Well, welcome to the podcast here, uh, with advanced commercial systems in broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

And welcome to the commercial roofing outlet where you can come in here about commercial roofing, ask questions about commercial roofing. My name is Marty Grisham and I am the head roof nerd here and advanced commercial systems. We are a commercial roofing broken Arrow company and we love to work with roofs and Claremore Bixby. Glenpool Jinx Owasso you name the area, sand springs, Sapulpa Tulsa Broken Arrow Coweta who we do commercial roofing all over the area, even over Norman Edmond, a Yukon, a lot of roofing over there that recently in Oklahoma City. And so if you need anything, a commercial roofing, just give us a call at (918) 973-1010 today on our podcast. This is by the way, podcasts 63 63 weeks of doing podcast and we want to thank everybody for joining in with us today to see what we’re talking about today. We’re just going to talk really randomly about different types of flat roofs.

Um, but once again though, advanced commercial systems, we are one of the top commercial roofing companies in the Greater Tulsa area. Uh, if you were to check us out, you know, like if you were to just Google going on the website and Google, uh, commercial roofing, uh, you would see under the Google listings under the map that we ranked number one in listings to be found because really have the expertise and really, because the reviews, I mean we have a well over 100 reviews, um, up to 30 more than any other roofer. And I can say some of these roofers have been in the business, um, for 25 years and have not gained the reviews that we have just in the, the years that we’ve been doing commercial roofing. Um, there is nothing new in commercial roofing really except for roofs themselves. And so in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we strive to always stay on the cutting edge technology.

It might be drone aerial footage, it might be thermal imaging cameras, uh, to find leaking areas, whether it’s metal roofs, whether it’s a modbus, single plies, whatever it is. We’re here to assist you. Um, also I highly advise everyone to check out our Facebook, um, roof, Menards toll. So just check that out if you get a chance. Advanced Commercial Systems and we would love for you to see what our team, our roof nerds here and our team of contractors that work with is continually are, we are professionals in roof repair and installation. Reroofing we do a lot of commercial roofs, industrial roofs and the Greater Tulsa area. So if you need anything along the lines of, I’m just getting a roof evaluated, we do do a free 24 hour evaluation of your roof to a really get an uh, an assessment of what’s going on, what needs to be done.

Or we might just come down with a clean bill of site and give you a thumbs up and say, congratulations, you have the best roof in town. So, but we would love to give you that evaluation. And all you do is you can check us out on www dot. Okay. Roof nerds.com or you can give us a call anytime, (918) 973-1010 or just a simple, you can shoot us an email at advanced. Okay. At cox.net we work with a lot of property managers and many of them manage a very large portfolio and, and commercial real estate, whether it’s management or leasing or sales or listing or really in every aspect of the job. We Really, uh, work, uh, closely with property managers. Um, that’s one of the favorite things that we do in the industry. Now, if you are a building owner, hey, do not hesitate to give us a call.

You still get the same rates. You still get to the, you know, the big discounts and the things, the quality of service that we offer our property managers. Um, but our property managers, we really love to work with them because for one thing, they have multiple properties, properties. But another thing is they have the right mentality to work with commercial contractors, you know, commercial window people, commercial phone people, commercial glass, commercial flooring, commercial remodeling, and then also commercial removed or roofing, um, in commercial roof, in broken arrow. Um, we find that property managers truly understand what it is, what it’s like to work with us. Uh, we have the same mentality. We understand preventive maintenance. We understand if it’s a $4,000 job to do an extensive repair along a parapet wall that’s just completely opened up. You know, property managers never really bat an eye.

They never really get a disturbed or shock at a $4,000 price. They trust that we work with them all the time. We’re not giving them some inflated price. You know, we could do it for 1300, but we’re cheating them for 4,000. No, W we, they trust us because we’ve worked with them all the time and they have a good idea of what we do and how we do it. And so in doing so, they trust us. And so when we give them an estimate estimate and commercial roofing broken Arrow, many times they, uh, just say, Hey, get the job done and send me an invoice. They know their budgeting and they know the money. They have to take care of the building envelope of each one of their buildings. And so in the same note, many times they don’t have to go to the property owner.

They already have the authority. They already have the authority over the finances and the capability of making the decision on behalf of the building and the building’s owner. And so being one of the leading roofing contractors, uh, in this area, uh, we work with Carlyle, Gaf, many other types of progressive materials, uh, Carlisle, and now we use sometimes use versa comb. Uh, we love our Sukkot products, but they’re basically a lot of the versa code TPOs and made right out of the Carlisle plant. They roll it out and just stamp a different sticker on it. And so really when it comes to that, really, which one is going to offer the best Ndl, the no dollar limit warranty. So we work closely with uh, you know, manufacturers of products to make sure we get in that uh, when we service and install all types of commercial roofs are warranties can range anywhere from, you know, 90 days to 30 years.

