Hey everybody. Marty here with advanced commercial systems. I am the owner and founder of one of the tosses most amazing, wonderful and trustworthy commercial roofing companies today. Uh, we’re having another podcast. We have done well over 100 podcasts for week after week after week. We’ve been bringing you podcast, um, with just tons of information with terminology, with production systems, with a whole lot of different things that we do and a so cause we live to make it known what we look for. Why do we give a 24 hour free, no brainer roofing evaluation to every one of the clients are everyone that calls us, we give her free roof and evaluation. Why don’t we do stuff like that? Why is it, um, that we’re endeavoring to do above and beyond, uh, what the other roofing contractors do? And so those are the kinds of things that we’d like to talk about today. And here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we have someone with us today actually. Uh, Jennifer, she is here with us today to help us talk through some of the things and I know that she’s been getting some questions and some things, you know, just from the public and just for the, uh, some questions, uh, that she might want to bring to the table that she’s been hearing others talk about. So, Jennifer, uh, how are you today?

I’m doing great, thank you. How are you, Marty?

Doing Great. Doing great show today. Jennifer, do you have any questions that just right off hand? Like I said, her podcast aren’t real long, so do you, do you have a pledge class question that I could begin to answer for us?

Well, we hear a lot of questions here and commercial brokers, commercial roofing broken Arrow, and one of those is, um, who do I call and do you guys do emergency repairs? Um, but who do I call if I have a leak and not just, who do I call, what do I do? I’m sorry, what do I do if I have a lake?

Well, I’m glad you asked that. And that’s a question that we’d love to answer because it specifically points or class right back to our website, you know what you need to do is you need to remember these two words, roof nerds. We are the roof nerds in the Greater Oklahoma, Greater Tulsa area and especially here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So when you Google roof nerds, you’re gonna find, okay roof nerds.com that is our website. And at the top of that website, on the right side of the top of the page you’ll see a phone number. That phone number is for you to call for roof replacement. Roof repairs are smart plan or roof maintenance plan. And also for just a free evaluation and also least last but not least, that’s the number to call for our 24 hour emergency, a leak program. So you call that number, leave us a message or you can go to our our website and leave us a message through schedule.

Now basically give us a description of what’s going on. If you have a leak, we are out within 24 hours, just like we would be a free evaluation to assess your leak. And normally every time we come out, we also bring the products. So if you’re just really need the link to go away, if it’s not just in, in a crazy storm, we’ll hop up there and make the leap go away right there on the spot. So, so that’s a good question. We love to answer that question because I’ll tell you what you can do. Go to the website. I’ll go to Google listings or like a lot of people refer to as Google maps. When you go to Google maps, you’ll see and you just type in commercial roofing company a lack for broken arrow or something like that, uh, here in commercial roofing broken arrow.

That’s really a good way to, to put that in there. And when you do that, you’ll see the name of businesses, you’ll see their phone numbers, you’ll see the websites. But one thing you might not think about this, you will see every time is the hours of operation. Well, the hours of operation for advanced commercial systems are unlike any others. We are the only company in the Greater Tulsa area that we’ve seen on Google listings. It has a 24 hours, seven day a week phone number. So that’s an emergency number. So let’s say you have a business in a building in Tulsa, Glenpool Pool, James. So you know, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, anywhere in the, in the region here. If you’d might have a building, and let’s say it’s raining one night at 10 o’clock you need to go into the office because you forgot the Penske file, you go in to pick up the file and you knows, oh my gosh, I’ve got some ceiling tile leaking, I’ve got some ceiling tile leaking on my floor.

Well you call that 800 number or you call that that 24 hour number, nine 1-897-THREE-M-1010 and we will answer the phone and we will immediately, as soon as possible and get taking care of that leak for you. And so we’ll assess the situation over the phone with you and we will come out and take care of the problem. So that’s something that we do. Um, now there will be charges for the late fee. There’ll be charges for the things that we do, but at the end of the day, it’s extremely important for your business to be able to run at seven or eight or nine o’clock in the next morning. And so we’re the guys that had come out and get all that ready for you so you can start work. Um, so that’s what we do, Jennifer for. Do you have any more questions? Anything else that comes to mind, maybe along the leaking or anything?

Well, you know, a lot of people call in and they don’t, they, they really are unaware of what type of roof they even have. So if they have leaking, um, they, they don’t even know what to tell you, uh, what type of route they have. So is that okay? You know, I mean, you guys just pretty much, we’ll take care of all of that for them and really you’ll hold their hand. Right. I mean through this process, if there, you know, you know, oftentime property owners know what’s going on, but, but maybe if it’s a, you know, a manager or they’re leasing the building, they may not really know what’s going on with their roof.

Yeah. That’s a very common situation that we do with sometimes. So, so what happens is, uh, one of our roof nerds, whether it’s me or one of our other guys, they will come out and take care of your situation. And so here’s, here’s the, with us, each and every one of us are highly trained on every single type of roofing system. So all you need to know is our emergency number. And you also need to know that you have a leak. If you know those two things, then everything’s gonna be okay. You call that number and you just say, Hey, I’ve got a leak. And then if we’re capable at the moment to come your way, uh, we probably, normally we’ll be there within 30 to 45 minutes. We have emergency services that helped you with that. And so as far as that’s concerned, a lot of times we need to know where the leak is coming in the building.

So you can’t really say like the front of the building near the door. Many times we really do need to come in and inspect sometimes a leak but because of a water pipe in the ceiling sometimes it might be because of internal scupper which is more of a plumbing issue. Sometimes it might be a gutter that’s just running down a wall and getting into shot of the building. So we need to really assess first and foremost where the leak in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is coming inside the building and we like to get her eyes on it. You know the majority of buildings we work with just because it’s the, it’s the normal that we see here in Tulsa have a ceiling grid and you know the two by four ceiling tiles, you know those ones that get wet and turn Brown. If they’re getting a wet enough they they fall down and crumble and created a big mess.

Well above those ceiling grids is normally a metal deck, which is the the roofing deck or the height of the interior ceiling. And so we need to sometimes to move that ceiling tile out of the way and a flashlight flashlight up in there, you know, whether you’re in toll, so jinx wherever you are. And we see it very common, especially here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So we’ll shine a flashlight up there, we’re bringing a ladder in and we’ll see. Really get a good idea of which way the water’s coming from, where it’s coming from. It could be a skylight, it’s just many different reasons. Many times just an HVHC pipe or it’s a penetration like a, like a water pipe or an air duck pipe coming out of the roof. So we like to be able to assess really from the ground level what’s going on.

And then we go up on the roof. We know exactly where to be looking up there. So now keep in mind sometimes you would, leaks are coming from, they’re coming into the building 20 to 30 feet away from where you’re seeing them inside the building. So it’s sometimes challenge challenging. So, you know, here in commercial roofing, in broken Arrow with a dance commercial systems, we asked for you to keep that in mind. Uh, so, hey, that’s exactly what we do with leagues and all you have to do is give us a call at our (918) 973-1010. Well, Hey Jennifer, we have about another minute, minute and a half of our podcasts. Any other remarks or questions?

Oh, just give us a quick rundown of how you work with the different budgets that people might have.

Well, you know, that’s one thing I, I, I talk a lot about the different budgets. You know, we try to give, obviously if, if it’s a large roof we’re talking about, uh, we’ve immediately begin to assess, uh, what condition is the entire roof. Ian, if you have a 25 year system and your 20, 25 years, it, uh, we’re going to want to bring you multiple solutions, one of which is repair, one of which is, is a restoration system. Um, that would be, uh, with our smart roof plan, which you said by annual, yearly checkup maintenance plan. And the other would be a full replacement or reroofing system in which we do a recover. And so the replacement and recover, you know, in other podcasts we’ve covered, you know, here in commercial roofing, Britt broken out commercial roofing, broken air, really what that terminology means, it has set in place by the National Roofing Contractors Association as to where a reroofing is reroofing the entire building.

And then a recover is where you’re only taking the top layer off and believe in one layer on and then putting that second layer back on, uh, but new and that allows it to fall within code. So to answer your question, we do work with an all budgets, but in doing so, what we try to do is bring you multiple types of solutions. I won’t bring your, I won’t bring you a repair budget. That’s one, that’s 4,001 that’s 10,000, because that’s just stupid. I’ll bring you a repair budget for 4,000. I’ll bring you a uh, reroofing, you know, for 25,000 or replacement for 35,000. So what we tried to do is work with your budget as we sit down and talk with you because we know building management, commercial building management here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is specifically planned detailed. There’s project management put in place and because of the board members and, and all, how the money set in place, you guys normally have a three, five and 10 year plan for budgeting projects for your commercial buildings. So once again, we appreciate you guys for tuning in with us here at commercial advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We just want to say to you, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science and stay dry.