Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow | Protecting Your Roof

So many people ask us if we have heard of storm chasers and I don’t think you can live in Oklahoma and not have heard heard of storm chasers, especially in the roofing industry. Well, we want our customers to be careful and be aware and to make sure that they don’t have a fraudulent roofer. A approached them after a storm. Often after a big storm in Oklahoma, especially one that has had hail or strong winds. There will be many roofing companies pop up and they drive in from other states and they will just bombard the Tulsa area or the or whatever town a storm has hit in in Oklahoma, and we here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof. Nerds want to make sure that your commercial roofing broken Arrow does not fall prey to one of these scams. So I was going to give you some ideas for building owners to look for some things to look forward to make sure that you are protected from any contractor scam.

One thing is you just be aware of door to door flyers because those will come in right after a storm and you need to make sure you only hire roofers who are insured and qualified like advanced commercial systems, home with the roof nerds. We have qualified inspectors and we have state of the art equipment and we’re certified with, hey meg, h a, g, g engineering, and we will make sure that that won’t happen to you were reputable in the market and we have great reviews from our customers. Another thing you should do is inquire, acquire all your information in written form. You need to get their phone number, the address, their website. That’s all important to make sure that they are a valid company that’s been around for a long time, like advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds, you can contact us at www dot.

Okay. Roof [inaudible] dot com or at nine one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. We are here with our experts for your commercial roofing broken arrow. You can also just do a quick google search, like if you were to google search advanced commercial systems, you would find, you know, almost a hundred great reviews of our company from people that have worked with us or people that know our employees and our boss and could give you a great recommendation for advanced commercial systems and roof nerds. So do your research and ask for references and never just give hand over money. You should never provide full payment, especially if they’re working with an insurance company. It’s important to have someone who’s experienced and knows how to file claims and help you to work with that insurance company so when you’re dealing with the storm damaged roof, it’s never fun, but it’s very important that you choose the best commercial roofing contractor in your area.

Like in commercial roofing broken arrow. You can contact advanced commercial systems because we’re different than other roofers. We’re are on the ball and we offer a 24 hour inspection or roof evaluation and we don’t give you a poor response time like other roofers might and we don’t give you poor followup. We have great followup and we love to communicate well with our clients. The best option is to have a commercial roofer that you have a relationship with like advanced commercial systems. We want to create a relationship with you where you trust us and we communicate with you and we make sure that your commercial roofing broken Arrow is well taken care of and is watertight, and so we want a longterm relationship with you, not just someone that will slap something on it and then leave town and forget about you. We’re here for you. We have solutions like our smart roof plan with our roof nerds where the roof nerds will come out and inspect your roof twice a year and make sure that it’s maintaining it’s watertight seal and that your lowest low proof or your steep slow fruit. Does it need any repair or maintenance? And if it does, we’ll take care of it. We offer roof repair, roof restoration, roof replacement, or just roof maintenance. We also reroof your commercial roofing broken arrow.

So call us today at nine. One eight, nine seven, three, one zero, one zero or go to www. Dot Okay, roof nurse Dot com, advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds, and we will give you a 24 hour inspection. So let’s just say there was a storm in your area and you need to call us for a inspection. So what happens after that? Well, we do our best to come out as quickly as possible and work with your schedule to get up on your roof and get some video footage, get some photos. And we um, inspect seems we inspect pin holes, we see if there’s any hail damage. We see if there’s any wind damage, you know, all that will differ varying depending on your specific roof, whether you have a coding roof or a flat roof with that coding or if it’s got a lot of repairs.

If it’s an old roof, it’s a bits of newer roof, you know, all those things. Those multiple variances wall will determine what type of damage your roof may have suffered. You know, I’m a small leak could be resolved really quickly within 24 hours. So we’re there to work with you as quickly as possible, not just to give inspection. In some cases we can get your repair done so quickly so we’re great to work with and we’re here to make sure that you are taken care of as quickly as possible. If we need to work with insurance, we’re great at working with insurance and often storm day had been um, or wind damage can be covered by insurance companies and we will help you fall. A claim will make it very easy for you and we want to resolve your problems or any damage or any leaks as quickly as possible because because we understand that that is very important to you, the shape of your roof will determine a great deal about the repair time because I know people are often concerned about the repair time for their commercial roofing broken arrow.

So you know that will depend, are very on your specific business and your specific type of building and the valleys and unusual features on your roof. You know, a small leak can be caused or a big lake can be caused by just a small crack or a pinhole even, and they can bring serious consequences to your roof if you leave it unattended. So it’s important to call. If you have had a storm and you see any type of a leak. It’s important to call advanced commercial assisting systems to make sure that our roof nerds can come out and look over your commercial roofing broken Arrow because you need to maintain your roof and don’t just ignore it until a bigger problem happens because that could be way more costly for you to repair and we have nerds ready to come out and offer you smart solutions that will and the latest technology that will make sure that your roof is taking care of and they are professionals and they love to communicate with Youth and make sure that any issue that they might see would be raised to you.

If for some reason there was a more problems or something due to old age or something that was a bigger problem because of the storm damage, they will detect that. And and help you fix that before it becomes a bigger problem and becomes a big leak in your roof. We want to work with you and with your business to keep it up and running smoothly. And we want to work with your insurance company and even with your budget, because we know those can vary also. So we’re here to make sure that your commercial roofing, broken Arrow maintains a watertight seal and that you are a satisfied customer for your roof repair, your roof restoration, your roof replacement or your roof reroofing. So that’s a lot of roofs and that’s what we do here at advanced commercial systems. We do commercial roofing broken Arrow, and our clients are satisfied. They love us, they love working with us and we love working with our clients and we’re honest and we’re nice, nice and reliable. And you can trust us to repair your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you do have a big storm and you’re concerned, give us a call at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero. Run one zero to have us come out and give you a commercial roofing broken arrow. Smart Solution Inspection.