Thanks for joining in with us today for another podcast with advanced commercial systems. Basically, in our opinion, the absolute best commercial roofing company in the entire Tulsa area, broken era area in commercial roofing broken arrow. We would love to hear from you. We have a lot of clients, but we would like to continually grow our clientele belts base because I’ll tell you what we consider our clients to be the best part of our business. Not our roof systems, not are a warranties are not receiving checks in the mail and making a profit. We consider our clients and our customers, especially in commercial roofing with property managers and building owners, we consider them to be the best part of our business because all the training we do, all of the uh, the engineering, uh, schooling in classes and in everything we do to better ourselves. It is to also better our clients.

So that’s a large part of what we do here at advanced commercial systems. You know, I’d like to encourage everyone today to go check out our website and that’s commercial systems. You can check it out at, okay. A roof on our website. If we can go through it real quickly at the very top, you’ll see the phone number. Now we’ll have people call in today, you know, every single day. Well that is a 24 hour phone number. So when you call (918) 973-1010 in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you’ll get us 24 hours a day. Now rotten next to that page on the top of the website is a Facebook page. I’m on the website right now as we’re talking through and we’re still on this podcast today, working through, oh by the way, today is our 75th podcasts with for 75 weeks. We have been going through Sharon, who we are in commercial roofing.

When you go to our Facebook page was there’s the link at the top of our website. When you go to our Facebook page, you’ll see very quickly, um, our logo at the top or are, you know what we’re about? It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. You know, I came up with that years ago. Someone asked me one time, you know comp commercial roofing must be really complicated. I say, well you know it is, it is complex but really it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. And so there is a science behind what we do. There are smart systems behind what we do and there is continually commercial roofing on our mind. We live, eat and breathe, sleep, commercial roofing, 24 hours a day. And that’s one reason why our 24 hour free evaluation emergency hotline is always open for you to give us a call. Now I’m on the Facebook page right now in commercial roofing broken Arrow and I’m scrolling down and let’s see what we have over here.

So one of the first things of Jess recently we finished a job on a bank of America Bank of America is is is if you haven’t heard of Bank of America then you’re not. You don’t live in America, Bank of America, we just finished a job them, they had some problems on multiple areas of their commercial roof and a you can check out and see all on our Facebook that the building specifically and the areas that we worked on to take care of some problems. This specific roof had two types of roofing on there. Really it was a layer, it was a layer of roofing system one which it was a standing seam, 50 year metal roof. And then the other was in a one specific area. They had installed a retrofit EPBM membrane over the drive through area. Now you might even bank out of this bank and you’d probably never knew there was a problem and, and you’d probably never knew that.

You know, they had a, a multiple issues that we needed to come in and help with and that’s what we do. We move in, we take care of problems, we try to stay out of the way. So we actually repair this roof during normal business hours. We sat down together, our roof nerds and I, we assessed can we do this without causing any problem to the business? And so we found out pretty quickly that we could, so we decided during a business, our business day, because we would be out of the way of everyone to go ahead and take care of these roof problems that they had. There were quite a few areas of large areas that needed to be taken care of. And so that fell within our roof maintenance plan or a smart plan. And then also fell within our roof repair plans and systems that we offer our clients.

We enjoyed working with Bank of America. We expect to have a lot more business from them in the future. They’re a great company. And uh, you know, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve used to be a realtor and when I was a realtor I closed a lot of homes with bank of America as the lender for my clients. So yeah, so we have work at, we appreciate working with Bank of America here at advanced commercial systems and you can check that out on our website. Now I’m going to scroll down a little more on our website because we are alive broadcast as a scroll down I can see cause what I try to use the Facebook page for is really just to keep people informed of what’s going on with us, what we’re doing. And so I haven’t done a great job keeping an informed but we tried to put on their different jobs and different things that we’ve done.

