Welcome to the advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. This is a podcast here that we have been doing for a long time. And this is the podcast with advanced commercial systems. I’m Marty Grisham, the owner and founder. And so today we’re gonna talk about one of the topics that we have been from the very beginning, uh, over 200 podcasts that we have done. We’re going to talk again today about commercial roofing and we want to talk about the difference why advanced in, what is the difference that advanced commercial systems can bring to you and your commercial roofing needs. And so why are we different? What do we do here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow? And so we’re going to refer to two different, uh, two different people here are two different, you know, businesses. We’re going to refer to ourselves as advanced and we’re going to refer to other companies as the other guys.

And so we’re never here to put down specific companies, but we are here to build ourself up and we are here to show the difference of other things that we do compared to other companies. Because when it comes down to marketing, when it comes down to a productivity, when it comes down to project management, uh, we do definitely say that we are the best in town and that our systems are second to none. So advanced commercial systems, it’s all about the systems that we do. And it’s all about the systems that we follow to implement the roofing systems for your needs. Okay. So the first thing off he is, the other guys, many times they’re storm chasers. And so, you know, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, because we’re basically in the tornado belt, you know what a storm chaser is for the most part, but you might be new to town, you might not have, uh, have ever heard that terminology.

Basically that is a companies that follow storms. Whenever there’s large hail storms, there’s always a millions and millions of dollars to be made from roofing projects, whether they’re residential or commercial. The majority of storm chasers are residential companies, but there are quite a few storm chasing commercial companies. Um, that would come in from Texas, Kansas. I know some that come in from Michigan, Wisconsin. They’ll come down just because the storm came. So they’re not local. And those are the kind of guys that when you give them a first check so they can buy product a, you never see him again. And I’ve heard of that 20, 25 times over the last 10 years. And so it’s, it’s pretty common and it’s, it’s uh, and that’s just the people that I’ve talked to. And so you really want to be careful for storm chasers, uh, many times they just lack the technical expertise that’s needed.

Um, and they’re really sometimes just residential roofers who are looking for commercial jobs. They lack experience, they lack product knowledge. These are the things that they deal with on our side. Uh, as far as, you know, the lackey and the technical and everything, we are advanced commercial system. So we do commercial roofing. Our company is named specifically to do commercial roofing. So we’re not Bob his tailgate roofing, you know, that does residential Alpha Bob’s tailgate? No, we are advanced commercial systems. So we specifically here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, do commercial roofing. And that is our main focus and that’s our expertise. That’s why we’ve went, uh, compared to the other guys and have a certification with a Hague engineering. This is an engineering company that has, uh, has us certified as actual inspectors on their behalf, force, um, wind and storm damage and hail damage for commercial buildings and commercial roofs. Find out more about our commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

And so that’s the difference between us and that keeps you from making costly mistakes and many times repairs that are unnecessary. Okay. So the other guy is, another aspect of those guys is they have, and I’ll tell you, I see this a lot of very poor response time on the other side of that, we an advanced, we have a 24 hour commercial roof evaluation or inspection. So we are on the ball. We’re on top of what needs to be taken care of. The other guys have poor follow up. I’ve seen that they’ve had a absolutely a horrible lack of communication with clients. They have delayed appointments. Those are the things here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow I’ve seen over and over and over again, especially here in the just the entire Greater Tulsa area. Okay. Another thing about the other guys is one size fits all in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Now what we’re saying by that is they basically, they’re going to shoot you the highest estimate out of, you know, we can do you repair, we can do a replacement, we can do a full replacement. When he puts a new gutters on, they’re going to shoot you the big numbers. The reason why they should do the big numbers because they live off this doing the big numbers. They’d get one big number a month and many times their budgets met. Well, that’s not how we operate here at advanced commercial systems. We love preventive maintenance systems. We had one called the the smart roof plan. We love doing repairs because we believe roofs. Just because Italy, they’re not dead. They’re not done. They’ve not lived their full lifespan. Someone can take care of that. You know, you get a 65 year old man or a woman who’s sick.

