Well, we here are here together again for another podcast before advanced commercial systems. Uh, my name is Marty and I am the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. We are a commercial roofing company in Broken Arrow and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We specialize in commercial roofs and in broken Arrow a Tulsa SAPULPA, Coweta Claremore sands springs, a Waso, big Spi Glenpool Katusa, uh, um, sandy springs, uh, you know, just however far out you want to go. Uh, we go over and then into Oklahoma City. Edmond. We do commercial roofs at Yukon all over the area and we have been doing commercial roofs a long time and we really appreciate all of the people that you know, every week. Join in for our podcast today is our 84th week and our 84th podcasts that we’re doing this week in commercial roofing broken arrow. And so I just want to thank everybody for joining in with us.

Again today. We have some topics we want to talk about today. One of which, uh, which we don’t talk about a whole lot is polyurethane foam roofing and many times that’s referred to as SPF or spray, polyurethane foam, polyurethane foam roofing. Uh, it’s been used as a roofing and insulation material and the combination of the two so you can use it as an installation, but many times now that we can put coatings on a top coat in a base coating and we can use a polyurethane foam roofing as an insulation and a top layer roofing system all in one time. Now it’s been around for about 45 years and since that time it’s really proven itself to be a great roofing system. Very comprehensive. There’s been tons of studies, Chet checking its affordability, checking its, you know, its lifespan. How dependable is it? How does it do with, when, how’s it has it do with Hale?

There’s been tons of research on it and I’ll tell ya, it’s really a great product. I got a call, it was about a week and a half ago from a company here in town that was just needing some spotlight supermom SPF, a roofing done in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you need anything like that, give us a call. Oh, by the way, when you go to our website, you’ll see at the top of the page (918) 973-1010. That is our phone number. That is prepare yourself for this a 24 hour a day, seven day a week phone number that you can give us a call that’s for a 24 hour repair, 24 hour, um, you know, evaluation, um, an estimate and inspection, uh, for your commercial roof in which we come back. On the no brainer side of that, it’s free. Here’s the list of, of the no brainer side.

It’s free. Uh, we give you, we do it in 24 hours. A point number three, did I say it’s free? Point number four, it’s a no brainer in commercial roofing broken Arrow to get a free estimate and 24 hours with a video, a walkthrough video and pictures and a drawn Diane Graham from our roofing nerves experts who are certified with an engineering company for doing this specifically. Um, they draw out the, the diagram of your roof. That way you know exactly where everything is and where the potentially problematic areas are. But today we’re talking about poly urethane foam roofing, and we’re here in broken Arrow and Tulsa and Claremore and Coweta. We’re here doing all that we do with commercial roofs at, I’ll tell ya, foam roofs. Um, they have done a lot over decades and decades. We’ve inspected a lot. It’s been a great experience. Every single time we get on the foam roof, we learned something.

There’s a building in town. Oh, very large group of buildings. I’m not going to say the name of the business. Um, well, it’s a brick making company. So if you could figure that out on your own. About two years ago, I was up on their roof, checking out what they’re doing and stuff. And, uh, they were having tons of leaks that it was an SPF, a spray polyurethane foam roofing system that was acting as roofing system and installation. And I’ll tell you, it was really a very poor job of maintaining the roof. Now the roof was put on, well this, the spray polyurethane foam was sprayed on. Well, the coding was put on well, but you have to maintain these roofs. You’d have to check them every year. You have to stay on top of them. So let me tell you exactly what these are about.

You know, for decades now, they’ve been indefinitely. They last as long it only if they are properly maintained. So these are how they work. We come in with a spray machine, it’s about a $15,000 machine. We’d come in and we spray the polyurethane foam down. The foam is a low rise as it rises. We then, so as that foam rises, uh, within a short period of time, uh, because there’s a lot of specifics of what we do within a short period of time in broken Arrow, uh, commercial roofing, broken Arrow and commercial roof in Tulsa. Um, we come in then and put a base coat on top of that SPF roofing insulation combination there and then we come and put a top coat. Now I am really big, uh, of using silicone products. They are, they’re hard on our machines, but they are far best of the, of the best product to put on top of the spray foam roofing’s.

