Well, today is another podcast, podcast number 78 here with advanced commercial systems, the local, uh, Oklahoma commercial roofing company here with advanced commercial systems that brings local information and podcasts to you, uh, so that you can keep up with what’s going on in the commercial roofing industry and the jobs that we’re doing. Um, really just informing our clients and potential clients of all of the work that we’re going to do and the work, the types of work in systems that we can install. So thanks for joining another podcast today. I’m Marty. I am the owner and founder. We are a family owned a personal commercial roofing company here at advanced commercial systems. And we say that we are the home of the roof nerds are roof nerd is a technically skilled and highly educated, a commercial roofing expert, um, that focuses on the technical skill of installation and roof repair of commercial roofing systems.

So that’s what we bring our clients and we have a lot of clients, man, do we have a lot of the wonderful clients, Walgreens, Bank of America, chewies you know, Maggio’s pizza kindercare, childcare centers. We are, oh, you medical facilities. We have a lot of clients that we work with and we absolutely love them. They are great. They take good care of us, we take care of them. Uh, just what was it, a week and a half ago, I carried all of a, one of our, one of our top clients or property management company in town. Uh, we carried out to them a meal for the day for Mondos and we could sit down with them and get to visit with them and do some, uh, you know, just trying to kind of pay back to them of the generosity of, of allowing us to work for them, kind of bring back to them a little gratitude, uh, for how well an easily they’d been to work with.

So today’s topic of podcasts, once again, we’re just going to generally talk about a lot of different aspects of commercial roofing services that we offer. Uh, we don’t want to take on a job unless we can absolutely do the job at the highest level of our expertise. Um, communal commercial roofing is considerably inherently different, you know, then that of steep slope roofing for residential homes. Now keep in mind that steep slope roofing is a large part. Uh, we just finished three large steep slope roofs in a Tulsa Owasso in broken Arrow, um, for a specific client, but it’s a large part of commercial roofing is a large part of what we do. But when it comes to residential homes, residential building envelopes, things sometimes can be differently. And one of which is how we work with the clients. The timing, you know, we understand our time is money and we understand businesses and property managers of their time as money too.

And so there’s nothing worse than a building having a leaky roof. The building owners frustrated cause they’re getting phone calls and they’re calling the property manager in commercial roofing broken arrow. And the property manager cannot get a commercial roofer out there to stop the leak. I can’t tell you the number of roofs I’ve gone to and the client, not the property manager, but the, the, the business that’s working out of the building specifically looks me square in the eyes and says we’ve had six to seven roofers. I don’t know if those are the magic numbers before I’m called sometimes, but they say so many times we’ve had six to seven roofers out and it’s still leaking and so we love those kind of jobs. They’re challenging. Uh, they’re technically a, they’re technically challenging specifically because of the amount of, of time that’s already been spent and how other roofers could have really just put other products on to try to solve the area.

But you know, I’ll tell you, I have over the last years done most of our initial inspections and have been with our roof nerds for most initial inspections for leaking roofs. That’s just because of the experience and the training that I’ve had in the amount of roofs. We’re talking 400, 500 roofs just in the last few years that we’ve inspected that we’ve been on that we’ve taken care of specifically for property managers. Because they, they hold a large part of the industry. There’s one property manager in town that has, you know, over 600 roofs that, that they manage. So they love to call us and we manage a lot of those, the law of the roofing systems for a lot of those roofs. And here are the best commercial systems. We really do. We one understand the critical aspect of using the latest technology, the latest knowledge and tools and even our equipment.

We update, continually upgrade our equipment when needed to make sure that, you know, like a heat welder is not worn out and do it half a job. We, you know, those, those heat holders or $700. We just recently purchased a new one. We do that so that when we start your job, we might have rain coming in three or four days. We want to consistently, effectively move forward, um, for, you know, like a TPO job and to make sure everything’s taken care of. We don’t want anything to slow us down. So I spend a lot of time in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, making sure our, our, our warehouse, we have a warehouse where we keep a lot of product and the majority of our tools are locked under lock and key at a warehouse that we have one of our roof nerds, staff, uh, that manages that warehouse, keeps everything in line, keeps everything in order.

