Well, welcome again to our podcast today here at advanced commercial systems. It is a pleasure once again to have all of you guys out there listening and joining in what we’re doing here, uh, in the commercial roofing industry here in the Greater Tulsa area and in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, you know, uh, whether it’s a roof coatings, whether it’s a roof repair, it doesn’t matter even if, whether it’s even if it’s roof replacement, it doesn’t really matter what you would need. We offer all services that you would need storm monitoring, uh, engineering. We are certified engineers with Hagar engineering and so metal roofing, a roof, shingles, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is, is give us a call, uh, and you go to our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com to actually be able to give us a call. And so our phone number’s (918) 973-1010.

And when you give us a call, we will have a roof nerd. If we don’t have our main assistant at the front desk as to answering the phone, then either I, Marty, the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems or one of our roof nerves would answer the phone and began immediately to help you with any of your roof. He needs, you know, many times we are called and the people, this is this, you know, when potential clients call, this is what we here do. You do metal roofs. And the other day someone says, do you do SPF? You know, spray foam, spray foam, roofing, uh, someone called and said, hey, do you do asphalt roofs? Uh, you know, built up. And so that’s really a lot of times when you have a property manager or building owner or just a maintenance guy over the roofing system of a, of a building or a section of buildings.

Many times that’s just what’s on their mind. On their mind. They’d are just wondering, uh, concerning roofing contractors concerning roofing companies, uh, you know, roof costs, replacement, roof repair, roof replacement. They’re wondering, do you do metal roofing? They’re wondering those things. And so really I can answer all those questions. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. We do every kind of roofing that there is an Coahoma and you could probably go up north. You could probably go to Alaska, you could probably go to Hawaii and get some kind of roofing that we don’t do. But that’s not where we are. We’re here go to Oklahoma and here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we spend a lot of time continually educating ourselves now through Haig engineering. Uh, that’s one thing that we specifically do. And then just basically, uh, I want you to keep in mind there’s continually new products always coming out in the industry.

There’s always new products. And if we’re not specifically talking about new products for membranes or the upper, the upper coding we’re talking about below deck, uh, I mean above deck substrates, we’re talking about below membrane substrate substrates. We’re talking about moisture barriers, talking about different kinds of of fiberboard HD. We’re talking about lots of different fiber rock, a lot of different products that are coming out in commercial roofing broken Arrow, so commercial roofing, roofing, installation, quality, roofing. Uh, we are a commercial roofing company that we consider ourselves to be a quality roofing company from top to bottom. Now when it comes down to roof shingles, metal roofing, roof replacement, a roof replacement cost, a lot of roofing companies and a lot of roofing contractors do not do the roof repair that we offer here in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. But let me go through real quick.

Let me pull up Jess here just for a second. I want you to kind of get a little yeah, bit of an idea of I’m going to type in, okay. Roof nerds. I want to get you a limited idea of the types of clients that we do work with. Cause we have a lot of class that we work with. And when you, when, when we work with these clients, um, a lot of them are nationwide chains or you know, a pretty good sized companies that have a lot of buildings. And so here’s a list of some that we just, in the last few weeks we’ve been working with, uh, Mazda was pizza, a kindercare, learning centers. Uh, have you ever heard of Bank of America? We just finished a big bank of America job. Walgreens. I, you know, it was honestly there’s a Walgreens every three miles here in Tulsa. Chewies the restaurant.


So it doesn’t really matter. Um, you know, how big or how small your business is. We work with big companies like Walgreens. We work with big companies like Mazda Hose, you know, Oklahoma state medicine. We work with a lot of different companies and you know, in doing so what we found is the bigger the company, oftentimes the more really acquirements they have, the more insurance they have. So if you’re not a real large company, and you might not even

asking if we have insurance in place, but we have a million insurance, uh, we have 2 million aggregate, we have workers comp in place, we have all of our contractors and our subcontractors that work with us. We all specifically require them to have worker’s comp and to have, you know, a good, strong and equal general liability insurance w to that, that we do. So. So with that being the case, you don’t have to really worry about those things or they’re already in place. Actually, our vehicle’s have had an upgraded insurance because one of our main clients requires that we just have this totally crazy over the board, a truck insurance. So just because of that, every job we go to, we have that same insurance as we have a we have with them. So, so that being the case, you don’t have enough to worry about whether we’re insured or whether we were legit and what we’re doing.

