Thanks for joining in another podcast today with Marty Grisham here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Um, we are actually today going through our website for this podcast. This is podcast number 59 and we’re going through our website just covering some of the details and some of the things that we offer to our clients. Um, and, but you know, before we get started, let me give you some information here about how the contact is. I know you will have some listeners, it would like to contact us if you’d like to call us today during the podcast, you can reach us at (918) 973-1010. That’s the direct line here and a of our office and our station here. Uh, we have our staff here ready to receive your call. [inaudible] so once again, (918) 973-1010 and as well you can reach us on Facebook if you’d like to check us out there.

Um, advanced commercial systems on Facebook. Uh, we are the home of the roof nerds now advanced commercial systems at roof nerds. Tulsa and commercial roofing broken arrow. That is our Facebook page. Come on over and check us out. You can see our current jobs, you can see some past jobs. She some pictures of some stuff that we’ve done and I think you’ll like what you see. There are a lot of expertise and a lot of experience being given to our clients in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, so just going through to our website here at the top of our website is advanced commercial systems and we have a list of multiple things, one of which is why roof nerves and the next is services gallery testimonials and a Faq is frequent, frequently asked questions and there’s also a context bottom there which if you click on our contact or schedule me now buttons on our website.

It would take you to a place where you can fill out, let me click on these right now. Take you to a place where you can fill out your information that would be sent directly to our staff here at advanced commercial systems, our staff of roof nerds and you fill out your name, your email, your phone number and then you when you hit submit that would come directly to us so that we’d reached back out to you. Um, at that time we will take probably, I don’t know, five minutes of your time to kind of interview you with exactly what’s going on, what roof problems do you have that we would look into all of that and began at that point to set up a schedule to come out and uh, assess your roof. Now when we do that, we actually are offering you what we call our free roof evaluation and estimate.

You can see that as listed on our website as we’ve done this for two weeks. We’ve done this for Walgreens, farmer’s insurance, Oklahoma stag medical. We’ve done this for Bsn sports. You probably heard of those guys. They are a pre produced tons of of athletic wear for many of the schools around and also Maggio’s which you’ve heard of Maggio’s who hasn’t. And then also you probably seen a lot of kindercare centers. These are just some of the top names of some of the companies that we’ve done work for and this is the type of quality and expertise that we offer these guys. So uh, we would sit down with you or on the phone with you for five to 10 minutes and really just interview what’s going on, ask you multiple then we’d come out and offer our 24 hour free roof evaluation. Now this is a big part of what we offer our clients and it’s really one of the reasons why we becoming one of the top companies in the Greater Tulsa area with commercial roofing broken arrow the free roof evaluation we offer you that specifically consist of of three main things.

One of his is a diagram drawing of your building. Another is pictures of problematic areas and just an overall overview of your roof. And then the last would be that a video. Where did we do a walk through? Um, we talk it through auditorily and we walk through and show you, um, problematic areas in the video. That way if you have a boss or you just might be a maintenance building, a manager who has to answer to Oh, a maintenance board or, or someone’s, Oh, who’s over the building or over the business or the owner of the business, uh, this will be easy for you to answer to them, uh, with commercial roofing broken Arrow and really give them a good aspect of, of just like they were on the roof themselves. Five major areas that we interact with our clients. The first will be that of roof repair.

And then the next up on the list would be that of roof restoration. And then we go into reroofing and then full roof replacement. I like the word fool because it shows that we’re tearing all the way down to the decking. So full roof replacement. And so in your mind you might be thinking, what’s the difference between that and a roof? A reroofing what’s, what’s the difference between roof replacement and reroofing? Reroofing is taken off just one or two top layers normally just so a top layer like you might have, you might have a mod bit, a system as a bottom layer laying up on us steel corrugated decking. And then on top of that you might have, uh, maybe some fiber board, a separator, uh, and then some TPO screwed down, uh, with mechanically fastened. So we could come in and take that mechanically fastened TPO off, which takes off one layer, which gets us back to code where we can do reroofing.

Now according to Code, we can only have two roofs to roof systems on a roof. So we have to, we cannot put a third and the reroofing system, we can take off a top and we can add that second layer new again and leave the base layer. The first layer down. That is the, one of the main differences between uh, reroofing and roof replacement, roof replacement and commercial roofing. Broken Arrow has essentially taken all the roof layers, all the installation, all the ISO, taking all the, you know, um, water tight membranes, taking those off all the way down to the roof decking. And in doing so, we then began to build this system back to code because right now we’re needing three and a half inches of, of ISO with a 20 or 21. Our value, um, for the code that we’re having to adhere on, how we would build back up with three and a half inches of ISO and then put back on a new roof system for you.

