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If you’re in the need for commercial and industrial roofing and waterproofing you should give Advanced commercial systems a call. We are a licensed commercial roofing company and fully insured and bonded. We offer expert Commercial Roofing, and also Industrial Roofing. We have all the systems you need for institutional Roofing and new construction or existing structures at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow We offer roof repair and roof restoration at commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Roof restoration is often performed by roof coatings which we follow up with an annual roof maintenance plan that we call a smart plan. We also offer retrofit sand full replacement of commercial building roofs.

Built up roofs are our specialty. They are coal tar pitch and asphalt. Single ply roofs and modified bitumen roofs are also a specialty. TPO, PVC, and EPDM are in the two categories of thermoset and thermoplastic. Are metal roof systems and repairs are excellent because we offer standing seam, R panel, and flat seam roofs. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow We install and have installed hundreds of shingle roofs on residential and Commercial properties. Just recently in the last few months we performed over 500 squares of roofing for commercial buildings with Atlas shingles. GAF shingles, Atlas shingles, and Tamko shingles are often products that we install. We have a high expertise at solvent and waterborne polymeric roof coatings here at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. We study their warranties and their application instructions to make sure they’re installed with the highest level of expertise.

We also work with solvent and waterborne polymer modified roof coatings and cement. Liquid applied monolithic membranes are also an area of expertise in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Here in Commercial roofing Broken Arrow, we also have a crew that has much expertise and clay tile roofing and we install many forms of slate Roofing. Out of the many types of roof work that we perform, reroofing is probably the most economical and useful for commercial buildings in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Reroofing is allowed on Commercial Roof Systems, especially if the roof system has not been saturated with water. If 33% or more of a roof system has been saturated with water it is practically more economical to do a full replacement. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Reroofing is taking off the top layer as needed and reinstalling a new membrane or new top layer of the roofing system. This often incorporates reusing the current installation, substrate, and layers of the current Roof System. Here at Advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds, we work with tons of building owners and property managers.

Property and asset managers love are systems that we install and the highest level of communication that we offer to our customers. Mini owners and managers do not know the type of Roof System that their current buildings may have. They also don’t know the thickness of the insulation and the R-value they are getting from their Roof System. It’s very easy for us to perform a core sample in which we drill a hole about 2 in wide from the top of the roof membrane all the way to the decking. We pull a core out of the entire Roof System and we can lay it out and see its thickness, how many layers there are, if there’s any more stir present between different layers, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow the amount of our value and installation present. We can also determine what type of decking and substrate there is for the roof system and what condition it is in. Having done many jobs of reroofing and full roof replacement, we see one of the biggest mistakes that is made by our clients. Our clients receive a new roof and they just ignore the roof for years upon years without inspecting it.

This can cause many problems especially debris that can attain Up on the Roof and plug up the water drainage systems. This is why our roof nerds at Advance commercial systems and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, offer a biannual roof inspection evaluation for free. There’s no obligation to use us but when you see the high level of communication that we offer and the report that we bring to you, I’m sure you will acquire our services. At Advance commercial systems and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we use top rated preventive maintenance services that are specifically designed and tailored for your specific commercial roof. Whether you have a steep slope or low slope, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow we have preventive maintenance systems that will keep your building envelope of your roof system completely watertight. This will prevent you from costly reroofing or replacement much earlier than it should be. we will keep your roof from being out of sight and out of mind. It will not be out of sight because we will bring you inspection videos and pictures to document all problematic areas of the roof okay.

And we will offer these to you and digital file and printed paper so they will not be out of mine and you can show them to the building owner to show your superb level of property management. everyone knows that ignoring a property will cause that property to lose value. In the same aspect, ignoring the Roof System will lead two premature roof failure. Water will try to invade the building and bring interior damage to equipment, business property, personal property, and the productivity of your business. preventive Roofing maintenance is a major plus that we bring to you at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. we will increase the service life of your roof. We will reduce Capital expenses for your business concerning your property. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow We will bring the highest level of documentation to you to establish preventive care for your roof. So give us a call and advanced commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. We will help you and we will serve you to the highest level possible.