You don’t just say, well, it’s time for them to die. You know they’ve got another good 20 years to live. Maybe even more. There’s people that lived to be 107. So what you, what do you do is you, you repair whatever they’re dealing with and that’s exactly what we do with the roof will come up and see a 15 year old mob bit roof. A lot of people say, well, we just need to do a full recover on this thing. We need to pull it up and put a new one down. My thought is maybe we can get eight more years of this life, the life span of this roof here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. If we specifically come in and do the right type of preventative maintenance, we do the right type of repairs. We take care of the ponding areas. That’s a huge part we take care of with, with modified bitumen roofs, you want to take care of number one, any ponding areas.

You want to seal those, um, using a silicone fiber and using some cloth that you want to seal those with a multilayer seal to create a good white, a watertight bond. And then all of the parapet walls you need to address where the seams are, own pair pit walls because many times the camp strips in that area, there’s tons of seems opening up. So those are just the quick areas that need to be taken care of with mod bit. Now if you are all have any granules and you see the deterioration of the actual membrane within, maybe maybe more needs to be done to the roof. But we are going to come here at advanced commercial systems. We’re going to give you what we call smart solutions. We’re going to give you multiple solutions for your roofs problems and we’re going to find, you know, when we lay all those down, we help you find which one meets your budget.

So here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to help you own your budgeting because we do a lot with corporate businesses because we do a lot with property managers because we do a lot with building owners, property managers, we’re continually being reminded. It can continually be in, uh, it’s being brought in front of us and, and reminded to us that it is super, super important for us to be able to do that, to bring them multiple options for the roof and systems. Okay. And then one of our last things is that of the other guys, many times are questionable. And what I mean by question was, I know guys right now that are doing residential and commercial roofing, they get up on a roof over half the roofs they get on when no one’s looking, they begin to damage the roof.

They began to create a water leaks and issues. They begin to fold shingles over. I’ve seen this and I, it is absolutely disgusting. And then they want you to call the insurance company and try to file a claim on it. It really is crazy. Some of the things that you’re seeing in the industry out here every day. And so the one thing about us here at advanced is we are transparent and we we promote roofer accountability, which basically is us sand one my footsteps off the ladder and I step onto your roof. I’m turning on a video Gopro, there’s a video GoPro attached to my head are attached to my chest and I’m going to turn that on. Anyways, I walk your roof, you will see anywhere my hands go. You will see everything we do. You will have a full video of accountability and transparency for how we treated your roof.

For things we’ve found. It will have audio so we can explain problematic areas and we can show you different aspects of the roof. And so this is what we’re about. This is what we do. And here at avast commercial systems, because we want to build trust with you, you know, if you’re going to pay a $75,000 or $150,000 you know, just a while back we did a did a $220,000 roof. And my clients, which I’ve worked with for years, they handed me $100,000 check upfront. Why? Because they trust me because they know me and they basically said, hey, get everything you need. Let’s get this thing going to the next week or two. So they hand me $100,000 check and we begin to move forward with it. So here the vast commercial systems home with a roof nodes, these are the some of the, just some of the things that we do that makes us stand out and shine above the other guys who if you, if you need anything we, we absolutely challenge you.

We ask you and we plead of you, please go check out our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com is our website and on our website you’ll see at the top or phone number is (918) 973-1010 you can reach us anytime also by emailing us at advanced. Okay. At cox.net or you could just reach out to us by hitting the schedule button on the webpage. And that’s the most preferred way to either give us a call or hit that schedule button. And when you hit that schedule Button, it will, uh, create a small page for you to fill out your information. You send that to us in very quickly here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, we’re reaching back out to you. So here at advanced commercial systems, we really love to hear from you. If you need anything, you could be in toll, so called Awaso, Jenks Bixby. It doesn’t matter. You can be in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it really doesn’t matter. We’re here for you. So once again, thanks for joining us for another good podcast today. We hope you guys are having a great day. God bless.