Thanks for joining in with us today for another podcast here. I feel most wonderful advantage commercial systems. Advanced commercial systems is a commercial roofing company and uh, we have been doing commercial roofing podcast for about 250 podcast week after week. We’ve been doing these podcasts, sharing these with the local community and making these alive online and when they can be recorded and uh, so that could be shared in community so that everyone can learn about what we do and who we are and how we provide the wonderful services that we do. Today we have many times we talk about a specific topic. Sometimes we just generally randomly talk about whatever comes to mind. And today we have a, we want to talk about energy star. Um, you’ve probably heard of it if you’ve bought a fridge, if you bought windows, if you both, uh, you know, there’s a lot of different aspects and a lot of different things for your home or your commercial building that you could buy. That’s why you need expert help in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And you could hear the terminology energy star here in, uh, with a commercial roofing broken arrow. We deal with energy star. We deal with their coats, we deal with their standards fairly often. And so one of the aspects that we do with the most is cool roofs. And there are coatings that are liquid applied coatings that are normally white, that are referred to by energy star as cool roof coatings. Now let’s go get some basics real quick. How much, uh, money is being spent for the air conditioning for your building now? Now let’s talk about the whole gym, the whole country as a whole because those are the standards that energy star provides for us. The United States every year around $40 billion. Now that’s billion with a B. $40 billion is spent every year to air conditioned buildings. Now that’s about one sixth of the energy that’s used for everything.

So the standards in which we are applying for cooling and heating and especially cooling and our buildings is absolutely phenomenal. I mean, we are, we are keeping our buildings, we’re spending a lot of time, a lot of energy to make sure our buildings are staying cool. And so when you, when you take that into consideration, how buildings are designed with flat roofs, with you can make the roof. If you can make the roof into an energy saving roof, if you can make the roof where it is reflective and it saves you energy just by sitting up there doing nothing, that would be a huge benefit for you. And so we, we, we build cool roofs and they’re designed to reflect the sun. They’re designed to reflect more sunlight, more UV, and also not just reflect UV but they also absorb last heat. Then you’re normal commercial roofing Broken Arrow that you see every single day.

So a lot of people love metal roofs. You throw a metal roof up and commercial roofing broken Arrow, that metal roof, you should go up there on on a 90 degree day and touch that roof with the, if the sun is out with no clouds, you are enabled to put your hand on that roof and hold it there for more than two seconds. It’s just absolutely amazing at how hot those roofs get and that heat is radiated inside the building. Okay. So now you go to the same, you go to a cool roof, you go to a liquid, applied cool roof coating, you go to a TPO, cool roof. And upon doing so you can lay your hand on it and it’s feels like it’s probably about 85, 90 degrees. It’s actually cool. It doesn’t get terribly hot where it would burn your skin. And so that’s some of the aspects of, of what we do, uh, trying to help you in the energy savings. Now there are reflective tiles, there are reflective shingles, there are reflective, uh, sheets, which we refer to as single applies.

And there’s also reflective coatings, which are cool roof coatings. Now, you know, have you played sports? You’ve been out mowing, you’ve been out in the yard working. If you wear a light colored shirt, you can tell how much a in commercial roofing broken Arrow, how much cooler you, your shirt stays as opposed to wearing a navy shirt or a black shirt. That’s why I’ll see sports teams wearing black jerseys. And I’m just thinking, Oh, why are they wearing a black jersey? You know, because they’re just, the sun is beating down on this already hot enough and they’re wearing black. And so that’s why, uh, that same premise comes over into this, the same standards and the same science moves over into the roofing science that we’re working with for cool roof coatings. Because I said the roofs we’re building, they’re designed to reflect sunlight and they’re designed to absorb less heat than the standard roof.

So these two things are working together. They’re highly reflective, like a type of paint, you know, you know some pains where we’re painting the song. So it’s a highly reflective. And then also with the sheet covering, you have the highly reflective tiles and shingles as well. So the standard for dark roofs, they can reach up to 150 degrees with the summer sun touching them with the summer sun pounding on, you could have a hundred, you can fry an egg on a metal roof in the sun if it’s a dark roof, there’s no doubt about that. It’s absolutely true. And so a cool roof under the same condition can stay as cool as 50 degrees cooler can go up to only about a hundred degrees, which is definitely bearable for you to be able to touch in you reveal, you know, interact with in commercial roofing broken arrow. So just think very quickly you have a very large building. Let’s say you have a 250,000 square foot building that’s a 250 square roof because a square is a thousand square feet is 100 square feet. And so you have a 250,000 square foot building and

you look at the size of the building and you look at the size of the roof and imagined having 150 degrees on your entire roof and just radiating that heat into the building. If you do not have proper installation in that building, you can only imagine how much heat is coming into the building from the roof. It’s just like, it’s just like when you’re cold and you lay on the bed and you put over you or really hot heating blanket and it doesn’t take you long to get warm and you, and it doesn’t take you long before you’re throwing in your kicking it off because he’s just too warm. It’s radiating too much heat. And that’s exactly one of the reasons why this country is spending $40 billion a year on just air conditioning. One sixth of all electricity is being used just on air conditioning and that also applies just as much here in northeast Oklahoma.

Tulsa, a Washoe Jinx, Claremore sandy springs sky took uh, Coweta Jinx, uh, Glenpool Bixby Hash school even over here in good old commercial roofing broken arrow. And so when you do the numbers, if we could just bring out a cool roof or we can just bring out a cool, just a layer of TPO and just lay it on your, your roof for one week in the summer, I would love for you to see how your energy savings would go from 15 to 35% of Co of saving you actual electricity cost because of the roofing. Now being reflective and not absorbing the heat, it is a huge, huge benefit. So let’s go through real quick, a cool roof. Let’s look at some of the benefits of building. And those inside the building can have one. It can reduce the bills, the energy bills. Now it does this by decreasing the need for air conditioning in commercial roofing broken arrow.

Now what about indoor comfort for those working there? So it improves this for the spaces that are not air conditioned. So that’s a big deal. You know, there’s a lot of warehouses. I mean, uh, the majority of the warehouses, I’ve known him, they’re not accurate air condition. You’ll have an office in front, you have a warehouse in back. They’re a business, they’re the back, doesn’t have air conditioning. They normally leave the doors open during the summer and try to have the wind blowing through so they at least get in. They have big fans, the biggest round standing box fans. So that’s a big deal that you improve the areas that are not air conditioned. Um, and then you obviously you got covered patio airs, you have garages and things like that. And then the last one we’re going to cover here is you’re decreasing the temperature of the commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And so this will extend the life service of the roof. So if you’re decreasing the temperature of your decreasing what UV is doing, if it’s UV reflective, you got to understand that UV is deteriorating agent. It actually breaks down things. So if you’re reflecting UV, you’re actually prolonging the life of the roof given life back to it and creating it, uh, more of a stable environment for it to sit up there and do its job of being a water tight membrane for a long period of time. Hey, we’re done here and commercial roofing broken air for today. We’re going to pick back up on cool roofs next week. Next week we’re going to pick right back up where we are getting back into cool roofs, getting back into energy star, getting back into the solar reflectance that we are looking for from great roofing products. Thanks for joining us today. Remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and here in commercial roofing broken error. We appreciate you guys joining us here with advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds.