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Here and advanced commercial systems, home of the Ruth Nerds, we are ruth infrared inspectors. We use infrared thermal cameras to inspect your roof, to look for leaking areas. Give us a call so we can come out and assist you with your commercial roof. In commercial roofing broken arrow. We are also professional. Storm monitors were monitoring storms before and after to assess the type of wind and hail damage that has been recorded. Hail impression pad installation is something that we are professionals at here at advanced commercial systems being certified with Hagar engineering. We are also weather event recreation reports certified with an engineering company like hey allows us to be forensic inspectors for wind and hail damage for commercial roofs. We bring to the table expert engineering reports so that you can have the best possible knowledge to stand up to your insurance company as expert as expert roof inspection inspectors.

We also offer a complete line of general contracting to allow you to have a full scale commercial envelope package. We will keep for you a documented record of repair logs to show you everything that you have done in the past to your commercial building with advanced commercial systems. You can give us a call at nine, one eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero, and we will be able to share with you how we document and record all repair and maintenance to your building. All types of roofing are covered covered with advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow may need roof tarping. We are professionals at commercial disaster roof tarping for steep slope roofs. We work with public adjusters for the public insurance adjusting community to get the most out of your insurance claim. As we work in and with exact mate, we show ourselves to be exact existing claims, review experts and analysis forensic experts.

We can also determine the pre-loss in the assessment that we do have your commercial building. If you need a call, if you need to help give us a call and we can review your current insurance policy and your current insurance claim to let you know exactly where you are in getting your roof taken care of by your highly paid insurance company. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Give us a call here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds in broken Arrow commercial roofing here at advanced commercial systems. We are a licensed and insured commercial roofing company, taking care of steep slope and low slope roofing systems were truly dedicated to our customers and offer the highest quality roofing systems and we assure you they are at the best competitive prices. The employees that we have on staff. Our roof nerds are some of the highest train professionals in the industry and the Greater Oklahoma area.

Their knowledge and experience in all types of roofing systems for shingles and flat and even Thailand. Slate roofing extends way over into also metal in single ply roofing. Give us a call at advanced commercial systems, commercial roofing broken arrow. The first step that you would need to get your roof taken care of is reaching out to us through our website or call us at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero, one zero. We make an appointment with you and the initial appointment. We make that at your convenience. You just let us know the time that you’ll be at your building or your commercial property and we will work around your schedule whether day or night. We are here to serve you, but the one thing to mention about the nighttime, oftentimes we are on commercial roofs just at sunset and thereafter because of the thermal imaging camera that we use to evaluate your roof systems to see if there’s any bad areas were interrelations, not doing this job or looking for flat roof leaking areas. We know that your commercial building is important to you. We also want you to know that your commercial building is important to advanced commercial systems. Each and every one of our roof nerds are two technically professional experts at evaluating the current system of your roof and allowing you to know budgetary wise, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow what is the best system or process that we need to bring your roof back up to its highest level of waterproofing. Every job that we do in the reroofing can create a water protection system or a damage protection plan.

Our liability insurance would protect you and your property as we work on your building at basf. Commercial Systems has extensive experience in built up roofing. We also have extensive experience in modified bitumen los wrote slope roofing systems and roofing assemblies. We have experience in all phases of the installation of installation, whether it is tapered insulation or flat installation. Now, tapered insulation is something that we commonly install and have great experience causing sloped roofs out of ponding areas. Bait sheet, flashing, surfacing, and ply sheets are all part of what we do for a tapered and flat roof installation process. Alaska America membrane roofing is a large part of our processes as well. Weldable, thermo plastic membranes like pvc and TPO or a large part of our repertoire that we bring for your commercial roofing, low slope roofing, construction, and built up membrane construction and flask but not least, modified bitumen membrane construction are large parts of what we do here at advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing.

Broken Arrow, so give us a call at anytime at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero for bonding and licensed roofing. Please give us a call fully insured with a general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance as needed. Umbrella coverages are also possible. Just give us a call to see all of the extensive coverages that we have for you in your business. Will your professionals in atlas roofing, installation and mule high products. Gaf Materials Corp is often used on occasion. Owens corning, Tamco and gen flex systems are used as well. Architectural sheet metal roofing built up, roofing roof coatings, roof restoration, modified bitumen roofing, sbs metal roofing, lightweight concrete, aggregate, steep slope roofing, tapered installation, installation systems, single ply roofing, and waterproofing are all part of what we had offered here at advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, give us a call. We will send our roof nerds out for free.

Twenty four hour consultation. We will come out and present to you a full pictures and videos for what we call Ruth Accountability roof accountability as much like accountability that we have in our own lives, we want you to know that we are accountable for everything we see and everything we do upon your roofing system. There are types of environmental systems like cool roofs, daylighting, green roofing systems, and solar systems that we have vast experience to be able to help you efficiently, effectively take care of your building envelope. We can offer snow removal, roof asset management, which is part of what we offer with our biannual roof maintenance plan called the roof smart plan or the smart roof plan. Historic restoration is often done. Skylight and smoke catch restoration and installation and repair is oftentimes done. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Prevented maintenance is part of our smart roof plan. We also 24 hour emergency response teams, part of our commercial roofing broken Arrow system, and our roof nerds will come out immediately to help you with your job.

Customer service is the highest detail that we offer. Roof restoration, repairs and services, new construction and roof replacement such as that of reroofing. Just give us a call and we will show you in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the professionalism that we bring to the table everyday for you. Once again, we offer a one call 24 slash seven emergency response team. Just give us a call at nine. One eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. We will send out our state of the art technology roof remediators to begin to immediately stop the leaks in your building. We are more interested in stopping the leaks in your building than we are to give you a big bill that you approve. Before we do it. Give us a call and we will stop the leaks in your building and then we can work out the pricing and what we do to take care of you from there on when your leaks are leaking and hoppy and hurting the interior of your building, you want the leak stopped fast.

We will come out immediately to take care of you. We also have statewide coverage in the state of Oklahoma with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. We are quality insured. We are a commercial roofing company and our professionals are fully insured, licensed and certified with an engineering company called Hague engineering out of Dallas, Texas. We also set up the right to offer you full roof warranties and they are preserved as we keep them in place for you for the current life of your roof. Having been in the commercial roofing industry for many years, we would love to take care of you here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. Just give us a call and we will do all that we can to serve you. And your roofing needs.