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At Advanced Commercial Systems we know roofs. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And we want you to call for your commercial roofing broken arrow. Our number is 918.973.1010. We want you to contact us for a free roof inspection. Schedule a free roof inspection with us today! We have a many satisfied clients that have used Advanced Commercial Systems for their commercial roofing broken arrow. Our clients include Chuey’s, Walgreens, Farmers Insurance, OSU Medicine, BSN Sports, Mazzio‘s, and Kindercare Learning Centers. We have had a long-standing relationship with these businesses and they not only call us back for Commercial Roofing repairs and replacements over and over again, but they also refer us to other commercial building owners. At Advance commercial systems, are roof nerds exercise the highest level of safety while accessing your roof and they operate with the highest most respect to you and your staff of your business.

Up on our first meeting with you for the initial appointment of the roof inspection we will share with you are systematic approach to evaluate in your roof. You’d be surprised at how many building owners and property managers truly and neglect their roofs and have no idea current state of the roofing systems. Roof replacement requires much techno expertise Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. This is because we take off all of the current roofing systems all the way down to the decking. Many times up on doing this we find the decking must be removed and replaced or at least repaired to some extent. Much decking has been rusted buy continual leaks and the metal panels have to be replaced. After inspecting and repairing your current metal decking we begin to install insulation or ISO board.

This ISO board is commonly mechanically adhered to the metal decking but can also be fully adhered by an adhesive to a substrate added to the metal decking. The iso board is specifically designed with the needed code requirements for R-value. Depending on where you are in the country will depend on the R value required by the international building code. The majority of Oklahoma is in Zone 3 which requires 25 R-value. Imagine holding a styrofoam coffee cup and how well it protects you from Heat even though it is extremely thin. Now imagine that coffee cup being three and a half inch thick or 5 inch thick.

The thermo Heat created by the sun on roof decks and Roof Systems can rise the temperature 60 to 80 degrees above the current outside temperature. Because of this the iso board is a great insulation component that are technical roof nerds can and will add to your roof system to ensure better Heating and Cooling with energy cost throughout the year. Advanced commercial systems in our professional roof nerds are professionals with insulating your building in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. After the insulation or ISO board has been added to the roof, we then begin to mechanically install or adhere install the membrane on to the insulation. Most TPO or PVC adhesives will cover 3 Squares with a 5 gallon bucket. This is often rolled on with a roller. Many new systems have come out that allow us to spray a rising foam adhesive on to the insulation in which the single-ply membrane will adhere firmly. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow has many single ply roofing systems. They are becoming more popular every day because of their reflective potential and their Simplicity to install.

Years ago we saw much more installation of built-up roofing and hot mop systems. Basically we will heat blocks of asphalt to 500 Degrees and then mop them on the roof layer by layer while at hearing types of membrane and layers to the hot asphalt. This is a very smelly process and very dangerous for the workers. This molten asphalt has caused many problems and has at times even caused fires hours later inside the Roof System. About six months ago we finish the product using hot mop and I had my crew and some of my staff stay behind and inside the commercial building for 7 hours after installation of the hot asphalt. You can see the extra cost in man-hours needed for this type of installation. Also installing this type of Roof System takes about 4 times longer then a single ply system installation. I roof nerds at Advance commercial systems or technically skilled in all types of roofing at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. If you ever have any questions concerning what type of roof you have or do you need a repair versus replacement, please give us a call for a quick and free evaluation.

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re passionate about serving you. Call us at 918-793-1010 at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. And we also offer years of experience with types of commercial roofs. Of you have an emergency, call us for emergency repairs. We will have a roof nerd out to see you for a roof inspection in 24 hours. We will offer you. Systematic plans product knowledge technical expertise, and smart solutions for your building. Put our genius to work for you!

Ask about our warranty for schools, industrial plants, churches, retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, office buildings, sports complexes, and medical facilities. Remember that commercial roofing broken arrow is our specialty! We have great reviews and our customers are satisfied with the results of their commercial roofing broken arrow. Here are a few things that our customers are saying: “What a great company! Not only will they provide you with great work and customer service, but they are a company you can trust to get the job done right.” 
“Best in the business! Competitive pricing and awesome customer service!” “Superb quality & customer service. The job was done in a timely manner & the quality is outstanding. Marty is a pleasure to do business with.”