Here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds here and wonderful northeast Oklahoma. We do commercial roofing. It’s what we specialize in. It’s what we’re the best at. And it’s all, it’s completely the, our passion, the thing that we do the best, you know, uh, over quite a few of the last podcasts real quick concerning podcasts. Is this, if this happens to be one of the first podcasts that you’ve listened to from our, from, you know, advanced commercial systems? Uh, hi, I’m Marty Grisham. I’m the owner, founder operator of advanced commercial systems. We are a commercial roofing company that specializes in the low slope and steep slope roofing. Um, and so we compete in business with many other commercial roofing companies, a commercial roofing company, commercial roofing contractor. There’s a lot of different companies in town that are, you know, going out and getting business in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

So we are and always endeavoring do. We all are always endeavoring to do the best job that we can do. And uh, at least we are here at advanced commercial systems and we really appreciate and admire and respect clients. That’s one of the things that I believe stands out about us here at advanced commercial systems. Uh, our roof nerves are hired for character. Our roof nerds are not hired for skill. They are hired for mental capacity and for character. Uh, I would mature there, have someone not as smart who lives right and operates correctly in business. Um, then have someone who’s just a complete genius with tons of experience and tons of skill but just doesn’t live a good life, doesn’t live a a life of ethics, morals and character. Uh, I will stay away from those kind of people. They are not the kind of folks I want to be around in my personal life or in my business. We love what we do in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And especially if you trust us and you call us here at advanced course of systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you call us. The worst thing I could ever do to you is to send out someone with low moral fiber, someone that’s, you know, drunk every night and just living like the devil, you know, I don’t associate with people like that. And, uh, in the past when I’ve worked at other companies, there was always people like that around and I did not spend my personal time with them. And I believe we spend our time talking about the things of God. And I spent my time influence in those people so that they could see that there’s another way, another way to live. And so I know I talk a lot about character and ethics and morals, but you know, it’s just a part of business. If you cannot have a trustworthy business, then you shouldn’t have a business, you’re not going to have a very successful business, you know?

So one of the companies I used to have a lot of experience with years ago, they did so many unethical things. Their name really got put down, you know, in the city that we were living in. It was really quite embarrassing how their name was just being drug through the dirt because of the lifestyle that they live. Well here at advanced commercial systems. I’m going to tell you one more time. Again, I hire as the owner, founder and operator, I manage and I micromanage all of my staff. I specifically hire every one of my staff, number one, based on character. I have to know that I can trust them. I’ve raised my children the same way. My wife and I, we can trust each other when we say something we know is as good as gold. Uh, we live lives of character and untruth and moralistic value. That’s what you should get from commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And so because of that, I will only surround myself in business with people that think and do the same way. There’s no such thing as a little white lie. If someone comes out to you, uh, sort of this sent to us and they tell you a little white line, that’s the same thing to me is a big, big dark lie, a big black line. It’s the same thing. A lie is a lie. And we want to build this company and we’re building this company off of moral fiber, moral character of, in my opinion, godliness. Because God is the very center of all that is good. And so because of that, uh, when we hire, we go through a long series of interviews and questioned and we do shadowing, which means I, or one of my other roof nerds will take a new, a new, uh, employee or a new potential candidate for employee or for employment in commercial roofing broken arrow.

We’ll take those guys out with us for two or three days and we don’t tell them what we’re doing. We don’t tell them that we’re judging character. We don’t tell them that their interview as much more than just knowledge of, of carpentry or knowledge, you know, being good with your hands to do something. Uh, recently I had a gentleman working, doing quite a bit of contractor work for me. Uh, his name is Andy and he is literally, it’s been such a blessing to me because when Andy says it, I believe that, uh, he’s never ever one time showed himself to be a lack of character or lack of lack of moral fiber here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow today is what is today. Today is Thursday, Wednesday. Today’s Wednesday. Sorry. Our days get all mixed up sometimes. I worked so much. Um, today’s Wednesday, this last Saturday and Sunday, he was working for me a job in Oklahoma City and he, uh, came up with some problems in the job and so I called the, the, the person that manages the building and he was kind of, this person began to go off on how, you know, my, uh, my, my contractor, my painter, because Andy was doing some painting.

