Hi this morning for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow with roof nerds. Okay. Roof nerds.com. We’re going to discuss insurance and we’re going to discuss, um, how you want to file a claim with insurance and how um, advanced commercial systems can work with you to file insurance and file a claim. And, um, so let’s just talk a little bit about some things you need to know. Of course, the first thing you need to know is we are the top commercial roofing company in the Greater Tulsa area. We will do a great job for you. So if you want to hear any more about us, you can go to, okay. Roof nerds.com or you can give us a call at (918) 973-1010. And we will, we would love to get with you and give you a free roof inspection in 24 hours for your commercial roofing broken arrow. But let’s talk a little bit about insurance.

Um, let’s say that you have a water leak in your home and you’re concerned about what kind of costs this, this can be of. I mean, not your home, of course in your home, but we’re talking about in your commercial building or your business, what kind of costs can this cost you? Of course, that’s going to be one of your main concerns. Your other concern being you want the best quality work possible. And we want to address both those concerns with you. We have the top experts in the field. I’m working with our company and our guys, we call them roof nerds because they are experts in the field of commercial roofing and they want to work for you and work for you to help, um, make a claim if you, if you have insurance and, or if you’re possibly your commercial roof is under warranty.

So depending on what type of roof you have and what type of insurance policy you have, you absolutely can file a claim. Um, there’s a few things that maybe your insurance company doesn’t want you to know when you’re filing a claim. First of all is, is time limits. Uh, you need to consider that all claims have time limits just in case because many do. And if you have, uh, uh, damage that occurs in your, you know, to your property, that time limit starts on the day of the damage that it occurred. And if you wait too long, your claim will automatically be rejected. And of course you don’t want to do that. So of course give us a call immediately and we have, um, we have had so much success and s and our clients are super happy when they call us about repairs or you know, claims or even replacements.

And probably if you’re following with an insurance company, we’re, we’ll do our best to get your roof replaced because that’s what you’re paying for insurance for, to make sure that you had the best possible coverage and the best possible, um, fix for your roof because you want your roof to maintain water, good water, tight seal. So the first thing you need to know is there are time limits. So if you have a problem, if you have a leak, give us a call today. Don’t put it off. Don’t treat your roof like a junk drawer that you have to own, that you don’t want to open up because you don’t know what’s inside. Hey, we’re here to help you open that junk drawer to have to go look on your roof and make this easy for you. So for your commercial roofing broken Arrow, we will come out, we’ll do video footage, we’ll take photos and we will call your insurance company for you and helped you to file that claim.

And we really do walk you through it step by step. So don’t let it be, um, something that you just want to put off and put off because if you put it off too long, um, it could really cause a problem because there is a limit to the amount of time and so, so the sooner you file the claim, the better. So be sure and read the fine print and talk to your insurance agent about time limits if you’re concerned about that. That’s very important because they’re, most companies do have a time limit and that they um, that they impose that that limits the amount that you can file that claim. So give us a call and we of course will help you through this. But another thing, um, all claims have standards that must be met before you can file a claim. For example, if you’re filing a claim for damage to your, um, uh, for your thing, you may have to have like, um, you know, multiple estimates for your roof.

You may have to have multiple estimates for your commercial roofing broken Arrow, so don’t assume automatically that one will be enough. So that could be important. We will help you figure that out too by talking to your insurance agent for you or you can call your insurance agent and give them a call and, and so we will work with them and we’ll of course would love to give you a quick estimate so that we can get your roof turned around. Because the other problem that, um, when we were talking about time limits is of course you don’t want to wait too long because even though you maybe have a longer on your own, your timeframe to file the claim, um, as long as there’s a leak and there’s a problem and there’s damage, it’s just going to continue making the problem worse and worse and it could cause problems with your business and your normal day to running of your business and your sales.

And um, of course you don’t want that to happen. So we at roof nerds are here who work with you and make sure that doesn’t happen. So give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we will come and give you a free roof inspection in 24 hours for your roof repair, roof restoration or roof maintenance for your commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. And our guys come out, their genius and our systems are genius. These guys know what they’re doing, they know the products, they have technical expertise in product knowledge and they are also really great at working with your insurance company. We have, we have specialists ready on call ready to work with your insurance company and help you to file your claim and to help you come up with all the information. Often you need to know information, like, you know, just the basics of what type of roof you have, how old is your roof, how many layers do you have on your roof?

Um, is there a parent pit, you know, those types of things. Is there ponding um, that, you know, you may need a core sample taken. All that’s important. And also you may want us to come out and we meet with your insurance adjuster and to help show him any problems that we found. And many times there are, um, we’ve encountered, I mean countless times we’ve encountered roofs that an adjuster didn’t want to cover and we met with him again and we showed him the problems and he ended up covering the roof because sometimes you have to point out specific hell hits or um, problems that were caused by weather related or storm related damage. So that’s really important. Um, it’s also really important that when an insurance adjuster is on your pro property to check out damage to see if it complies with the policy.

They not only consider the damage itself, but they consider what you say. So it’s super important that, that you, um, don’t disclose information that’s incorrect. He want to of course, you know, be honest and upfront, but you want to be aware, you want to be knowledgeable of what really is going on. You want to know the age of your roof and you want so that you are informed and well aware to speak with him or have one of our guys speak with him because they are aware and they know exactly what they’re talking about. So, um, that’s really important. So you only, you want to answer the questions correctly that they’re asking you, but don’t offer any information that’s unnecessary or incorrect to the that insurance adjuster that could end up being used against you. And, um, you know, whenever they’re trying to file the claim.

So that’s really important to have an person on hand and we’d be happy to meet with your adjuster to make sure that everything is being said correctly and that they understand that you understand what’s going on. And we just want to help represent you with your insurance company for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. Okay. So that being said, we are available for emergency services. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and you can go to, okay roof nerds.com and we will come out and we will be out within 24 hours. Do you can schedule now. Um, and if you want to also just see more about us, you can go to okay. Roof nerds.com or see what people are saying. Um, by going to Google and checking out our reviews. Advanced commercial systems. Check out the reviews that we have because people are saying great things.

They love that we work with integrity, that we’re trustworthy and we have quality and we have experienced skies. Um, they loved the result of the, uh, you know, the watertight seal on their roofs. And that we work well with our customers. We love having satisfied customers and we want to be, we want you to be one of our satisfies customers. So if you have a problem with your roof, a leak, and you would like for us to work and maybe contact your insurance company and work with you with your insurance company, give us a call today.