Every day and talking about commercial roofing, we here at advanced commercial systems grow more and more in love with what we do. You know, have you ever had a job that you just enjoyed getting up in the morning and starting? Have you ever had a job that you just enjoyed? Everything that you do, you enjoy the people you work with, you enjoy your clients, you’re always having good experiences. I know over the years I’ve had people in my life that I’ve known and friends in my life that I’ve known and some people, they weren’t very much friends that just really did not enjoy life. They didn’t enjoy the job they had. They didn’t enjoy their profession. Some of them are doctors, some are lawyers, some are insurance salesman and they just don’t enjoy. Some are bankers, some are, you know, or welders and, and some work at, at different stores and run factories and different things. Um, some are in real estate. I have a lot in real estate. Maybe Times people don’t really enjoy what they do.

To me, it’s really is a shame because we at advanced commercial systems, the roof nerds and I, we really do enjoy what we do. Uh, my name is Marty. I am the owner of advanced commercial systems. I’m the founder of advanced commercial systems here and commercial roofing broken arrow. And I’ve found over the years a lot can be done more. If you love your job, if you love what you do, if you love waking up in the morning and sitting at your computer and he’s spending some time with God and then you spend some time planning out your day, spending some time figuring out the next things to do, you know, we’ve got to finish one job today. We have to start two jobs today. You know, I just really enjoy what we’re doing in the industry. I’d enjoy endeavoring to be the highest quality, the best quality in the industry that we can be.

So we, we really enjoy what we do. We enjoy the time that we get to be with our families and we’ll get to go to church, get to fellowship with friends. We just had, I don’t know, about 10 or 15 friends over last night. Uh, and we just all really enjoy life. You know, I believe the Bible says that God has given us his life so we can enjoy it. So I’ll tell you when you interact with us here with advanced commercial systems, when you sit down, you go over things with us, we share with you your options. We share with you all the different variables that you need in commercial roofing broken Arrow, for you to be able to choose the best roof, the best system, the best budgeting for you. You’ll, you’ll walk away out of think with a really great impression of who we are and what we do.

We’re not out to get all your money. We’re in this because it’s a passion. It’s what we love to do. There’s, have you ever done word crossword puzzles? Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle? Have you ever just put together a puzzle or, or play the game that was challenging? That’s what we love about commercial roofing. Commercial roofing is taking 15 different products and work in them together to build a complete roofing assembly from the decking all the way up to the upper watertight roofing membrane. Whether it’s a single ply, whether it’s Modbus, whether it’s a metal roof, no matter what the situation built up. Uh, it’s just this complete system that we put together or everything is chemically bonding and working well together. The technical skill, the technical expertise, the experience of of just thousands of roofs that we’ve worked with finished, worked on, inspected.

All of this timely comes together, Tim. It comes together at this one point in time in commercial roofing broken Arrow where we can serve you. We bring all of our knowledge, all of our wisdom, all of our experience. We bring roof nerdiness, the the, the best that we have, we bring to you that the best budgeting and the best pricing that we can to create a watertight membrane, a watertight assembly or a system on your roof, your commercial building so that you’re building doesn’t get wet. This is something we do every single day. It has truly become a passion. This isn’t just some profitable job that we just love to make a lot of money and this is something that we just really are passionate about. And so that is why as the owner of advanced commercial systems and the founder, I wanted us to be called the roof nerds.

I believe nerds are extremely passionate people concerning a technical, particularly technicals field in which they work in. So the Geek Squad at best buy, I believe those guys are nerds and they’re probably the best at what they do. You know, at their level, at their, their commercial level that they do and offer to the public. They’re hands down probably the best that there is on a widescale span, you know, span. And so here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we are that widescale span. We are the ones that are bringing you the greatest communication. How many people, how many contractors, how many commercial roofing companies or commercial roofing contractors. This is a question for you are bringing you a full initial walkthrough video of your building, of your roofing system from the time we climb up the ladder for the 15 minute walkthrough until the time we come down, when we give you this video within 24 hours, you’re literally going to be able to take this video home with you.

It’s going to be downloadable to you and you can see this video, you can share this video, you might have board members that need to see what’s going on. They want to know the condition of the roof. You’ll have a video that belongs to you, there’ll be a full walkthrough of the roof, not to mention also the problematic area pictures. So we find problematic areas on your roof and we take pictures of those and we give those to you. There are copies for you as well. If you request those in hard copy, we can provide that cause sometimes you need that to hand over to someone else in a boardroom or at a desk so you can discuss it together. We’ll definitely offer you that as well. So here at advanced commercial systems, we’re really endeavoring here and uh, you know, commercial roofing, we’re really endeavoring to bring you the highest level of communication and education and evaluation and accountability this possible.

And so just the other day we inspected one, two, three, four, four roofs in one building, complex area, large building, complex area. There were one, two, three, four roofs that we worked with over there. We did some estimates for, we did some, a simulations of, of what would need to be done, you know, in the next five years because the building owners there, they have money to try to decide what to do with the money. Do they want to take the money out invested, do they want to put it in their pocket maximum profit right now or what do they want to do? And one of the, one of the most educated of the commercial investors who might not be the most powerful of all of them, but one of the most educated basically said it is the best idea that we use the money to take care of the roofing at this time.

So it doesn’t come back and bite us in the butt with bigger and worse problems as the roof and progressive. And so I’ll tell you a large part of what I brought to them was basically a package, a very cheap package. I mean it was $1,200 for one building, $1,400 for another building and these are large buildings. But I just brought together this package of what we can do, uh, in offering them just a preventive maintenance package using some coatings, using some fibers, silicone products to do some, um, do some take care of some areas that are going to be problematic in the next few years. There was, it was a, our panel metal roof too. And so on the roof in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, there were some rusting areas that we wanted to take care of. I don’t know, probably 400 lineal feet of rushing areas.

Let me tell you something. For $1,200, $1,400, that is nothing for the amount of work that we are offering them. We’re offering them an expertise and professionalism and the amount of work that you just, you don’t find it that price. The reason why we can keep our prices down is because we have purposely endeavor and strive to keep our overhead down. We go beyond the norm to make sure we don’t have 400 trucks driving around. We have five, we don’t have five warehouses to pay for work. We’re specifically keeping our pricing down by keeping our overhead in place so that we can make sure that we’re not only profitable, but we’re making it a profitable transition for you if you choose to get your roof taken care of here at advanced tumors or systems, home of the roof, nerds and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we’re going to bring you some good pricing.

We’re going to bring you, uh, some, some knowledge and some information that you can trust and that you can count on. And so let’s talk about single ply systems real quick. Glutens, we’ve got one more minute here. Let’s talk about single plant systems. How can we bring you a inexpensive single ply system? They can still have the same durability and the same lifespan of some more expensive, uh, avenues that you go well for one thing, let’s start off with this. This one point, you can have a roof that has two layers on it. We can come in per code and take the top layer off and put on one new layer that will keep us from having to put on per code requirements, another three and a half inches of insulation. So if we, if you do not have any insulation in your current system that’s there, we can take off the top layer and add a new top layer without having to add three and a half inches of a very expensive ISO board and the, uh, systematic gluing system or the mechanically screwed gluing adhering system, uh, you’ll save yourself tons of money.

Now, if you’re wanting a roof, if you’re wanting a long term, a roof that’s going to give you great cost efficiency, then this was the time to do it. This is the way to do it and we would love to help you do that. So, hey, go to our website. Check us out at. Okay. Roof nodes.com here in commercial roofing, broken air. We would love to help you. We’d love to serve you once more here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems, home with the roof nerds. It’s not rocket scientist roof science. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010.