It just depends on the top of roof. It just depends on what we install. A lot of property managers, managers and facility owners and then obviously property owners, uh, they consider us to be one of the trusted companies in the Greater Tulsa area in commercial roof, in broken arrow. Oh, what was it just in the last three days? I’m, I’m speaking now, this smarty speaking, just in the last three days I’ve received one to ride at eight or nine phone calls from property managers just in the last two to three days of roofs that they just immediately call me and say, Hey, I’ve got a problem. I need an assessment. Go take care of this for me. Some of them that we’ve worked with for at least four years now worked with for a long time, built great rapport with and they trust us. They know, they just say, hey, go out.

And they literally ask us to meet with the building owners and times and a, and sometimes even to meet with, you know, the business is renting the space, which we do that very, very often. And we go in in a professional manner, in commercial roof, in broken Arrow, we meet the dentists, we meet the doctor, we meet, uh, the land, you know, whoever it is, who’s over the business, uh, the maintenance guy or whoever. We work closely with them. And we show a really a high level of respect as we always do. We show that when we come in we basically say, hey, we’re here on behalf of the property manager. You’ve got a roof leak. Can you help me find where it’s at? You know, inside the building where I can go up there and take care of it. So we do that lot.

And here in this podcast, I want you to know, um, property management, um, is a challenging because you, you got to, you got to roll the books, you’ve got to keep up with how much money to go here and there. And it’s really all about budgeting. Uh, you know, how much money you have coming in, how much money, uh, for, you know, expenditures in the future. And so, you know, you have big budgets, items, big ticket items to come up and the next year you have smaller items as it comes up, you know, every three months. And so within that, I have a good enough relationship with our property managers where they always share with me, hey, you know, try to keep this repair under $1,000 or try to keep this repair, you know, on the lower end because I’m a little title money for the next three months.

Cause you know, we just got done doing the pavement outside the building. We just got done, you know, putting a whole new wall up or restore and all the windows in the building. So when it comes to ask, when it comes to, uh, asking questions like that of me, you know, the, I’ll do what I can, uh, and normally give them exactly what they’re asking because, you know, they take care of me, I take care of them. And it’s always been a great relationship in commercial roof, in broken Arrow that we’ve had with facility managers, property managers and that sort of now own the same token, uh, like to share with you in this, I think this is our second or 63rd podcast. On the same token, um, you know, sometimes I’m asked the question, how do you draw the line between, you know, repairing my roof and replacing my roof.

I know my roof is 15 to 20 years old. Uh, you’re saying it probably needs to be replaced within 20 years. How do I draw that line? Um, and many times my answer to property managers and building owners and facility managers is what’s your budget allow when you to do at this time and what your budget look like in three years. Normally when we do a very light roof restoration or we just go over a roof and take care of their really bad spots to stop the water intruding into the roofing system. Many times I’ll say to them, I’m going to get your three years, so you’re going to spend $2,700 with me. I’m going to go through and take care of everything and I’m going to get you to three years. So start working on a budget from three years from now, you’re going to need to come up with around $65,000.

You know, if the prices and everything stays the same, you’re going to need to come up with around $65,000 to do a full re roof repair. I’m a full roof replacement or a reroofing on the roof system that you have. Um, so with that being, with that being said, once again, you’re talking about people that I’ve, I’ve built a great relationship with. They understand where I’m coming from. I’m not just trying to make a killing off of them. I’m trying to make a longterm relationship, um, where I continually am able to take care of them and whenever they need me, they call my cell phone rings, I answer immediately. So that’s a relationship with built with each other over a long period of time here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roof, in broken arrow. And so whatever you need that best fits your business needs, that’s where we can come in and we can maneuver things, we can change things around.

To meet you, I think I just did an $1,800 repair on a building just recently. And then about two months later there was another spot with a leak and we came in and did a $600 repair. It was a spa that was bad, but it wasn’t bad enough to be cause of leaking. And then just three months after we did the $1,800 repair, this spot began to leak to uh, we, we saw other bad spots everywhere, but we were trying to address what we could at that time and commercial roof in broken Arrow to stop the leaking that was currently impeding the building. And it’s an open space in a commercial, a strip mall area, and they’re wanting to find some new renters to come into the space. And so even right now we’re building a, a for the next few months, we’re building a system for them to possibly come in and maybe do our reroofing system on top of there.

It had cut down their cost of doing a roof replacement replacement. And with a reroofing system, it will allow them, it will allow them to, uh, I dunno, probably for about $22,000 to be able to put about a 10 to 15 year a reroof, a TPO membrane on top of their current asphalt roof. And there would be a great, uh, a great system that we could build up some low areas with some extra half inch fiberboard, multiple layers of that, creating somewhat of a fake, um, uh, a hand generated, um, you know, tapered system to build up some low areas in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you have any questions along tapered system, during an air blowers, anything like that, it’s simple. Just give us a call here at advanced commercial systems at (918) 973-1010 so I want to thank you for joining us today for our podcast. And once again, it’s our 63rd power podcast for 63 weeks. It’s been a pleasure to come and just share with you the little bit of that we do every day in commercial roofing, in commercial roof, in broken arrow. We’re here for you with advanced commercial systems. So just let us know what we can do for you and we hope you join us next time. We hope you have a wonderful day. Don’t forget, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.