So once again, roof repair, roof restoration, reroofing roof replacement. And then the last thing I didn’t mention earlier is that of roof maintenance. Uh, our roof maintenance is a plan that we’ve composed that we put together. Um, we really like it. It’s a great plan. It works well for their customers. Now we work with a lot of building owners, but even more property managers. So our roof maintenance plan is a large aspect of property managers because they’re looking for a simple, fast and accurate prevented maintenance plans. That’s exactly what our smart roof plan is. Our fifth aspect we offer as a roof maintenance. We’ve named it our smart roof plan. Now property managers love it because it’s preventative. So basically either annually or biannually we come out, we inspect your roof, we’ve put up, once again, uh, just almost like a pre evaluation. We do a drawing and then we document and price everything that we suggest needs to be done just to keep water from getting inside the upper roof membrane.

This is a very important aspect. A lot of roofers don’t really refer to. They want to talk about just taking care of leaks and stuff, but you know, leaks can only be seen where they’re coming through the entire roof system. Then through the building and then coming down through a ceiling tile where someone complains about it. There’s tons of leaks happened in all the time and many buildings that are clicking right down through walls and you never see the problem. But at the same time it’s in the roof system. It’s on the metal decking is probably rottening out the wood decking or the metal deck and [inaudible] Rustin and out and his calls and tons of deterioration. Especially after about three to five years of that, you have tons of deterioration. Many times we’ve pulled completely roofs off and found that there’s so much metal decking you can just put your finger through.

The rust has eaten completely through it. It’s very dangerous for your staff is very dangerous for us to be up there and it and that data needs to be fully either recovered or completely replaced. New here with advanced commercial systems home, the roof nerds, we offer the smart roof plan and we know it’s not a for everybody because not everyone wants preventive maintenance. I’ve worked for a company years ago, um, they did not believe in preventative maintenance. And then the next company I worked for and we did roofs for, um, it was a great experience. They believe in preventative maintenance plan and they, they helped us understand the smart roof plan and, and help us compose what we have today. The systems that we have today, the preventive maintenance, just the annual checkups. These now the smart roof plan, the free scheduled annual checkups, these are free. You’re not paying for those.

That’s just us coming out offering a continual line of services to make sure you’re building envelope states watertight. Now we often talk about, um, because of the name of our company has advanced commercial systems. We often talk about the word system. What is a system? Why are we using the word systems? And because what we’re dealing with is roofing systems. It’s not just a roof membrane, it’s not just a roof layer. It is from the bottom of the decade to the very top of the roof membrane, all the way to the sides of the parapet walls or whether you don’t have parapet walls. It could be all the way to the edge of the metal, TPO covered metal drip, edge flashing, whatever flashings on the edge of your mom bit or did it just whatever the situation is in advanced commercial roofing, uh, with advanced commercial systems in broken Arrow, commercial roofing.

So it doesn’t matter what type of roof you have. We’re always talking about a specific system. Now in saying that we, we include the entire system from top to bottom. And so we want to be professionals of the entire roof, not just putting on a new layer for you to make money. And so in doing so, let’s just, let me give you a list real quick of the roofs that we are professionals at built up roofing, a single ply roofing. Now you know, single player’s going to incorporate Ebdm, TB, TPO and PVC, uh, metal roofing, whether it be standing, seen, corrugated, um, our panel. It doesn’t matter what type of metal roof and it is a modified Bitumen Rufin, um, you know, SBS, different types of that. We are experts in that as well. And then steep slope roofing, whether it be metal shingles, asphalt shingles, fiberglass, shingles, doesn’t matter.

We are also professionals at that. Now we can do steep slope roofing as far as steep slope is concerned with metal roofing as well. But normally steep slope roofing is referring to shingles. And then many types of roof coatings now in which we incorporate the terminology roof restoration in broken Arrow commercial roofing. So if you need anything from us, we’d love for you to give us a call at (918) 973-1010 our roof nerds in our staff would love to hear from you, love to assist you. We will give you a multiple budgets to meet your needs. Once again, our time is up for this podcast, podcast number 59 if you need anything from us, give us a call. We’d love to help you. Or once again, check us out on Facebook. You can check us out at roof nerds, advanced commercial systems at roof nerds. Tulsa, check us out and you can see the current jobs that we’ve been doing. We thank you guys for tuning in with us today. Have a wonderful day.