So the other day I was asking a question. I was asked would I put on a metal roof? Oh, by the way, hi, thanks for joining us again for another podcast. We’re talking about metal roofs today and what’s called a retrofit. Um, because I’ve got some metal roofs that were looking at, and do we have an option of putting new metal roofs on? Do we have that? We have that option of repairing what’s there or we have an option of doing a metal roof retrofit with a TPO system. But Hey, once again, this is Marty, the owner, founder and operator of a dance commercial systems here in a commercial roofing broken arrow. You know, one thing that we love and are passionate about here with advanced commercial systems is what we’re nerds about. We are roof nerves. We are commercial roof geniuses, commercial roof Geeks, commercial roof nerds.

I don’t mind someone, someone calling me a nerd, you know, if you call me a nerd, I mean, seriously, I think that’s a compliment because on nerd literally defined, I mean you’ve got to forget, uh, Porky’s and you’ve got to forget ridge avenge of the nerd. You got to reverse of the nerds. You got to forget the silly movies that tried to put a cliche in a specific light on people that are really smart at what they do. Um, you know, the little pocket folder hold your pins and your glasses and all that stuff. Let me tell you something. I respect nerds. I like nerds. I mean, I have a son or two that probably are developing into a nerd and I’m proud of them and they know their dad is a roof nerd. Now let me define a nerve to you. A nerd specifically defined in Webster’s dictionary is a person that is technically skilled in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

And so I call an expert and a specific technical field. While the specific technical field here in commercial roofing broken Arrow that we do with is specifically that have commercial roofing. If you need a commercial roof, you just give us a call, we’ll stand up, we’ll help you, we’ll assist you and we’ll give you tons of information. Tons of data. I love to say increasing your commercial Iq. You know the Iq. I’ve got a friend, uh, who has a hundred. The last time he was checked, he says he has 142 Iq, uh, is a great friend. I love him. His name is Matt. He, he can remember stuff like I’ve never seen, I mean he can remember quotes and full paragraphs from books he read 15 years ago and I’m thinking like, I, I don’t remember reading the book 15 years ago. You know what I’m saying?

The guy has got a wonderful mind and he serves the Lord. He’s just a great guy here in commercial roofing broken arrow. So if you’re looking for a roofer, that’s a genius. Well, I mean, we might not have the highest Iq, but when it comes to commercial roofing, we do, we study it, we live it, we breathe it, we eat it, we digest it. We wake up thinking about commercial roofing systems. We go to bed thinking about commercial roofing assemblies. We go to bed thinking about isoboard. We go to bed, waking up in the middle of the night thinking about mechanically a fashion. The systems fully adhered, partially adhered systems. We think about TPO, EPD, m, PVC, metal, you name it, slate tile, low slope, steep slope. These are the things that were just obsessed with it is our passion. Oh, we have a free roof evaluation that we give in 24 hours.

We do roof repairs, we do roof restoration, we do roof replacement, we do roof maintenance. We do reroofing. You understand reroofing is huge. If you’re not familiar with what code requires and a Roofer is coming out saying, we’ve got to do this seriously, please give us a call. We could save you fifteen thousand sixty thousand because there’s the potential for reroofing your roof instead of doing a full roof replacement. Once again, let me explain. There’s a, and I’ve explained it here in commercial roofing broken arrow. I’ve explained that quite a few times over the last few months, but I really just take it. It’s really important to get this across to people because our job here at advanced course or systems is to educate you. If we can get you smarter, it’s going to have you making better decisions and what? What do we get from that? What do we get from you spending less money?

Well, we’re not trying to get you to spend less money. We’re trying to get you to spend smart money. Smart money is used with wisdom of the industry that the money’s being spent him. So you go off and say, Hey, listen, I want a new roof. I mean, I remember there was a restaurant in town. I seriously could have done three to $4,000 a work and it would’ve saved them from doing a $40,000 roof and I could have prolonged the life of the roof easily 10 years. They were not interested. I’m thinking to myself, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Now I could be the ignorant one, the ignorant one here in commercial roofing, broken air. It could have been that they just had tons of money and they needed to start funneling the into the business or they’re going to pay taxes.

