Well here today with another podcast with advanced commercial systems that I have to tell you there’s nothing more worst than having a leaking roof. Having a leaking roof is absolutely the worst thing you can have and that’s what we’re talking about today. We’re going to cover the problematic area of having a leaking roof and how to make that leap go away and the quickest way to make it go, which is basically here in advanced commercial system, you give us a call now what you do is you go to a website is okay, roof nerds.com when you go to our website, just check up at the top, you’ll see a phone number up there. It’s the only phone number on our website and it’s the best phone number in the world. When you have a leaky roof, you call that number. It’s a 24 hour emergency call to help with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

If we have to come out and we’ll the night, that’s what we have to do. If the storm came and we can make two in the morning, we’re okay doing that as well, but we’re going to take care of you with a 24 hour. Now I want you to go to Google. I want you to type Google maps and go and search broken Arrow roofers here in commercial roofing broken Arrow or type a toll. So commercial roofers, and you’re going to see tons of roofers come up. And I want you to look at two things when you do that, because we’re wanting to do a comparison today. I want you to look at two things. I want you to look at number one, the hours of operation of these guys. You know, I just did this just just this morning. I only saw one other company that was open 24 hours a day that takes care of emergency repairs.

They just don’t do it. And I want you to look at the second thing, the reviews. Reviews are the blood live. It is a blood line of a company because people want to know, okay, so let me just say it this way. Here in commercial roofing, broken air. I can specifically tell you when my wife and I are going to go to a restaurant, I will absolutely go to Google maps, Google listings, find that restaurant, make sure they’re open today. Number one, just like I’m doing, just like I tell you to do it with the commercial roofers and number two, I look at their reviews. I don’t really care if it’s 40 reviews versus 400 reviews. Um, but whenever I see over 50 or 60 I definitely know that it’s not just the business themselves and all their first cousins doing reviews for free. Now I know that there are people coming, there are people eating and there are people and so I can tell you I do this all the time.

I can tell you the majority of the nicer restaurants we go to have a 4.1 to a 4.3 rating with restaurants. That’s just basically the standard that I see here in commercial roofing, broken air all the time. Now do that with a plumber. Guess what? You’ll see about the same thing. You’ll see a four to 4.5 for a plumber. Um, let’s see, what else, what other kind of business do I have to Walmart? Go to Walmart. You’ll probably see a 3.8 because all the people that go to Walmart and their pajamas and they’re paying these acting weird people who don’t have equal going to complain about that. Right? Well, there’s no one wearing their underwear here to advanced commercial systems. We get fully dressed when we go to work during the day. Nothing like what’s going on at Walmart. So, so let’s talk about this a little bit more.

Go Google a different kind of business. But I have to say though, I am a big Walmart fan. I don’t like target because of what they did with the bathrooms. But I have to say Walmart, we like a lot. Um, so now I would mind do the roofs for target, but no one had probably ever listened to this in the next year. So we’re okay. Okay, so this is what’s going on. Find the next few businesses in commercial roofing, broken air that you want to look at and pull those up. The restaurant, plumbers, electricians, whatever they are, and you’ll see everyone has around a four to a 4.3 average of of of reviews because people are, they’re reviewing and they’re, their listing is from one to five and it all averages out. I’ve seen roofers was a two. I’ve seen roofers with a one, two and three so go type in advanced commercial systems.That’s why we are the experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow

Now we are the home of the roof. There’s, we are technically skilled to be commercial roofing experts. When you type in advanced commercial systems, you’ll pull us up. You’ll see we have over a hundred reviews and you see we have a 5.0 there are so many people we’ve worked for. These people are giving us great reviews. We’re sitting down with them face to face, talking to them about doing testimonial videos. They’re agreeing to do testimonial videos. You can go to our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and you can specifically see that you go to the very top. You Click on testimonials, you’ll see video after video after video of clients that we’ve actually done roofs for. You know, there’s one of the clients there, um, you know, Daniel with bower and associates. I haven’t done one roof of Daniel. I’ve done about how many with bower and associates I’ve done probably close to 50 or 60 roofs with these guys.

