Thanks again for tuning in with us today here with advanced commercial systems. We are the elite, most quality leveled commercial roofing company and the greater tools area. Today we’re going to talk about something and there’s a lot of people are not aware of. And I’ll tell you there’s a lot of roofers that may not be aware of it either. I hope that most of them had heard by now the topic that we’re covering. But I’ll tell you what I’ve seen over the last two years, two and a half years. Um, most roofers that I know have heard about what we’re talking about today and today we’re talking about what is called the the construction industry boards, um, commercial roofing endorsement requirements for the state of Oklahoma. Now the state of Oklahoma and many other states, you know, they have sometimes similarities, like I’ve checked into the state of Arkansas and the state of Arkansas has some testing and have some requirements as well for commercial roofing.

But you have to do a certain size roof over there. So I think it’s somewhere around 25,000, $25,000 project before they require you for a commercial route or flat roofing system to be a endorsed with the state. Well, here in Oklahoma, it’s not that way here in the state of Oklahoma. For you to do any work or any inspections for commercial roofing and the state of Oklahoma, you have to have, uh, done some, some you actually purchased a large amount of books. I’m with the National Roofing Contractors Association. Uh, and you can purchase those in Tulsa and also with commercial roofing, broken Arab, uh, so you can purchase those books. And then, yeah, that’s, I know right here in commercial roof, in broken air, those books could probably be made available to you. Uh, maybe at Barnes and noble. I know, I’ve seen some there. And so, um, and, and then also the Greater Tulsa area.

So, um, what we want to talk about today with the commercial roofing, uh, endorsement that is required by the construction industry board. Um, I think it was the year of 2015, I think it was 2015, around July or August of that year, the construction industry boards set out these new rules that within a year and a year and a half period of time, they were requiring everyone that does any type of work or measurement or any repairs or anything to commercial roofing and the s in the entire state of Oklahoma. Now the construction now for them, you know, for anyone doing commercial roofing to have to be certified and endorsed in which they have to take a test and pass the test and then, uh, get meet all the requirements with the construction industry board. Now everyone pretty much knows, um, the, you know, in the state of Oklahoma to be a general contractor, there is no licensing. There is no test you take.

But for electrical, for plumbing, for h Vac and you know, I’m talking about all the contracting traits and for commercial roofing, not roofing, uh, but commercial roofing, there is testing that must be done now for residential roofing, you still have to get licensed. So in the state of Oklahoma, almost like a nurse, you have to be nil Ashton’s as a nurse, yet we license and you know, I think you even have to be licensed to be, uh, to, to, to cut hair. And so for residential you have to be licensed and you have to pay, but you don’t have to have testing done well for commercial roofing in commercial roofing broken Arrow and Tulsa and the Greater Oklahoma area, you have to have an endorsement that the construction industry board requires of you. If you did not have that endorsement and you do anything with commercial roofing, you actually fall into, um, it’s referred to as a misdemeanor, uh, a crime.

So it literally is a crime that is punishable immediately up to a $500 fine, and they can pull you off of the job. So let’s say you’re doing a $20,000 a roof replacement and they show up and they hit you with a $500 fine immediately and they can shut down your job. Now if it’s like soon to be rainy conditions or if the job is close to being done, I would think they would use their stance and not shut your job down and not really cause too much of a Ruckus, but at the same time, uh, they have the power to do these things because the construction industry board is directly under, uh, the governor, which has been for quite some time, Governor Mary Fallon. And so we’ve had a construction industry board for quite some time over all of these different trades. And as far as commercial roofing is concerned, and residential roofing, they had been putting together the laws and the bylaws that worker’s comp requirements, the insurance requirements.

So like for ins, for residential roofing, you can have, in the state of Oklahoma, you can have $500,000 in general liability. That is the minimum requirement for, um, residential roofing that is doubled for commercial roofing. So if you have commercial roofing, you also have to have a, according to the construction industry board, they will not give you an endorsement unless you have a 1 million, uh, which we have a million in place where the 2 million in aggregate, uh, per year. So you have to have a million in place to have your commercial endorsement. And then you also have to have workers compensation in place. And so I know the contractors we work with and then also we ourselves moving forward and, and worker’s compensation, making sure everything is where it needs to be. So here in the state of Oklahoma, we have worked, uh, with quite a few roofers that have, you know, asked around and tried to get other roofers to help them.