So that’s probably what happened. But after the end of the day, I’m surely you can unlatch somewhere else. I mean I’ll give you eight to 10 more years of life and a roof that always supposed to be a 20 to 22 year roof in the first place. There was a modified, been him enough there has got a maximum life of 20 years. I could get eight or 10 more years out of this thing. By doing that, by putting some codings, also supposed to be specific areas and doing some roof restoration to the spawning areas and some areas that just need some coatings and need some good silicone fibers and, and get some things done with some cloth and plastic processes and get some things done of repairing areas that needs help. We could have so done that and they could have used that money in so many other places in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Now I don’t look down, I don’t let me, I praise the Lord Man. I mean it was exciting to get a 40 $45,000 roof, but at the end of the day, what would I have done? What I had tried to say, hey, let’s let’s talk about why don’t you tell me what in the world I think I don’t want to ask someone. Listen, if you’re an open book talking about roofing, tell me, give me my options. You show me. You know, I’m not telling you my budget all the way, but just tell me what do I need to do here to where I make the best decision. And that’s what we do. We sit down with our roof nerds, we send them to Hagar engineering to become fully trained with every single type of commercial roofing and not just working on the roofs and repairing the roof, but a full assessment, a full evaluation of those roots.

Those roots are going to have a full assessment and evaluation by our roof nerves in commercial roofing broken Arrow so that you understand whether it’s a metal roof or TPO roof or a single ply thermoplastic polyolefin. It doesn’t matter what kind of roof it is. We are the experts that will come out and sit down with you and give you a full assessment. You do understand other people don’t do this. They give you an estimate. Other roofers, they just give you an estimate. We’re not trying to sell you. We’re trying to educate you. We’re trying to create wisdom so that you can make the best decision now and well, now what do we get from that man? I, I’ll tell you real quick, when we get them there, we technically get building trust with you. Or you can say, Hey, uh, you know, advanced, you guys are 3000 higher in price and these other guys, but you’re the ones that gave us the best system and you’re the ones that, that, that have shared with us exactly what needs to be done to make things right.

And so here at advanced commercial systems hold with the roof, there is you give us a call, we’ll take care of you. I guarantee you you’ll be really satisfied with the level of system that we do for you. Now, one of the big roofs that we were, we finished just recently. Um, we showed up and we found hail damage on the roof. We were going out because they were two sleeping spot. So just two very simple leaking spots on the roof. And so we show up at the business, we climb up on the roof, we find the leaks can you spot. And once we find the leaking spots, we also see hail damage. So in the middle of everything, all the hill damage we saw on the roof, uh, we began to talk to them about calling the insurance company. We began to talk to them about filing a claim with liberty mutual and they chose to do that with us.

And so that was a great experience. Liberty mutual came out the, the adjuster and I personally was on the roof with the adjuster. We found plenty of hail damage to, to uh, apply to the situation. And so it turned out just excellent for us to get a, you know, look a 55, $60,000 roof. And so here in commercial roofing, broken error, that’s a nice little roof. It’s not the biggest one in town, but it was a good job. And it was a good job again and we are really appreciate those guys trust in us and working with us concerning that roofing system. So here at advanced commercial systems you can check us out online. Now one of the things I like to tell people to do is to go to Google listing. So if you have, if you had, if you search the internet through Google, you can just type in Google maps. We love what we do in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Google maps is the place to go and tell you how to live and Google maps. And so when you go to Google maps, you check it out, you can type in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems, um, advanced roof nerds. You can type all of these things in and you’d be pulling up advanced commercial system. Then you can click on there and see we have over 110 reviews from clients, from people we’ve got to work with. What a great experience we have had in the industry. And I tell Ya, at the end of the day, you’ll see between our website at, okay, roof and our capability of just give us a call 24 hours a day. You know, there’s only two roofers in town that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And we’re one of those. And we’re the guys out of all of those. This specifically trained to be able to, from the engineering perspective of a structural engineer to inspect as a certified engineering company, uh, to inspect commercial roofs for replacement, for storm damage and everything like that. So, hey, give us a call here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We’d love to hear from you. We’d love to do what we can to serve you and give you just an absolutely great experience with commercial roofing. Hope you have a good day. And remember, it’s not rocket science and commercial roofing broken arrow. It’s roof science.