They’re one of the top property management companies in town. We are doing so many roofs and so many with these guys and other companies like them that, and it’s a shame that can only give us one review, but you know, they give us a great review that gives a great testimonial talking about how long they’ve worked with us, talking about the things we’ve done for them. Uh, and specifically actually just was it yesterday? Just yesterday, I was on an eight story building here in, in, in uh, Tulsa off of, I don’t know, 56th and Yale, eight story building over there doing his work specifically for these guys on again, which I know Daniel, that video, he actually officers for Bauer out of that building. So he called me and had me come out and work on another leak. So this is what we do everyday. We get lots of reviews, we talked to people, we say, hey, judges tell us what’s going on.

And then we also basically make ourself available online. You know, it’s, it’s good to say that word of mouth has real strong today, but I don’t think word of mouth does near as much as being able to be online. So when we put ourselves online, let’s face it, more people are going to see us own line. Then they’re going to hear word of mouth here in commercial roofing, broken air. So when we put our cell phone line, what can you do to judges? What can you do to say, Hey, I haven’t heard this from a friend I just typed in commercial roofing, broken air or commercial roofer near me, or toll. So commercial roofing company or contractor, I type this in and basically I found a dance and they got more reviews than anyone. They seem to be local here. They shouldn’t it be great at what they do.

They say they’re the best. At what they do. How am I going to know that I can trust these guys? Well, that’s where the reviews come in. Reviews 4.8, uh, out of five people every time. So that would be over 9% of people say that they use and read reviews and trust reviews from a day to day basis. And so that’s why we chose to take the clients when we’re done. We don’t do this with class before we start their job, when their job is done, she money is money is changing hands and we’re saying thank you and they’re saying thank you and we’re saying you’re welcome. They basically here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, they basically has to check and then I look at him and say, can we get a testimonial video real quick and can also get a review. So when you read a review of ours, the majority of the time we had just finished a job when we’d done it.

And honestly we really, we were appreciate all of our customers and our past clients because we know because of the service that we gave them here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves they’re going to be our future clients with once a client with us is a client forever. So here at advanced commercial system, home of the roof nerds, we love commercial roofing broken Arrow, we love commercial roofing Tulsa, we love Jank Sapulpa a Waso Coweta Bixby Glynn pool sky took sand springs, Claremore Katusa we love the entire area around here. We do commercial roofing every single day, seven days a week. Now actually we took most of the day off cause every once in a while we get a little break and we’ll get in this good. I believe we should have a day where we should arrest some. Um, so right now we have a question coming in.

Okay, I’ll just see. We just got a question come in and this person said, can you tell me what insurance is needed? What insurance is needed? Well there’s so many different aspects of how this question did go. One thing is if you’re a building owner or property manager, you’re obviously going to have some type of insurance on your building like state farm, Liberty Mutual, you know, I mean there’s a bag, there’s a, there’s a big insurance company that does just, that does just churches. Uh, we’ve worked with those guys a few years ago and so a metlife, Oklahoma farm bureau, there’s a lot of different insurance companies. So yes you will need insurance on your building for that if you’ve had any type of wind or storm damage or hell damage. We are trained with a top engineering company in the nation for commercial, for being certified inspectors for commercial roof storm damage.

That’s an inspecting. That’s assessment that is riding up and even to the point of being able to have litigation with the, with the insurance company and share with them the timeframe those storm happened. We’re sharing with them the size of the storm, the size of the damage that happened, how the damage, wind lift. These are the things that we studied as a working with a structural engineering companies and having the certification with those guys. And so here at advanced commercial systems, you know we work with those insurance companies. Now another side of insurance with their question was completely clear is that we do have general liability insurance here in commercial roofing, broken Arab and our general liability in Sheraton, specifically 1 million with a 2 million aggregate and in the detailed description it does specifically cover roofing so you are covered as that. Now the last thing that you would need to know is specifically insurance for our workers.

We do have a full worker’s compensation insurance for our company and then subcontractors whenever they work with us we also make sure and or required to make sure that they have insurance as well. Hey, I thank you for calling in today. We do appreciate that. That question that came in here in commercial roofing, broken air, we could not be any more excited about the wonderful things happening and here in commercial roofing broken there, if you have anything, if you need anything concerning commercial roof, it just gives a call at (918) 973-1010 it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.