Um, you know, try to do commercial jobs cause you know, your residential guy, you’re doing a job and then another job pops up. That’s a commercial job. And so if they were to work with a general contractor that actually is a legitimate and illegal thing that can be done if the general contractor does the contract and actually does all the things required. So, so that’s just some little facts about the construction industry board and some of their requirements in the state of Oklahoma for the commercial endorsement of some of the things that we do. Oh, by the way here and the vast commercial systems we are commercially endorsed with the state of Oklahoma. You can go online and you can see that there is a commercial endorsement, uh, under our name. But when you go to the construction industry board, you can go see the roofing section and you can see that we are in good standing is referred to as good standing with the state as a licensed contractor.

And then also a commercial endorsement. So you could check that out yourself. And I honestly once you to the other, I know you’re probably online, you’re going out and new checking out the roof nerves us at that commercial systems, you’re going out and you’re checking out the other roofers. Um, when you go to do that, before you call on him and he’d just go and make sure their commercial to endorsements in place because you would hate to have your job started. And then suddenly a, the construction industry board does have two people that do police continually police this in the state of Oklahoma. You’d hate to have one of those guys show up and just start you stop your job or in its tracks and then calls you to have to be able to find a new contractor. So I’d hate for anything like that to happen to you.

So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the one thing that we endeavored to do with our clients is excellent communication. Communication is one thing that we do through email, through phone calls, through texting. And so the one thing that would aggravate me if I was going to get a construction job on my building or my property is if I didn’t know it when it was, when it was planning on starting, if I didn’t know when materials we’re going to be there, if I didn’t know when the job was going to be done. Because sometimes, you know, the things that take place in the interior of a building or in a business, they’re highly affected by this stuff going on, on the outside of the building. Uh, I know just recently we finished up a job. I had to interact with the, the uh, when we started the job I had to interact with the building owners, uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow right off of a write off of Aleman 81st and in broken arrow.

And I had to interact quite a bit for the first bit of the job with the building owners because we were needing to bring a large 30 ton a container, I’m sorry, the 30 cubic yard container for waste. So American management waste magic brought us up container out and we put it right next to the building because we were doing a tear off, we were doing a true full replacement, which is different than a reroofing. A reroofing is covering an existing layer and a full tear off full replacement job is you take the current roofing down to the decking and then you add on new installation if needed and then a new roofing system. And so we were doing a full replacement, full tear off system. And as we would tear that off, we had to put that in the dumpster. Well, the parking lot that we had to put that in was full and needed a lot of uh, attention from us.

We had to bring out cones, we had to bring out red tape, we have a tape off the area because the parking lot was continually trying to be filled up by people coming in to do business at that location. So here in commercial roofing, broken error, we endeavored to have the highest level of excellence and communication with you. And so literally any jobs that I project manage, you know, I’m the owner of advanced commercial systems when I project manage once, you know, cause we have different people doing different things. When I personally project manage a job, I will have the owner’s cell phone in my phone with a text already started because texting has gotten really popular, has gotten really good for quick communication. And so the owner could be in a meeting and get a text and see that, you know, we’re having the materials arrive in two hours, things like that.

And so we just really like to have on time continual the most updated communication possible. And also the suppliers we use. We tried to have and use the different suppliers, whether it’s Travis roofing or ABC or southern shingles. We tried to use suppliers that have excellent communication as well. And so that being said, we appreciate it once again for you guys tuning in with us. Um, we’ve gotten a little bit off of course, these last, this last podcast we’ve been talking for quite some time about the 30 point checklist that we do here in commercial roofing. Broken out that we do with all of our clients that we do that so that we can offer you the excellence that we would like to, you know, have someone offer us. So here with advanced commercial systems, we appreciate you for tuning in. Again here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, there is no other roof of that you should ever talk to. We are the absolute best top rated where the a best of all roofing in the whole state. We appreciate you a whole lot and it’s not rocket science. It’s real science and stay dry.