We’re doing a remodel over there, how Andy was not doing a good job and everything. And I’ll tell you what I did. I specifically spoke up to him and said, listen, that’s not true. I know this guy. And if he says it, he does it and he doesn’t lie and he’s honest with me and I’m on, I’m going to stand behind my guy. I’m going to stand behind Andy. And, and then the contractor went on to say to me that literally in no uncertain terms, if we can’t find what we’re looking for and stuff like this, then we will need to find someone else to do jobs. And I completely agree because he’s falsely accused and my guys are not doing the things that they, they say they’re doing and I know they are my guys. They’re good. Then you know, they make mistakes. That’s why I manage them in the commercial roofing Broken Arrow industry.

That’s why I keep my eyes on what they do. And that’s why we work together as a team and [inaudible] team in commercial roofing broken Arrow in the, the team in ship that we have. You had to have someone as a leader and that’s me. And you’d have to have guys who are willing to submit to leadership, follow the leadership and do the things with a good attitude. And that’s literally what I’ve seen from my, my pain or my guys and some of my roof nerds, my contractors. I have seen just 100% character all along. And that’s what we’re about here. If you need a metal roof, give us a try. We would love to talk with you about making them the metal roof leaks go away. I’ll sit down with you and share with you specifically, um, how when that metal roof gets hot and cold and it can change the 20 to 30 degrees day after day with a crazy Oklahoma climate we have, when that roof gets hot and then it gets cold and it contracts and then retracts and it’s just expanding and retracting over and over again.

What literally happens is it’s beginning to Waller out the holes that the screws go through. Just basic friction and pushing and wear and tear. It’s beginning to literally and and many times undo the screw and literally unscrew screws. I’m going up on roofs that haven’t been looked at in 10 years and there’ll be screws this lane on the roof that have been unscrewed basically because uh, the, the moving of the metal up there, metal contracts and retracts extensively. And so that’s one of the challenges with a metal roof. They’re great. They last 40 years, they last 50 years. But that’s one of the problems that we do with [inaudible]. And when you know how to deal with that problem, when you know how to use plastic and cloth, when you knew you know how to use silicone patches with cloth seems in other areas, it’s not a problem anymore.

We’ll put a 10, 15 year patch on some seams and you’re good for a long time because the products we use are the silicone based. They last a long time and they’re just great products. I’m not going to come do repairs and use second rate products. I see in commercial roofing, all the commercial roofing, broken Arrow, I see this literally all the time. I’ll get up there and look at a roof and someone’s used a, an old style, uh, not even a fibered aluminum silicone that they’ll use a fiber. Um, they’ll use a non fibered a aluminum product on a roof. It just completely cracks. They’ll put it on an asphalt built up roof. It completely cracked. It completely opens up. The roofing system is not handling the product well. The product does not have elasticy. It’s unable to deal with the hot and cold or stretching the cracking and the things that you see every single day here in Oklahoma.

And so I’d get up there, no, I have this roof and whatever you did, you completely wasted money. A few years ago I did a $230,000 TPO roof in off of Sheridan Road here in Tulsa. It was at one of when a great project. We loved it. It worked out really well. Uh, I still go inspect that project every six months, keep my eyes on it and uh, watched that and watched the roof. It was probably, it’s been a few years since we’ve done it. We put a TPO, uh, we, we fully adhere to TPO system on that roof in commercial roofing, broken Arrow over on Sheridan road. And what happened was about two and a half or three years before they called me to do that job, they had spent $40,000 on that roof, a 30 from 30 to $40,000 on that roof, pay in someone to put a coating on there.

And they used an elastic Maricopa, which did not have any elasticity. It was not that great of a product. And they did fiber. Uh, they did paper, which is basically referring to cloth. They did a cloth, a cloth, plastic seeming Protz process, which where all the seams would be covered with a cloth. And that coding that they’re using and it was still leaking. It was still leaking. I mean, no one, it’s like no one that knew what they were doing, came and did a final inspection and there was leaking everywhere. So we, they brought us back in. I mean it was leaking in 20 spots and just pouring water in. So they brought us in and to put a new TPO roof covering that. And uh, we’ve been good ever since. We’ve had a few leaks because of a few faulty areas. TPO, sometime it’s challenging to get it right in some areas, but you know, we’ve got a big, a big pawning area in a low area, low, uh, low decking area that collects water and it’s, it’s this, the building is designed that way. And so once a more pure and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, if you need any roof and give us a call here to mass scores systems. It’s not rocket science, but it’s rude science.