So here on, okay. Roof this is our website that we put together and I’ll tell you, we really like the flow and the look of our website. Our website has been a good blessing to us. It brings in a lot of calls. It brings in a lot of leads to us. When you scroll all the way to the very bottom of the front page, you can see here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. You can see some testimonies from Julie and Rick and Regina. I mean I can feel this test. I mean I, I have over a hundred great five star Google reviews. I could feel this whole page down here completely up. I’m just forever, you know with the Google reviews and the people that are giving us good reports back. But I’ll tell you if you’re looking for a roof inspection, if you’re looking for one within 24 hours were definitely the ones that call, you know, there are those times that you are in a hurry.

You, you know, someone who’s over the building, maybe your boss, the owner of the building, someone is just there in a time crunch, especially when it comes to real estate contracts and real estate deals. I’ve been a commercial realtor and a residential realtor and the state of Oklahoma and then the Greater Tulsa area for eight years. And so I’ve gone through all the processes in inspections and all the different things you know that needed to be done to for buying and selling commercial real estate. And so when it comes to commercial real estate, I’ll tell you sometimes it’s a time crunch to get something done in time to get the inspections done. And then especially depending on how you build the contract and the inspection period based in the on page two of the contract. And so page two or page three. And so with that, you know there’s a time crunch.

So you give us a call and within 24 hours we’re laying something on your lap. Now I’ll tell you, that is a big challenge for us. Every single day when we get a call in for someone wanting a 24 hour roof evaluation, it stretches us and it really makes us have to step up and, and keep ourselves moving. So I’m going to cover some differences between uh, advanced commercial systems today and the other guys know about the other guys. I mean other commercial roofing companies or specifically other commercial roofing contractors or if I could just say it this way, just anyone out there trying to do commercial work because I just saw just yesterday someone who is, you know, working with the property manager and doing their roofs and the guy who’s not even licensed in the state of Oklahoma and he doesn’t even have a commercial endorsement.

So the guys doing commercial roofs and there’s illegally doing it. And so those are the kinds of guys that have not gone the extra mile to get the things done. Those are the kinds of guys that will take your money and run. I’ve seen it too many times, but we’re not trying to put down anyone today. We just want to do a comparison between us and the other guys. One is, uh, that, you know, a good point for us is our certification. We’re not only licensed with the state of Oklahoma in good standing, we’re not only here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, a holding the commercial endorsement required by the state, but we’re also certified with an engineering company as commercial roof storm damage inspectors. So we, uh, so if, if they, if there is a storm in the area, this engineering company can call us up and we’ll go out on their behalf and represent them and, and, and be able to do inspections for them to begin to diagnose exactly what’s taking place in the situation with that roof.

So that’s a pretty big deal. Now when you compare that to the other guys a lot of times, and now I hear it every single day, they’re storm chasers. I know roofers right now, all they do is talk about storm, the winds or a storm going to come. We need the next storm to live, to make it this year. And I’ll tell you, I get really tired of these conversations where you know, other roofers are just starting the conversation about how they need a storm and they’re really tired right now. You know, I’m seriously build a business plan that is not based off of a storm coming through. We haven’t had it here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we haven’t had a real good hail storm and I think it’s been 11 years, like a really good one, 11 years when a lot of these guys they got started with at that time and they’re waiting on the next big hail storm to make them another million dollars.

It’s kind of ridiculous that they don’t have a better business plan than that. And so we here at advanced commercial systems were not storm chasers. Actually. We’ve had two or three storms come through with hail and a tornado come through tool so and all these things in our companies up and running and we just kept steadily, we never looked for any hail damage or anything from those storms. We just kept doing it and we’ve been successful and been doing good and financially strong. Making a good profit and moving forward the entire time growing every day and have never had to chase any storms. It just never has makes any sense that you’re chasing an active nature that you never know it’s going to come or not. So just a really stupid business plan. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we endeavored to just basically uh, you know, talk to people, build referrals, get to people to know us and, and build relationships with people for the long term.

