and we came out and did a 24 hour or evaluation for the, for the three buildings he has two of those were um, flat roofs and one of those is steep slope and we did repairs on the two flat roofs and a, he gave a five star that he would highly recommend us. So that’s, so that’s a good review.

That’s the kind of service that we want to offer people and that’s the kind of feedback that we’d like to get back. So if you would go check out, if you want it to take some time in commercial roofing, broken Arrow in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and check out our reviews, I think you’d be pretty satisfied to see that we are the top commercial roofing company in the Greater Tulsa area as far as the feedback from our customers and our clients. Um, you know, we, we, we’ve put a lot of effort into customer service. We put a lot of effort into making sure our customers, they trust us and they, we have probably the highest rate of customers who come back to us and use us over and over again. I just had one client, uh, in the last five days of business, um, call me with about nine different roofs.

So that’s a commercial client who just called me with nine different roofs that he wants me to do a free evaluation home, do an inspection on and do repairs and do replacements as soon as possible. And so now this is a client I’ve worked with for years now I tell you, he’s not calling other roofers. He’s calling someone that he’s worked with. He’s calling someone that he trusts. So that alone, and that is one of the bigger property management companies in town. Um, that alone speaks, speaks just tons towards all of the effort that we put into holding a good name, whether we do residential roofing, roof repairs, um, flat roof, leak detection and repair, flat roof and, and metal roof restoration. If we’re doing roof maintenance, if we’re doing gutters, you know, whatever it is we do, our roof maintenance plan is actually called the, uh, the smart plan, a smart roof plan.

I will, no matter what we’re doing in commercial roofing, broken out, we definitely strive to do our best and give you the best satisfaction possible. So if you want to take advantage of the industry training that we’ve gotten, if you don’t take advantage of, you know, the up to date technology, the uptodate technology that we offer, you know, between drones and thermal imaging, if you want to take advantage of those things, you can go to our website and give us a call. Now at the top of our website you’ll see you the phone number (918) 973-1010 and you can call that number. It is a 24 hour number because we’d get 24 hours service. Oh, by the way, we are the only company in this area that offers 24 hour service. Um, there, there are no other companies that offer that. Um, they, they advertise, you know, from, from nine to five, Monday, Friday.

Well, the reason why is because that’s when they work. If you call them at 10 30 on a Friday night, they’re on a date with their wife or they’re out sitting in a bar somewhere and they’re not going to answer their phone and they’re not going to take care of your roof. And so you call me 10 30 on Friday night, guess what you call the (918) 973-1010. I’m going to answer the phone by the second ring. And in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you do not see that happening. So give us a call, let us know what we cannot help you with for commercial roofing. Now, once again, just want to say that we’re, we’re happy to have you join in with our podcast. Today was our 91st podcast. We’re per really excited for the future of what our company, it looks like. We’re really excited for all the jobs we have on the books right now.

I probably have 15 jobs right now, um, that I’ve just got to start moving forward on that I’ve just received in the last five days. I was going through the books yesterday and just trying to lay out and just in the last five days, from 14 to 15 jobs have just been handed to us for us to start doing. So we’re busy, but we’re good at what we do. We’d never take on more than what we can afford. We never take on more than what we can handle. Our management processes and our ability to manage your project is second to none. So I give us a call here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we guarantee you we will make a good, a good impression on you in every aspect of our, of our interaction. We appreciate you today. Thanks for coming in. And once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry.