Hey, we’re going to talk today on um, some different services that we provide for you at advanced commercial systems. So if you have a commercial businesses, if you have a commercial roofing broken Arrow and you have any needs for your roof, if you have a leak or a just any concerns because you’re not sure how old it is or you may want to sell your property or it’s a property or considering buying, um, it’s, we’re going to talk about some services that advanced commercial systems and the roof nerds, which are experts in the field of roofing. What we can do for you at advanced commercial systems for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So we offer repairs, roof restoration, roof replacement, replacement roof maintenance inspections, leaf leak detection, onsite consultation. And we also answer your emergency calls. Just give us a call, we’ll give free estimates and we’re, we’ll come out in 24 hours.

And not only do we give you an estimate, we at roof nerds will come out and we will evaluate every aspect of your roofing system and we’ll take a core sample if that’s necessary. Sometimes you don’t know how many layers of roof you may have. And we will give you a full evaluation and some different options for your commercial roofing broken arrow. So, um, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Repairs, restoration, replacement and maintenance. Uh, at advanced commercial systems we have a smart roof plan, which is a way for us to um, provide maintenance to you and to make sure that your, um, your roofing system, um, has it stays fault free, especially under your warranty that your product may include. So often sometimes they’ll, you will have to fall a warranty claim because the roofing products that may have been improperly installed on your roof, we’ll come out and evaluate that and um, we’ll make sure that you are, your manufacturer warranties are, um, are up to date.

And oftentimes those warranties, they require a systematic roof maintenance plan to be in place and to prove that you’re taking proper care of your roof and maintaining it and you know, preventative care to make sure that the roof is in great working order. It’s just like anything you, you know, a roof requires maintenance. Just the same way as maybe siding on a home or are like a car requires maintenance, you know, just some simple maintenance will make it lasts much, much longer. And that’s our smart roof plan is for, there’s numerous immediate benefits that will apply to your current roof system. For instance. Um, we’ll come out and we will evaluate and you know, on a, on a regular basis we’ll evaluate and make sure there’s no leaks where making sure there’s no seams that are, you know, having any problems because of maybe some, some heavy rain, no problem areas like ponding or a problem with your slope or, or your Hva SI units.

There’s many factors that we can check on and just make sure and document, um, and repair immediately if that’s needed. So give us a call at advanced commercial systems, (918) 973-1010 and c while calling roof nerds is a great solution for you. We’re the home of the roof nerds and you can schedule now and they’ll come out and check on your roofing system. And they will evaluate any needs you may have. They have technical expertise, they’ll provide a systematic plan and smart solutions or your roofing system. And that’s critical for your commercial roof because you want your business, you know, it’s an important thing. You don’t want, you know, maybe ceiling file tiles falling down. You don’t want any problems like that to occur within your roof because you want your business to um, to keep going and maintain its current, you know, um, effectiveness. So you don’t want any problems like um, major leaks. But if that does happen, you can call us for any emergency repairs at (918) 973-1010.

So one person that we’ve worked with recently was a property manager that is in charge of making sure and overseeing their business. They’re building maintenance and its a, it’s was a huge job to them because it encompasses so many different aspects and you want an experienced, um, commercial roofing contractor that can take a lot off your plate and just give you peace of mind too, to kind of check that box off of your roof and make sure that your buildings are, you know, well maintained. So we worked with this property manager and we did an evaluation on their different properties and we found, um, quite a few easy solutions for them. And there was one property that required a little more work, a little more than just they required a roof restoration rather than just a repair. And so sometimes that that happens. Sometimes of course you need a complete replacement.

And oftentimes, like I mentioned earlier, there are that can be in place with your, with your, um, uh, product and with the, the products that are used upon your home. So, um, we can help you see that because hey, if you can get your roof paid for because of it’s under insurance or if it’s under warranty, then that’s a great solution for you. That’s a win win for everybody. So, um, we want to remove those costly headaches or that so that we can catch small issues before they become a big issue and become a costly headache. So if you’re a property manager and you want to ensure that you’re the asset of your roof over your properties, has the longest life possible, that’s what something like our smart roof plan could do for you, that we can come out and, and, and maintain your roof’s effectiveness and maintain the workability of your roof.

So give us a call at advanced commercial systems for your commercial roofing broken Arrow at (918) 973-1010. Um, let me just go ahead and mention right now that you can go to our website at [inaudible] roof nerds.com and you can see what people are saying about us. Um, we have a client that had some unforeseen circumstances and they mentioned that, you know, that they, it, it’s nice to know that they can really rely on us. So we can’t, we are a company that you can trust and we’re easy to work with. And we first of all patch any leaks. You know, this, this client, this, this client said that we patched the leaks and the price point was great. So I mean that’s, that’s what you want. You want us, you want service, you can trust. We do a quick fast and quality work. So, um, that’s the best that we can do for you and we will do a great job for you.

So give us a call at nine seven three one zero one zero at advanced commercial system and we will also give you a free roof inspection in 24 hours. Some of our clients include chewies, Walgreens, farmer’s insurance, Osu medicine, BSN sports, Maggio’s and kindercare. So you can give us a call today. So, um, let’s get back to talking about if you are a property management, we offer solutions for you. And ultimately a roof failure can, can lead to a damage, assets, cash flow issues and it’ll weaken your reputation and you don’t want that. You can also, you know, it could be a major financial problem if you have leaking within your buildings. And um, you know, it can cause problem to those businesses within those, within your, that you’re managing and those properties that you’re managing. And so property managers and building owners can easily lose rental revenue if something like that happens.

And so a poor roofing system, I’m one that’s not performing well, um, could cause real difficult problems for you. So we understand at advanced commercial systems that our roof is a huge investment and we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. We guarantee a prolonged, um, to prolong the life of your roof by just taking a few simple steps to make sure that the maintenance is being done well on your commercial roofing, broken arrow. Um, we will spot issues that will spot issues that are small now that if you don’t correct them down the road, they can be big problems. So we can start saving you money now. So if you’re a property manager or building owner, um, we want to take a lot off your shoulders and we want to lighten your load and, um, just take to give you peace of mind by knowing that your roof is well maintained and well taken care of. So give us a call at (918) 973-1010. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science with the roof nerds at advanced commercial systems. Call and scheduled today.