Podcast after podcast after podcast and we at advanced commercial systems have just invested a lot of time, a lot of energy and we really enjoy all that we’ve done with these podcasts. Uh, I don’t know the exact number that we’ve done. I normally try to keep up with them once a week because we get these put into articles, we’re get them, put it on our website, we let these podcasts be a available to the local community because as far as we’re concerned, you know, they belonged to the community. It is for, for the community, for the purpose of the community that we have been doing these here in commercial roofing broken arrow. So we’re picking right back up where we were last week. I got my notes here. What we’re recovering, we were, we were does last discussing lightweight insulation concrete and we’re going to move on to another type of roofing system, basically known by many, many people, just basically a metal roof, these metal roofing systems, uh, many times there can, there they consist of exposed fastener systems or concealed fastener systems.

And so which now now the concealed ones, they rely on metal clips and it’s concealed metal clips to attach the structure and so let’s talk about that real quickly. If you have a concealed metal fascinating system, imagine that penetration, that that screw or that you know fascinating system is creating it. It’s actually not even exposed to the water. It’s not exposed to outside more. Sure. It’s not exposed. Now the exposed fastener system with metal roofs much different and that is almost, I would say 90 to 95% of the metal roof work that we do when it comes to repairs because repairs are often within the scenes and repairs are often within the penetration points. Like just yesterday, yesterday, yes, I was finishing up a standing seam metal roofing job and, but it wasn’t the standing seam metal roof panels that were leaking because there is nowhere for them leak excel except for any penetration areas where something needs to penetrate through the roof or all of the termination areas, which means all of the edges where that flat plane of the metal roofing panels that are all knit together, that plane ends where it terminates to a wall or another roofing system or something else.

At that time you’ll begin to have, you can have leaking area. So that’s actually what we were working on right here. We were just off of all live in 61st street here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and so we were working on a roof. They’re getting it all taken of. We probably had about, I don’t know, probably close to 800 to a thousand screws that we put product on and we began to make all those screws watertight and we’re getting to make those where they will not allow any more water in. And then they were quite a few seams because we were going into the parapet wall and then go and over into all of the different aspects of where the exterior wall was tying into the roofing system. And so once again, that’s where the roofing flat panel system was coming in and being terminated to the walls and that’s where we were having leaking problems.

So these systems are both of these kinds of systems, the concealed or the exposed fastener systems, these systems are great and honestly hands down the longest lasting of the roofing systems and when they’re properly designed. And here’s the biggest part of all, you’ve got to take this into account when they are properly installed. These roofing systems can really last a long time. I know the majority of the time that I have talked with clients about their roofs and done installations and repairs, we are normally working with a 40 to a 50 year roofing system. Um, you’re not working with a system that can rust the, for the most part, you’re working with a system that can sit there for a very long time. And so really building movement. And cracks in the termination areas and worn out screws. Those are the main things we deal with every day.

So we focus on getting those screws tight. We focused on those seems so real quick, let’s go over into the exposed fastener systems like that. Mostly seen of that of our panel. You know, we don’t do too much with ag panel is, is more are found on buildings. You know, like on a farm, you know, just outdoor shed or a barn exposed fastener metal roofing systems can have just absolutely tons of problems. You know, I did a posting the other day on our Google listing, uh, online and basically I showed a picture of a metal roof that we were doing lots of repairs on. And as I was doing that, I basically just posted that the roof that we were standing on probably had close to 50,000 screws in the roof. Now these are screws. Every single one of them has the capability of leaking and allowing water into the building.

These are not just some screws that are own an edge that if it leads, you wouldn’t see the water. These screws literally could allow water into the building that you could see. So, uh, 50,000 screws on a building like that really allows a lot of water into the building. Now also keep in mind in commercial roofing broken Arrow, keep in mind this one aspect of commercial roofing, metal roofing, exposed fastener roofing, uh, really every single panel on the roof is three foot wide. And so they’re probably anywhere from 20 feet to 25 feet. Many times 25 feet is the link that you’ll find them. Uh, the panels on a, our panel metal roof. And so all of these panels are three foot wide and they’re literally allowing water in every single scene. Every singles, a lineal foot of every single scene, every single lineal inch of every single scene could somehow have damage or have something wrong or be miss installed.

That would create water just pouring into the building. And that’s exactly the majority of the roof repairs I did about a month ago on a really large metal roof. There was a lot of repairs. I did. The majority of those repairs were because of scenes. And I would say the other part of those were because of screws. Now there were some skylights on the building that I worked on and we had to work on those and get those water dry. But time in and time out, we were having to literally work on these seams and we had to go back out two or three more times because it was just leaking from so many different areas and we were trying to narrow down and get all of the leaks to go away. So we have been successful. We got those taken care of and this was right off of 51st and Mingo here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and Tulsa.

If you’re looking for a roof, metal roofs are good, but just be careful because now here’s what you need to know about these metal roofs. The exposed fastener, we use screws and w we install those were screws many times that screw, I mean, almost every time, every time that screw has a little Washer, a little biti rubber seal or nylon seal, uh, that a little gasket on that washer on own, that screw. And we tighten that screw down. That screw has to be going down perfectly straight and perpendicular with the roof plane, uh, or it could cause a major problem and have one little cracked open side. And that’s what we receive. And just yesterday I took some pictures and showed some, some, some evidence to the building owner of that very problem here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so with advanced commercial systems here, the roof nerds, you can reach us at (918) 973-1010 and honestly if your roof, if your roof has an issue with a metal roof is screws seems, I tell you, just give us a call.

We will literally do a free roofing evaluation. Now if you have, you’ve ever heard of the terminology no brainer. Basically you can understand just by the terminology that a no brainer is something that it just makes sense to do it. You’d be almost ignorant or silly or stupid to not do it. It’s just seemed like the natural thing to do and that’s what we call the no brainer here with advanced. The call us have us come out is a no brainer because we’re offering a free, an absolutely free roof or valuation. Now you might say to yourself every roof or in towns offering that, no they don’t. They absolutely don’t. Hardly no one in the industry, in any city, in any state offers what we’re giving you. We’re literally giving you an entire roof of valuation of your roof. All aspects of the roof are being combined and being laid in your hands.

So when we walk away, you have everything in your hand that you would ever need to know all data compiled about your roofing system as to where you could then make the best choices for your future. We sit down with you from that point. If you desire to hear more, we share with you the roofing systems that would work with a system that you have, or can we just repair what you have? Or should we put our smart plan roof maintenance plan into effect here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to calls your roof to just create a longer lifespan. So, hey, give us a call if you need anything. And fast commercial systems. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.