And as far as the commercial endorsement here in Oklahoma, there is a commercial endorsement that’s required. We have that in place as well. So we are licensed and insured and commercial endorsed in the state of Oklahoma to do commercial roofing. So a lot of roofing contractors, there’s a lot of roofing companies that do not. And so roof repair, roof replacement, um, just few basic roof replacement costs, those things, uh, pertaining metal roofing roof, shingles, TPO, thermoset, thermo Polyolefin, the Tpos Epd, ams, all of those types of roofs. We are certified and installing those to give full blown warranty. So we can give full blown up to 25 years, sometimes 30 year in D als. Now I in the Ale is actually is just the acronym for no dollar limit warranty. Uh, no dollar limit warranty is specifically a warranty to where if the roof fails and something takes place.

Um, it has been, uh, you know, the manufacturer of the product has inspected before and after, uh, of the installation process that we will do and they have given a no dollar limit warranty that says anything that happens, you know, to the roof other than just wild crazy, oh, you know, storm damages beyond the norm. Um, anything that would happen would be completely covered and replaced free charge of you. So the, so the manufacturer believes in their product to such an extent and they believe in us to install the product to such an extent that we will be able to install the product and be able to give you that kind of warranty. So some of those can go up to a 25 even possibly a 30 year warranty depending on the type of system, depending on the type of roof. And the height of the roof, all the different things in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, all of the things that pertain to your roofing system.

So once more, just keep an eye on. We’re not a roofing company, we are roofing system company. And I say that because a roofing isn’t just a roof, it is an entire system of pair of at walls. It is a substrate, it is more sure barriers. It is a decking system. It is everything needed. We might be putting a ballast system, you know, a a EPBM ballast system or an EPM ballast block system on your own. You’re building. And so it’s not just about a roof because there’s so much more to it than that. So within that we come up with it with a little slogan than we say. It’s not rocket science, it’s real science in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So with that being the case, what we want to share with you right now, real quickly before we end this podcast today is about our schedule.

Now we have a schedule now button on our website that’s for roofing contractors. That’s for roofing companies. Roof repair is very common. A red roof, metal roofing roof, shingles, metal roof cost, hip roof, roof pitch, roofers near me. So if you’re looking for a Roofer’s me, uh, I’ll tell you what, you should give us a call and because we’re near you, wherever you are is where we’re going to be as well in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you click our schedule now button is, I’m doing that right now. You see a page pull up that says name, email, phone number, submit. What happens is that comes directly to our main office here. Our office will receive that and within a very short period of time of normal working business hours, uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, that’s going to come back to you as us giving you a phone call and as we give you a phone call and a backup email introducing you to advanced more commercial systems.

Introducing to you to the little bit of the history of where we come from and our experience, our training with Hagens engineering, all the different things that we do. When that comes back to you, you’re going to haven have more confidence that we are the Roofer and commercial roofing broken Arrow, that we’ll be able to take care of you. So, uh, all the different things that you’re looking for in commercial roofing for a new roof might be slate roofing here in roofing Tulsa. Uh, you know, it might even be a roof coating that you’re looking for. A, you could be looking for emergency roof repair. You could be looking for a commercial roofing company or commercial roof repair. Doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. We are the company advanced commercial systems that would love to take care of you here in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. Once again, thank you for calling me today. Thank you for, for joining in with our podcasts. I think this was our hundred and eight podcasts that we have. And so with that being the case, we appreciate you joining in with us today and stay dry.