Now a lot of the last American coatings have worked over the years and those are the ones that I normally see that just get chalky. They just get a, they just get worn out in seven to 10 years. I’m not real happy with the systems that we’re seeing with those. So once we get the base coat, then we go on to put our top coat on top of the SPF. Once again, silicone based coatings, they’re more expensive, they’re harder on our machinery for sure. They’re really hard to clean and really hard to take care of the machinery. But there’s such a great project. So let me go through real quick, and this covers some of the stray foam roofing system, some of the benefits of these. Okay. Number one, lightweight, uh, number two, high strength. Number three, um, immensely high r value, a installation value. Um, weather resistant.

That’s a big one. Uh, was what we had number four. Number five, strong adhesion against wind uplift. So you know, when wind blows and, and creates a negative force and sucks up on the roof coming over the edge of a building, the wind lift resistance is excellent because it’s just like it’s completely glued down to the substrate. So it’s really, really powerful. Rapid. Um, you know, your increase of the payback for your energy savings. Here’s a good one for you, which you, you don’t necessarily deal with, but I deal with everyday and commercial roofing, broken arrow. One of the benefits is self flashing. TPO, you know, a lot of single plies. Every single time it comes to an end. I’ve got a flash and I’ve got to use termination bar. I’ve got to use some TPO covered. Uh, you know, metal for drip edge. I’ve got to have coping cap, I have to do something.

Even the curving of, of uh, the sides of machinery and, and stuff on top of the roof. I’ve got to come up with flashing every single time in commercial roofing Broken Arrow for these specific situations. So this stuff, when you spray on the phone, the SPF, it is self flashing. So how about this one leak, cre, monolithic seal that truly does cover the entirety of your, your roof deck. That’s a great, that’s a great practice right there. That’s, that’s really good benefit. A UL and FM approved systems. Well you know, immediately how good of a, you know, how that is. Now remember high strength and lightweight, we can get over into the potential for SPF to have storm resistance according to hail. I don’t think it’s that great. It’s easy for that base coat and top coat. When you get about an inch and a half to three inch hail for those to be punctured and when they are punctured, you need to immediately find out.

You need to immediately basically put a whole new coating over the entire roof. So there are some downfalls to it. Um, so I’ll tell you SPF, it’s a combination. We’ll just get on the technical side that the roof in south side, it’s, so it’s a combination of ISO second night and polypill in supplied as a liquid. So it’s a spray on multicomponent illiquid equipment. And what it does, it fills in all the cracks. It feels in all the crevices and your roof. That’s why we say it’s sell flashing. You don’t have to have flashing it feels in and it makes its own flashing. You just gotta make sure you get your base code and your top coat. You know, your top coat in commercial roof in broken Arrow, you just gotta make sure you get those uh, you know, properly installed, you know, properly adhered or sprayed or role or whatever you’re doing around, you know, the flashing areas.

It serves as a great protective coating SPF for, for spray foam roofs. You know, if you use Alasta Merrick, um, you can even coat it with gravel, which I don’t, I don’t recommend cause you go to walking on that, you can have all kinds of problems and the protective layer is very a weather resistant. So whether it was distant substance of normal maintenance. So as you get into the energy star aspects of this energy star loves this stuff because you reduce your energy bills, what from probably 45 to 55%, it, it falls into the cool roof roof program that oftentimes we hear the National Roofing Contractors Association speak about. And so, and then there’s also benefits of the spray foam insulation. You know, you’re, you’re making your home more comfortable saving energy costs. Uh, you add tons of strength to the building structure. You stop a lot of in and out air infiltration and also moisture because you’re using a nonpermeable, a SPF spray foam, which means it’s close sale.

And then now, but that’s the one thing I ran into the big building I talked about that make bricks here in town. Um, it was completely submerged in water. All of the spray foam, it had been a long time. It has soaked in water. They had hundreds of thousands of extra pounds on this roof in commercial roofing, broken Arrow because they did not maintain it after they’d had hail damage. Uh, and it was just worn out at 15 years went by and the, the base coat top coat were completely eaten through. It was a horrible situation. A tune in next week, next week, we’re going to have some more. We are at the end of our podcast today. Next week we’re going to have some more and we’re going to try to finish up this about a spray foam roofing and we can fill in all the rest of the blanks for you concerning that we appreciate you for joining and was today. Well God bless you and stay dry.