And um, really it’s worked out really well. If we need something, if we need new products or new tools, we can definitely, uh, interact with, with our, our basically our warehouse manager and, and uh, and John will quickly let us know, uh, you know, any updates what we have for commercial roofing projects. That could be, you know, a free evaluation inspection that could be, uh, installing energy efficient upgrades to roof, which you know, under, in my mind that also involves a roof coatings because of just the entire roof replacement in the are uh, the, the UV ray reflective ability of a lot of the coatings that we specifically use. And then also just roof replacement roof reroofing. Then then remodels and renovations, roof restorations, residential roofing, new construction, commercial roofing installs, commercial roofing installs and repairs. And then also our smart roof plan, which is our biannual inspection free inspection.

Actually the essay that we do a free inspection with our smart plan. So let me, let me lay out exactly what that means just to you and commercial roofing broken Arrow, you have a roof and you don’t know the condition of it. The first three we come out, we look at the roof, we give you a walkthrough video, we give you any other video that’s needed. We give you detailed pictures and a diagram of the map that uh, of the, of a diagram draw a map from overhead. All of your roof. Well we can just, so when we sit down with you and explain where the pictures are, we can show you where they are. All of that’s free. That’s literally given you at no cost. Now, I don’t know if you understand this terminology, but that’s what we call a no brainer. It means it’s literally costs you nothing but 10 minutes of your time.

And for us to work multiple hours and put a lot into it because we understand when we, when we build rapport and we establish a relationship with a new client, that’s a longterm relationship. Our clients, they use us. They don’t go and get other bids many times and they, many times they work in [inaudible] just with us. And so, so that’s the first thing that we do. And then once we get done with your roof for free, we do it by annual inspection. So we do six months out and then another six months depending on weather where we come out and do just a real quick 30 minute walkthrough with picture and video. If those are needed of a bi annual inspection of your entire roof, that’s going to involve your membrane. You’re a single ply membrane, your seams, any penetration points, uh, Hva. See any other benefit, friction points of other, any mechanical machinery or devices on the roof?

Um, pipes, the, the mold, uh, in my, um, what’s it a divider space separators. Maybe up there. Parapet walls, coping cap, coping cat. Almost every roof I’ve been on in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, I’m saying 80% and 90% of the roofs I’ve been on literally need something, some watertight services given to the coping cap. Uh, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. So in that we just want to help our clients keep a watertight membrane in their entire roofing system. And that involves the coping cap in the perp at walls as well. Coping caps. Oftentimes I, I’ve seen people use uh, you know, shingle nails, you know, just little small nails. The nylo Gobi Cap, it should be as screw, it should be specific links. It should be a non rusty noncorrosive screw. There’s so many aspects of what we do with our free smart plan would use your bi annual inspection now that is free.

We don’t charge for that. So the initial inspection is free in six months. You get a free inspection in six months, you get a free inspection when you come on and join with our smart roof plan. Our smart roof plan basically says any issues that we find, we lay him in front of you and if you say you want them taken care of, we’re the roofer that takes care of that for you. And if you want to get second opinions and everything you can. But at the, at the end of the day, uh, we hardly ever lose jobs because our pricing is absolutely priced a match. We keep our overhead low and we keep the level of our products. Hi. Well I give us a call here at advanced commerce systems and by the way, I want to, I want to thank you for joining in again to our 78th podcast. This is episode 78 or 78 weeks. We have been doing this sharing commercial roofing with the local community here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you need anything in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, hey, give us a call on our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com you can see our phone number at the top. You can say our Facebook on the phone number in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow is (918) 973-1010 and once it all, uh, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And just for us, please stay dry.