Okay, another good part of advanced commercial systems here is how we’re on the ball. Now what I mean by that is we’re quick to get things done. We offer a 24 hour commercial roof evaluation or inspection, 24 hour. So with this 24 hour inspection, um, you’re getting a video pictures and a diagram of your roof in 24 hours. And so just the other day I had a call come in, I went out and met the lady, her name is Marcia, she’s with the company and the [inaudible] and they have a commercial building here in commercial roofing broken Arrow just right up the road. And she basically said, I’ve been calling my roofer that put my roof phone. I’ve been calling them and calling them and calling them and can’t even get a response after days after days. Her roofer that is responsible for her roof is not calling her back.

And so we showed up about an hour after they called and we came out, actually we set up an appointment and so’s a few hours later that we actually set up a specific time and we came out and did them. And uh, you know, basically assessed what’s going on with the roof, uh, a day or two later and gave them an estimate and they emailed us and said, hey, let’s do the work. So, so that’s, that’s what we do with every single deal day of how we’re on the ball here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and a lot of roofers, they’re just dropping the ball, continually dropping the ball because they had delayed appointments, they have poor follow up and honestly, just a pure lack of cubic unit communication with their clients. Another part of what we offer and what we bring to you as smart solutions. We offer multiple solutions for your roofs, problems that fit your budget.

I went to a lead, uh, out in Wagner, Oklahoma. This one just always sticks out in my mind because one of the top roofers in town, if I said their name, you had known, they basically gave him a $64,000 estimate to repair the roof. I did it for 4,000, $200 and it’s still dry today and I walked away and it’s been a year, year and a half, no problems, no issues. They were a small store. I guarantee you I haven’t seen their books, but they probably didn’t want to spend $64,000 on that roof. Uh, so whether you’re in Wagner or commercial roofing, broken era or toll, so sky took anywhere you are. It’s kind of crazy how these guys can come out and just try to bring you just an estimate that if it’s just a gamble, that if they went into, they’re going to win the big bucks and they’re going to do real good.

My job, our job with advanced commercial systems is to serve you, is to serve our clients. We can’t do that if we’re not bringing you estimates that fit within your budget. Now here’s a big part of what we’re about here at advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and that’s the word transparency. We offer the highest level of client transparency through our GoPro video footage and the initial walkthroughs that we do and the photos and the diagram and the things that we bring you. We bring the highest level of client transparency. Other roofers that I’ve seen them literally I can tell you where they live and their name and the truck to drive. They literally get on roofs and create damage so that they can get the raw roof repair or get the roof if the roof job or talk about the storm is coming tomorrow and they’ll pump some holes in the roof today so they, they can scare you about the, the water’s going to come in tomorrow and just pulling the shingles off in the roofing industry.

Other roofers have been known to over quote and provide also just basically second rate work. Have you ever heard of seconds? So this is specifically to you. Have you ever heard of seconds, seconds in the steep slope industry of commercial roofing? Broken Arrow is basically shingles that did not make the grade at first grade. Something is wrong with the shingles and so they sell them to some warehouse somewhere and they sell them is a cheaper, um, damaged. Something’s wrong with them. Product called seconds. I know roofers that literally go by seconds and put ’em on your roof and you never know. They’re paying thousands less for the shingles and giving you a shingle that is questionable. It’s completely a, it’s already damages are the granules are already becoming loose. Something is wrong with the shingles and that’s why it got cold. C U L L e d cold out to become a first grade shingle.

So these are the things that we are about here at advanced commercial systems. And you know, when you go to our website here and commercial roofing broken Arrow, you can see our website, you can see what we’re about and you can watch my video. That’s me on there talking about, uh, you know, advanced commercial systems where we’re come from, what we’re about. We bring smart solutions, systematic plans, product knowledge and technical expertise to you every single day. And so if you just need a roofer you can trust, give us a try. If at any given time you thinking, wow, I don’t think I can trust these guys, man, let us just let us go. Let us, let us know because I tell you, I know who we are. I know the company that we built and I know how we can serve you. Hey, appreciate you once again here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, join an internal podcast and the coming out part of what we’re doing here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we always an endeavor and strive to get to the best quality of products, the best price. And also just remember our slogan, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.