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Here at advanced commercial systems, we’re highly dedicated to serving our clients, customers and clientele with the highest level of outstanding roofing systems in repairs and also maintenance systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow being fully bonded and insured


perfect insurance for general contracting and commercial roofing. Advanced commercial systems. There’s the whole mother, ruth nerves are highly trained technicians or own call 24 hours a day. Also, our support personnel are continually waiting for your call or information to help you in any way possible. We know that you could call any roofer in the area and we thank you so much for considering us. We know that you have many choices when it comes to your roofing needs, so we take serious. You trusting us, which you building envelope problems. Give us a call. We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction very frequently. We install thermoplastic polyolefin, single ply membranes. There’s a multiple good and great aspects about these single ply membrane. One of which is they have a proven track record now for over 20, almost 30 years, providing great water, tight membranes for over hundreds of thousands of buildings throughout the US.

Also, they’re very easy to repair and very easy to install. Now are complex systems are complex, but because of our professionalism and vast experience, we do a great job and it seemed simple. There is a great solar rick reflectivity that tpo membranes offer and these systems, because of the 60 or $80 mill, single ply membrane, this installed upon top are often very cost effective. There is a low cost for installing and the purchasing of the materials for these products. We do offer no dollar limit warranties called mdls to all of our systems. We take your roof serious, we take your building envelope serious and we take the torrential rain and wind that we often see here in Oklahoma very seriously as well.

We inspect your roof and we will evaluate exactly what needs to be done to once again provide a water tight membrane for you. If you just needed a repair. That’s what we’ll offer. We can also continually offer full replacement or reroofing possibilities. She asked, keep in mind that code in here and the Oklahoma area is only allowing two roof systems on the roof at time, so if you have two systems to complete roofs on a roof, then one of those must be taken off for a reroofing of installing the second roof here in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow we have a 10 year leak free warranty that we offer it on some specific groups that we install. Some ruth would have to be a full replacement or a recover that would be able to apply this 10 year leak free warranty. This is different than a product manufacturer.

No dollar limit warranty. That type of mdl from manufacturers is because we are certified to install in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, the products that they require and the products that they produce, so when they produce these products and we install it as a certified installer for them in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we can give and no dollar limit warranty, meaning any part of the roof except for new storm damage over the next 10 years or more up to 30 years that has any issues. These roofs can be taken care of at the cost of the product manufacturing company. Advanced commercial systems is a complete commercial roofing company for commercial and residential and also industry standard roofs. We specialize in low sloped roofing applications. Let me tell you why. Low slope roofing applications in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow are always the most challenging roofing systems possible. We incorporate our roof nerves and their technology and their vast experience of product and material and their experience in installation and roof repairs so that your roof will be major I in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we provide a full array of services and the Greater Tulsa area, including broken Arrow, Coweta, Katusa, sand springs, Awaso, gene pool, and other areas like Sapulpa, sand springs and sky took.

We work on commercial roofs, industrial office, chemical plants, office building areas, production sites, and hospitals and banks. We just recently worked on the Lutheran Emmanuel Lutheran Christian school in Broken Arrow. We continually do all roofing in the state of Oklahoma for kindercare, childcare services. Also, we have worked on Chili’s, restaurant, walgreens, Lsu medical, and many other facilities that would seem very familiar to you like that of Walgreens in the Greater Tulsa area. Have you ever heard of Derby? Derby? Gum is a product which we don’t see much in the Greater Tulsa area, but we have extensive experience in Derby. Gum Systems. They were roofing system that is quite complex made in Europe and these systems we have vast experience and installation and also repair. They are more complex than the single ply membrane is that we’re used to using, but we have that vast experience to help you don’t think twice about asking us about energy efficient roofing. These systems will incorporate all of the energy star materials and standards set forth by energy star built up. Roofing systems are also, especially with Dslrs, a great specialty in which multilayer felt systems are put together with hot asphalt or sometimes you use with a cold adhesive in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. These systems have a top layer or cap or coping cap or kept layer referred to as modified, modified modified bitumen membrane coatings and or aggregate, or single ply materials can also be used.

One part is very frequently not thought about in commercial roofing and industrial roofing is the condition of your roof deck. Your roof deck is oftentimes in worse condition what you think if you’ve been having leaking for a long period of time. Many times roof deck is either wood or steel decks. These two can deteriorate and can do so quickly after a period of rain in which leaking has entered into the building. These decks must be inspected by advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds so that we can consider all the options for making sure that your roof has the greatest amount of stability. Possible.

Mri decades services include that of cellular concrete. See Mencius Wood, fiber deck and aggregate concrete. Cellular concrete systems are often that have an aggregate concrete system as well. Let’s talk about saving you costs. When it comes to restoring your roofing system. We will not just give you one estimate. We will give you an estimate oftentimes to repair to give a full roof restoration process or reroof if possible, or full roof replacement. That way no one knows your budget better than you and you can make the best decision possible in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow to decide what longterm effective process you would like to apply to your roof. Now, there are always short, short term cost savings when you add a coating to roof to the existing roof that you have. You can increase the life cycle of the roof many years and this avoids all the extra cost of having a tear off the current roof and a floor roof replacement.

This also happens when you do a reroofing as well. Now, one of the points that you might want to know is that roof restorations or actually considered maintenance when it comes time for the irs and budgeting your taxes. Typically you can normally the duct, the entire cost of the roof restoration in the year that the work was performed. The urban heat effect is also being affected. So within that you may get some breaks with the city or the city government. In which you stay and live, the installation of these roofing systems are quite simple and very quick and should not cause you’re building and your business in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow to have any downtime. Just think about this. We could be the last commercial roofing contractor that you would ever want to call when we work on your roof and we show the expertise and the level of dedication that we always do with our clients and your league goes away and you’re serious. Problems of your internal damage begins to go away and your commercial building in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, you will need to call no other commercial roofing and the Greater Tulsa and broken Arrow area. We are dependable in all that we do and we will take care of you. We build watertight membranes and build a solid reputation for many years in the group we have done.