Um, you go down a little bit and you’ll see that there’s a Walgreens. Now Walgreens, if you don’t know Walgreens, you don’t live in Oklahoma, right? So there is a Walgreens, a building that we did a full roof replacement. We went all the way down the decking. We installed new installation and a new TPO that’s a thermal polyolefin membrane, a single ply. We installed that commercial roofing, broken Arrow to this Walgreen’s building. And since then it’s been a little while now I just wanted to post the picture so, so everyone can know that we taking care of some larger clients, you know, Walgreens, Bank of America. But since the time that we’ve done this roof, there has been a lot of rain, a lot of wind, and we have had no leaks, no issues, no problems of any kind. Now we installed this roof Jesper for, we had a 90 mile an hour straight line wind come from the west and just pound Tulsa and Oklahoma.

So having spa installed this roof, the a few podcasts ago, we were talking about how we try to keep our clients from having problems. So it’s one thing for me to come in and for our roof nerves to come in and to help you with problems you have in commercial roofing, broken arrow. It’s another thing for us to do work for you to not have problems. And the first one that comes to mind is when we install a roof, we will make sure we install it correctly so that there will be no leaks, there’ll be no issues. And you know that this is not 100%, uh, we’ll probably batting about 98, 99%, because sometimes there are problematic areas and we just have to come in and do a little patchwork and everything, uh, after jobs are done. But as far as most roofs are concerned, we don’t really have a problem at all with commercial roofing, steep slope, um, low slope.

We’re professionals in every aspect of the job. And so it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and there is tons of science behind what we do. Now I’m still on Facebook and I’m checking out, you know, some of the things that we did here, uh, on this roof. And you can see pretty clearly that this Walgreens roof, as you scroll down and look at some of the other photos, you can see that we put safety first. We put cones and we put a rope, a with flags around the edges to meet Osha requirements, to have safety issues, uh, you know, taking care of before they even arrive. And then we installed and half inch painful. Now they’re really the purpose and the purpose and reason for installing that half incidental wasn’t really the ad much insulation. It has very little. The purpose in that is really just to do be a a divider piece.

You have to have a separator piece Munia Times because TPO isn’t specifically meant to lay on just any product. You have to sometimes have a divider sheet, a separator sheet that would cause there to be a no contact between the asphalt built up roof that was on this building and the new thermo polyolefin membrane. Chemically the two did not work well together. Uh, you try to keep the two away from each other. So we put in a cost effective, uh, Fan fold sheet, which does add, uh, not, not water protection, but it does add some insulation, probably 0.7 our value. And then as we add that in, it’s easy to work with its light to work with and what our client really wanted. This Walgreens client really wanted this specific time in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow was to have just a inexpensive a roof that would just stop the leaks.

They had us working on this roof for about two years over and over again taking care of problematic areas, doing roof repairs. And finally we just came to him and said, listen, this is not going away. These problems, there are new problems opening up all the time. This is about 140 square roof is a lot of space here. A lot of area. Other roofers have done old repairs from years ago. Those are starting to open up. They didn’t use the highest level of product. And so those are starting to open up in that allowed leaking, uh, you really need to consider doing a four roof replacement. And so Walgreens and the property managers, they discuss it and they came to the decision of letting us do this. And so it’s been a while now. I’ll tell you, they have been extremely happy. Uh, actually some of the staff there now at Walgreens, they don’t even, they’re not even aware that we’re the ones that did the roof.

We come in to do a bi annual inspection of the roof and when we do, so we have to let them know that we’re the roof or they put a new roof on in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So at the end of the day, uh, I’m glad you could come join in with us today on our podcast and really go through some of the pictures on Facebook with us of what we’re doing. One of the pictures that you can go down, probably about the fifth picture, you can see where the TPO membrane has been mechanically installed. And you can also see, you can see the art panel and you can also not the our panel, but you can also see the painful product, uh, up under that. The Artek handle product in commercial roofing broken out. So if you need anything, just give us a call. We’d love to take care of you. You can reach us at (918) 973-1010 and always remember here with advanced commercial systems, home of the region, errors. Please do one thing for us. Stay dry.